REN Travel Essentials

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash has a very subtle scent. It is quite nice but nothing special about it. It lathers ok, but its just a soap.

Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo is one that I have to use a lot to get a lather. Maybe it’s just me who loves bubbles on my hair. But I just have to have it to feel the shampoo doing its thing. So it’s a waste most of the time and this is only 50ml. A week trip is enough though but no more than that.

Pro Vitamin Conditioner is pretty standard. You have to really let it sit for awhile to get the product to work. It is alright, but it won’t be suitable for those who have really coarse tangly hair.

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream. Now this is weird. It sinks into your skin really fast. It’s good. Not oily and all that. So you can put on and leave the house without feeling sticky. But it feels like it doesn’t do its job. It’s like disappear into the skin, but my skin still feels rather dry. So I don’t know. On one hand I like it. But I can’t see that it did something.


Yves Rocher Verbena Leaves Body Lotion

The lotion is actually white. So it’s just the tint of the bottle making it look green. It has a very subtle. And I mean subtle scent. Quite fresh, clean garden scent. It’s nice. The lotion is nice too as it’s very fast sink into the skin. It’s a good lotion actually. Especially if you need one to apply before putting your clothes on. You won’t feel sticky afterwards. The only thing I would say about this is that it’s just boring. I don’t get excited using this.

Baylis & Harding Body Wash and Body Lotion

This is one of those gift set that you get from Watsons to give to your colleauge you hardly talk to. The body wash is alright, but 2-3 uses, that’s about it. It does lather on, but it just used up a lot of shower gel to do so. The smell is not bad, flowery but not overpowering. It’s just something you’ll use without thinking about. 

The body lotion has a weird lilac and lavender scent. I don’t know why the set comes with different scents. And I don’t know why the scents did not smell like what flowers they’re suppose to be. The lotion itself is good though. The dry time is super fast and it is not sticky at all. I wish it has a better scent though. But I’m really impressed with the quality. 

First Impression: Laduree Rose Body Milk

I’m not a big fan of rose scent but I find that I’ve been using and trying a lot of them. So far most of the scent are not too overpowering. They’re all rather subtle and nice. Laduree rose body milk has a strong scent but it’s very feminine. It’s those old school rose scent. It’s nice but I am not really a fan of it. The only reason I can stand it is that it’s just a very soft scent. 

The lotion is very watery and easy to apply; it’s nice. And the best thing is that it just sink into the skin very fast. 

TFS Orchid Sensual Body Lotion

This is a very watery lotion. It’s easy to apply. Slightly sticky and takes awhile to be alright. It has a nice orchid scent. I like the scent. But it’s just takes awhile to be non sticky. So that’s the downside. 

Bio-Essence Emu Oil 

I have the cream, and someone bought me the spray. This is suppose to be easier to apply. But I was wrong. The spray is too sparse, so you’ll be left with lots of oil splatter on the bed sheet. Well, I mean if you happen to spray them over the bed. So really the best way to use this is to spray closely onto the hands then spread it over your legs, arms, etc. you have to really fun it in, cause this oil is really moisturising. Once it sets though, you won’t feel a thing. That’s the only thing nice about this. 

Using cream, you have to keep smoothing it until it sinks into the skin, this is slightly faster. Cause it’s a clear oil, you can’t really see the white cream. So it’s more forgiving. Plus I find that instead of spraying too much, I have to spray a few more. So ya, I mean it’s a nice gift if you are from Australia giving it to those who are not. But it is oil in a plastic bottle, there may be a chance that it will spill. So just be careful. 

Emu Oil Moisturising Cream

Emu oil moisturiser! It’s a cream, not sure if you can use this on the face, but I guess so. I just use this as a body lotion. It’s not exactly a thick cream. It’s just not that easy to blend into the skin. It just becomes “thick” and takes a while to sink into the skin. If you use a little, it will be easier. It’s very moisturising though. Perfect for the cold weather. Perfect for fall or winter. Once it sinks in, it leaves your skin feeling smooth. The scent is really nice too. Can’t describe what it is, but it’s a good scent. Probably a fake nice scent, but it’s still good. This is not that expensive too. Can easily buy this in supermarket. Aussie supermarket is a good place to buy cosmetic. This is 250g, and after using it for awhile, I still have a lot left. Not sure if I will be able to finish it at all. So it’s a good buy for really dry skin. 

Physiogel Lotion


It’s just a boring lotion. It looks as such. But it’s really good. It’s watery. Easy to apply. Dry quickly. A good lotion for the day time. Even so, it’s very moisturising. I find that it helps with dry skin. It has no colorants, no scent, no preservatives. It’s just a simple body lotion. Lightweight, fast absorbing lotion that strengthen and repair the skin’s moisture. So nothing fancy, but it works. So it’s good. 

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair

This doesn’t work as what it claimed. My skin not fair, but it doesn’t even help to prevent me from having a tan. I mean I sort of use it after sun lotion. As I don’t want to tan, but it doesn’t help. I guess this product is not even for me, but you know at least it is Vaseline so it should be good. But in term of moisturizer, it is average. Takes time to sink into the skin, so overall not my favorite from Vaseline.   

VS Ravishing Love Hand and Body Cream

This is quite average thick but easily blend into the skin. It’s a very nice scent. A bit mature and sensual. A blend of blackberry and lilac. It takes sometime for it to sink into the skin. The one thing I don’t like is that it takes forever to finish the whole tub. I guess that’s good, but I just get bored by it.