Zoreya White Floral 12pc Makeup Brushes

I had this forever but I never mention it before. It was before I started buying pricier brushes. This set was about $19? I know it was not expensive. And it does come with 12 brushes, a mix of goat and synthetic hair. So it’s really not bad. Plus a case too. Really useful. Of course now years later, the case starting to get yellow. So I’m throwing that out, and blogging this down as a memory.

The bigger brushes are quite good. Little to less shedding when washed. It manages to retained its shape. Fluffy and quite soft too.

The eye brushes are good too. They did their job. I can do a full eye look with them. Plus a spoolie never hurt.

I did not use this much since then, but this manages to still be intact. So, it’s a good set to buy for anyone trying out makeup. The brushes, in term of size and length will help you see if you like it or not. So when it’s time to get a better one, you’ll already know which one you like.

Anyway, I’ll be using a lot of the red powder brush now. Cause it’s just so bright and catches my attention so much that I want it on my dresser.


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