First Impression: Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack

This is really nice. It’s not messy and after it’s not sticky. I can walk easily after I remove the mask. Plus my feet is quite moisturised. Also, it’s just easy to slip on and the stickers make it really secure. It’s comfortable to lie down on the bed and just chill with this. Walking in it is also not problem. I really like it.


First Impression: Moisturising Foot Mask

This is quite nice actually. At first it is quite stiff when you put it on. But once you tape it up, it is quite alright. The plastic is not as bad as it looks. I still managed to have a comfortable day wearing this. I put it on for about 40 minutes, and I just lie down on the bed without feeling the mask is on. So it’s a nice feeling actually. 

Also, my legs doesn’t prune up, what’s the right term for that phrase? But I mean it’s nice, you get moisturised feet after when it’s quite hassle free. Only tearing the plastic is troublesome. You have to use scissors to cut them. But overall, it’s a good foot mask. It will fit most everyone. 

Foot Peeling Mask

Foot peeling mask was all the hype many many months ago in Singapore. I tried it out cause I have the worse looking feet ever. This review has been sitting on draft for too long, so I figured I should release it into the world wide web.
This is what the packaging look like. It just seems so promising. There were many brands to choose around, but this has a pretty good review. I like that it has both Korean and English text for easy understanding.
Before you read any further, be warn that the rest of the post has really gross pictures of my feet.
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