Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect

I have 2 of the black sugar perfect. I wasn’t sure what the different is. Apparently there are different kinds, like the scrub mask or cleansing oil.

The tub is essential scrub 2x.
A facial scrub featuring black sugar, refined rice wine, and botanical oils that transforms rough, dry skin leaving a radiant smooth complexion. Dead skin cells are gently removed, while skin is nourished and moisturized. Double the volume of the original Black Sugar Mask Wash Off.

It is a very gentle scrub. I feel like you should use this with dry hands and face to get the actual scrub. Cause when it is wet, it just turns soapy. Which is fine. But not exactly a scrub kind of scrub. With wet skin, I feel you can use this daily. Also, my skin feels sort of smooth after. Like it doesn’t really dry it off. So it is actually nice. It is just not the kind of scrub I expected.

The tube is scrub foam.
A gentle and effective scrub foam featuring black sugar granules, refined rice wine, and botanical oils to remove dead skin cells and leave a smooth, flawless complexion. Fine black sugar granules gently remove impurities while creamy foam soothes any irritation for the perfect cleanse.

It is a rough scrub when dry. But you are suppose to use this on a wet face. So it becomes more gentle. And it turn into foam. It is a nice daily facial foam with a slight granule to remove the dead skin. Nothing special about it, I feel.

The scrub, the tube is rougher than the tub. So if you want a stronger scrub, get the tube. And eventually it turn to foam. So it feels nicer. I also prefer the tube packaging as it is just easier to use. But the tub is nice cause you get to really get the last scoop and really see the product disappearing. And the tub is better for the after feel cause it is less drying.

I know the black sugar series is quite popular, but it is so-so for me. I cant remember the prices. But I think it is quite affordable.

So overall, both has its good and bad. Both is alright but not fantastic.


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