CdP Extra Rich Lipstick – 309

This is just the lipstick refill without the lipstick case. The case is an additional $35. The lipstick itself is $70. So in total the lipstick would cost $105. Really pricey huh.

309 is a sparkling sheer brown with a velvet finish. It is pretty and looks natural on the lips. Even though this has that golden glitter, it doesn’t look too showy. I guess sheer is not exactly the right word for this. It is not crazy pigmented, but it can be. I guess the sheerness of it just makes this more natural on the lips.

The thing about CdP lipstick is that it is not suppose to be drying. But yes it is. At least to me, it just dry up my lips. But I like that the lipstick is really solid but glide on easily. Lastly, if you hate scents, you will hate this. It just have this classic lipstick scent, but it is slightly overpowering.


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