Laduree Cream Foundation 

I got a sample of the foundation in the shade 10 which is way too light for me. It is a light foundation. Rather creamy, watery but it’s quite pigmented. It has a nice finish. A bit on the powdery side. It is just not meant for oily skin though. Cause a couple hours wearing this, myskin turn greasy. So this is a no for an oily skin girl in a hot humid country. 


S&G Rich & Famous Body Wash

Dual-use shower and bath which is good I guess this will bubble up nicely. The problem with this is that among all the S&G body wash, this is the one that I have no opinion on. It’s like just so general. The scent is not strong enough. It doesn’t captivate you. The colour is like that nothing interesting. 

The product itself is good. It lathers well. And basically a good moisturising body wash. But it just doesn’t scream buy me. And once you use it, it doesn’t scream buy me again. So I will continue to use it. It’s still a good soap. But it just doesn’t make me happy using this. Is that weird?

The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10%

Minus tax this cost £4.58 for 30ml. 

I’m just trying as many The Ordinary products I can get my hands on that’s alright for oily skin and not out of stock. So this is a wrinkle free solution. I like it enough cause it is a simple dropper solution. It’s easy to use. It’s not too heavy, but really potent. It’s not the fanciest of eye serum, but it just works. And for the price, you can’t really complain. 

Tarteist Mini Duo

I really really like the lip liner. It’s a good automatic pencil. This is just a mini, so it’s quite a little bit of product, only 0.04g. This is in the shade latergram, a beautiful nude pink. It just looks good on the lips. I made the mistake of twisting it all the way up, so the whole pencil just broke. 

The lip paint is 1ml. I love it, it’s so small. Perfect for the handbag. I’m not sure what shade this is in. It’s minty, so it’s actually quite nice. Different from other lip lacquer. This is more mauve, very pretty on the lips. 

I love the combo of these 2. I love them on their own. I will want to try the full size of the lip crayon and lip paint. It’s just good. 

The SAEM Chocopie Hand Cream

I love this. It’s just such a cute packaging. I like that the hand cream has dots of “chocolate chips”. When you use it, the chocolate kind of streak but it will blend clear. So no worry about that. This doesn’t have much scent. I love how this just sink into the skin very fast. It’s not sticky. Hands feel soft and lovely. Not exactly very moisturising, but it’s good enough. 

The thing I don’t like is that the packaging make it hard to use the product. You can easily open but there is a clear plastic that protect the cream. It’s good, but it just make you have an extra step before you can use this. Also, you can’t really throw away the plastic cause it’s the stopper. Once gone, the cream will go to the lid, and I think that will make it more messy. 

Make Up Store Microshadow – Marilyn 

Is glittery eyeshadow back in fashion again? It just seems that there is a lot of glitter nowadays. This one is not exactly a glitter shadow. But if you blend it, it will glitter away. It’s a pretty lilac shadow. More light grey actually. You can wear it blended or use your finger to tap it for a more pigmented look. 

Morocco Ghassoul Pore Solution Foam Cleanser

I like this as it’s very foamy. It’s a good cleanser and doesn’t dry out my skin. You don’t really a lot to clean your whole face. But if I don’t note down the points of this cleanser after using, I would totally forgot about it. So it’s not something I would be recommending anyone. I like it, just not impressive enough. 

Garnier Moisture Matte Daily Oil-Free Moisturiser

The moisturiser is below $10, but I feel that this break me out. To say that it’s a matte moisturiser, I don’t think this is one. I like the texture, and the price is actually good. But it just doesn’t suit me. 

Dr.Jart+ Soothing Hydra Solution Mask

A thin transparent mask that feels like a gel. At least some part of the mask feels like a gel. Some area of the mask feels like a normal fine fiber mask. This is design to hydrate – soothe and relieve the dehydrated skin. I feel most masks are for that purpose anyway. 

It smells very herbal like. And it just lingers on throughout the 10-20 minutes of having the mask on. I like the mask enough, but it’s quite sticky after. I don’t see a different on my face also. I just know that it’s hydrating. I probably won’t buy this again. 

Naked Flushed

Do people still use this palette? It’s a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio that is quite popular ages ago. It’s just nice to have a palette dedicated to the cheeks. It’s not exactly special, but it’s just convenient to have. 

I have mine in Naked. The bronzer is golden shimmery. Perfect for the extra sun kissed glow. The highlighter is on the pinkish side. The blush is a rather shimmery pink. All are pigmented but forgiving. So you can use any type brush and you won’t really go wrong applying these. It’s good for beginners and travellers who doesn’t want to bring a lot of products. 

So ya, I mean I prefer all things matte, but this is not bad to have around.