Two Girls Loving Rose Face Cream

This is the mini 8.5g version I bought from the vending machine. This cost HKD13. Or was it 18? It is a solid cream, and sort of melt under the heat of your finger. It becomes like a balm. Since the tub is so small, it is actually hard to use it. The easier way to apply for me is scrapping it with my nail. That will give me a bit more cream to apply on my face.

The cream itself is quite good. It is moisturising without being sticky. In aircon room, the next day my skin is still dry. So it doesn’t get oily in the morning. That is good.

In Singapore, the cream looks silver. So it feels like putting silver shimmers on the skin. I would have thought that it will melt under our weather. But it doesn’t. It is still quite solid and I need to scrap it with my nail. I like the after effect of my skin, cause it just make my face smooth.


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