First Impression: Grandma’s Therapy Natural Food Detox – Rose

  • Formulated to improve blood circulation during menstrual cycle (use before period)
  • Removes toxins and unwanted substances from body during sleep through the soles

This is quite effective. Why? Cause using this, I actually felt something. It is warming and I felt tiny pins on my foot. It wasn’t pain, but I felt something. So it suppose to make me feel good right? Like this thing is working. Well hopefully, my blood cycle works. Even though it is just a one time use.


First Impression: Grandma’s Therapy Natural Foot Detox – Chamomile & Lavender

Especially made for athletic enthusiast people and a long day walk. Removes toxins and unwanted substances from the body during sleep.

The only thing this is different is that this has a nice chamomile scent. Other than that, it’s the same as all the other foot detox mask.

First Impression: Grandma’s Therapy Natural Foot Detox Patch – Rosemary

• Formulated to soothe tired legs and enhance overall body relaxation
• Removes toxins and unwanted substances from the body during sleep through our soles

This kind of tingles. It’s actually nice. It’s relaxing and as always easy to use. I wasn’t sure if I was really tired or this makes me very relax, that I just fall asleep within minutes. It’s worth trying it again.   

First Impression: Grandma’s Therapy Natural Foot Detox Patch – Red Bean

This is said to enhance body circulation to working people with bloated feet. i guess if you too much in the office, your feet can get swollen. So this is suppsoe to get rid of toxins and unwanted substances from the body during your sleep. I didn’t use this in my sleep. So that maybe can alter my experience using this? Anyway, you are suppose to use this for 7 days, I am stubborn enough not to care. I bought a whole bunch of these, so maybe I’ll do try them out. But I don’t think it will work if it’s all different kind. Oh well. 

Anyway, I’m not sure if my feet was bloated. It didn’t seems so. So I can’t say that this work. All I know is that the patch broke and it was all greyish and watery and yucky. So maybe it does suck out all the water from my feet. So yay?!

First Impression: Len HeitMiro 3 Step Pore Pack

The packaging is cute. The product is very messy. Step 1 and 3 consist of liquid. The instruction is all in Jap. Tried googling for this product and I can’t find anything on it. Anyway, I just used step 1 and 3 with a cotton pad. Step 2 is a melted pink gel like substance. You’re supposed to smear it across your nose. Not too thin and not too thick. Having it thick makes it hard to dry down. So it won’t be able to peel off nicely. 

It takes about 10-15 minutes to dry down completely. It does pull the pores but not as good as those sheets pore pack. Plus this is just too messy. 

First Impression: Kinomegumi Detox Foot Patch – Titanium 

This is so fun to use. It’s much better than using a foot mask, cause at least with this I still can walk around. Basically what this do is to remove toxin from the body. The patch will activates the cells when you paste it in the sole of your foot. Thus helping you to improve the blood circulation. 

It is recommended to use this patch on alternate leg for at least 150 days. Each usage about 6-8 hours which is also the recommended bed time. So maybe the result you get is cause you get enough sleep and not because of the patch that’s doing the work. Who knows?! But it’s only the one website that asked you to use for that long. You can also use this on your shoulders, back, neck, waist and arms. And I Guess Yiu can always use both on one go. And use on one leg to save money. 

Anyway, the result on the different colours on the used patches have different implications. 

  • Black – have toxin deposit, implying weak body condition
  • Brown – fair health condition, normal waste deposit
  • Grey – excellent health condition, little toxins in body

There are also a few different kind of the patches. Mine is the pink one which is titanium. Honestly I choose this cause the girl looked tired. So I thought this is those patches that will help after a long day of walking. I guess I was quite wrong in that aspect. Titanium is for sensitive skin and will improve blood circulation and regulates immune system. So yeah, I used on both leg. Cause the picture did used both together. 

Anyway, I can’t tell what’s the colour of my used patch. It looks brown and grey and black. But it’s only on the surrounding patch and not the centre. So maybe I never press enough? But oh well, it’s quite fun to use. I mean it just mentally telling you that you are detoxing your body. So it’s all good. Can’t remember how much I bought this for, but it’s quite pricey. That’s why I only buy one to try. 

Oh, after using this, my foot get very sticky cause of the residue left behind by the stickers. It’s not painful to remove, but I think if put on the neck, you’ll pull some hair out when taking off, so that’s something to take note.