Hi there,

I am one sentimental girl. I hate to throw away stuff, but love buying them. So in the end, I have so many things and no place to put them. Even those that are probably expired, I just want to keep them forever. Just cant bear to get rid of them for some reason. It is a bad habit. A bad lifestyle to be a hoarder.

I guess I am just a bad collector. But if you never get rid of the old, how are you going to have room for new better things right?

So, I am learning to leave things behind. Throwing the not that good, pretty much old and expired, spoiled or broken products away. But I want memories. I want to remember what I owned, what I loved or dislike.

Therefore I am setting up this blog just for that.

In hopes that after blogging it down, I can finally throw away stuff that I no longer need.

That’s all.

Oh and I am still trying to find the perfect background/layout for this blog. Bear with me. That is if you are following this blog. Thank you by the way. It means a lot to me. You just make me so happy.