Winterize Your Nails: The Julep Guide (Plus Mine)

I’ve been busy, I’ve been lazy, I’ve been keeping my nails plain for weeks. If you are my friend, you will know that is not me at all. Nonetheless, I’ve been ignoring nail care for awhile and that is not acceptable. Especially when I just starting to work and the number of people I have to shake hands with is a ton. Thankfully no one cares. I guess I mostly deal with people in the food industry, so having non-painted nails is not a big deal to them.

I would not have paid much attention until I saw an email by a representative of Julep. She brought me back to a time where I was still free to sit down and do whatever I want. I miss that and so I am going to balance my life between beauty, nail art and working adult stuff.

The first will be caring for your nails and hands. Julep call it winterize, I call it Monsoonize?! Okay, ignore that. Singapore doesn’t have winter, we only have sun or rain. Surprisingly, the weather had been cold these past few weeks though, so I guess that count. (Yes, 22 degree C is freezing to us.)


The Julep how-to, it’s simple enough right? But like me, if you don’t see Julep in your country, then you will need an alternative. So here is my guide:
If you have no time to do anything, bring along a small hand lotion. I like the mini Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. It’s small and really compact, the perfect thing to throw into your purse. You can apply this on the go. As in, anytime and anywhere.
It’s a solid product that melts on your hand. Feels quite oily at first but it’s really moisturizing on the hands. Really good for the cuticles too. Eventually it just looks like you got oily fingers, but you won’t feel the ickiness. From the tube it smells kind of minty, but not that strong and doesn’t really transfer onto the hands.

If you have a bit more time, then you should really do more.
Starting with trimming your fingernails. I mean if it’s winter, you’ll be wearing gloves most of time. It’s better to have shorter fingernails. I like to cut them with nail clipper, but still leaving an inch or so. Then I’ll file them using a glass filer, smoothing out the edges.

Then, I use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Just apply on cuticles and under nail tips, wait 15 seconds and push back cuticles using an orange stick. Really love this. It’s easy to use and I find that it helps in getting rid of excess cuticles. They say it’s not good to get rid of cuticles completely. But my cuticles can be so messy sometime. So this really helps to keep them in shape.

Next I will always use a nail strengthener. The one I am loving is the Elianto one. Not only I find the bottle pretty, it’s a really good product. It dries fast, harden the nails, making them stronger and adds shine. So if you have no time for a manicure, just use nail strengthener or a base coat. Nails look so polish no one knows it’s actually a treatment.

Lastly, use a hand cream. At home, I am using Burt’s Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream. Well I keep trying out new hand cream and I just happen to be using this at the moment. It’s good. Smells like honey, but I do find that it takes sometime to dry.

Now that you have learn the ways to care for your nails, I leave you with Julep’s winter collection.
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Pretty huh!? Now if only I can try Julep nail polishes. Hopefully they will venture out to Singapore soon.


Cuticle massage cream

sally hansen cuticle massage cream
There is so much mix review about this. Some say it is drying. Some say it is the best.

Well, when I first open this, it was so waxy. I wonder if it was right. It was just so sticky. But eventually it will be absorb into the skin and all is well. I still have dry hands with bad cuticle. But I do not use this religiously, so maybe that’s the problem. I am also always using my hand, so I do not like to put this on. Some lotion dry fast, that I don’t mind so much. This not so quick.

With this, your fingers felt soft and smooth but with a waxy feel. It just doesn’t feel natural. That’s what I don’t like bout it. Plus the packaging is not so user friendly. I have long fingernails, so the cream always got stuck under the nails. It can be hard to take the cream out from the container.

Another thing, at first the smell is so nice. Apricot and it just smell good. But eventually, it smell more chemical like. Good thing it is not that strong. I have mix feelings about this.

TBS vitamin e hand and nail treatment


This is really moisturizing with added Community Trade shea butter. I do not know what that is, but it is TBS, so it should be good right?
The smell is alright, no fruity smell which I would have prefer. After using, hands will feel so smooth, like powdery. Bit sticky until bout a minute. Then it sink right in, leaving hands dry and silky.
It is a bit big (75ml) but the cap is easy to open and close unlike my Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy. Mostly though I pour the content into a small plastic pump (10ml) and put it in my purse. Different bag different type of hand cream, same goes with lip balm. See, you can never have too much lotion.