Natural Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Mist

The gel version is super popular. But I prefer anything mist. It’s easier and super convenience to apply. It’s easier to apply. 


Best of ’14: The Body Shop – Atlas Mountain Rose

There are many brands out there that has wonderful smelling product, but nothing compare to the TBS. I love Lush too, but it’s more of the overall scent that I like instead of the individual product.
So, today best of ’14 will be dedicated to the TBS. It is just so hard to go into TBS and just choose one thing. I will always stand there and decide if I want strawberry or passion fruit, then I will be but grapefruit is so yummy, oh new scent! Dilemma!

But for this year, I will have to award it to the Atlas Mountain Rose. I got this for my birthday last year. Not a fan of roses, which is why I would never pick this out for myself. This one is awesome though. Surprisingly I reached out for the body spray so much more than my perfumes. The rose scent is not overpowering, which is nice. It is subtle and feminine, fresh and florally, a really clean refreshing scent. The scent of sweet rose will linger in the background. It is just the perfect thing to spray on in the morning to wake you up. Like a good day in spring time. Aw, loves.
The shower gel is like any other shower gel. The scent super wonderful in the shower, but doesn’t linger after, unlike the fruity scents. The same goes for the body lotion. It is a nice little set, not too expensive I believe. But just omit the rest and go for the body spray that smells lovely.

What is your favorite TBS scent?

VS Coconut Passion Body Mist

If you love the scent of coconut, you will love this. It’s just so fresh and summery. It kind of linger for awhile then I can’t tell anymore. It just smell like spring and summer. Like those sunny day chilling at the beach under the shade (yah, I don’t like the sun), drinking iced cold drinks. Refreshing!

I love the idea of body mist, but at times I find them really sticky. I guess if you are living in humid condition, it will tend to feel sticky. Once you can’t smell the wonderful scent, you just left with the ickiness. I don’t like that.

TBS peach body mist


If you like peach, you will like this. Smell oh so peachy. Spray onto body after a shower and you will smell very fruity all day long. Ok not all day long, but it will smell nice for a while. Until you get use to the smell. So I do not know how long it will actually take for it to disappear.

After the spray, it is sticky, but it will be gone after a mere 2 seconds. Good to be use after sweating and stuff, as you only feel yucky for a while. The scent is also not so overpowering. So it is good.