First Impression: Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack 

This is such a cute item. But it’s just so troublesome to apply. Cause you have to one by one fit on the fingers. Once you have it on, you can hardly do much. Cause the wrap is wet inside out. So that’s it. For a few minutes, you will be helpless. I also do not like that this is quite sticky. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. 


Beauty Buffet Brightening Hand Mask

Silly me for thinking that I can only find this at Taiwan. They actually sell this in Singapore too. Beauty Buffet by Watsons have this hand masks for $4. So the price is quite alright. It came with 2 sealed sachets – one for each hand. You are suppose to cut the dotted line, insert your hand, pull off the sticky tape and secrure the mask in place. I find that I can’t really use both at one go. As I like to have a free hand on stand by. So this is nice as you can always use one side. 

It’s rather moisturising and I find that the longer my hand is left inside the mask, the more the essence interact with my hand. My hand is slightly smoother which also can be used with the help of hand cream. So I think it’s just nice to have this around, but not as a fantastic product or anything. Just as a normal hand mask. 

Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream

I like this. It’s only 5ml. You’ll get this if you fly Business Class to Aussie using SQ. My aunt gave me a few. I like it cause it’s small. And the scent is quite nice. Not so strong, but alright. It’s nice on the hand. It is not so oily and will make my hand smooth. It absorb into the skin rather fast. Citrus is more of a lime lemon scent. Not really mandarin like, so it’s good. I mean the application won’t overpower the other person beside you. 

Nu-pore Moisturising Gloves

I don’t really like this. It’s quite sticky after. Well, gives it 10 minutes and your hands feel quite smooth. Not a big fan of the scent after too. It’s quite sickly, like spoilt milk mask with something better. So not as bad, but it’s still there. 

The gloves are fine. It fits me alright. My hands are small, so I don’t have any problem. At first it was not so wet, I thought it got dry out. But eventually it starts to get wetter. I don’t know, it’s weird. This mask also quite hard for me to use my iPad. So a bit irritating for me. I was hoping to read on my tablet. Oh well, wouldn’t buy this again. 

First Impression: Tony Moly Fresh Tangerine Hand Mask

This is awesome. It’s basically a plastic hand gloves and you tear them apart to get the masks for both hands. It’s not messy at all as the essence is sealed. I don’t know why I think that the outside will be filled with essence too. So inside has this mesh like material and it’s soaked with the moisturising goodness. It’s quite a big so it should fit everyone. Not sure how long to put it on, but I just wore it for 20 minutes. Then upon removal, just rub the excess between hands. It’s not sticky and it leaves my hands very smooth. 

The best part, when I wake up, my hands are so soft. I’m just so impress. Like it will last that long. Granted I didn’t do anything. Just sleeping, but my hands are still soft and smooth. Hand cream doesn’t last that long. Oh, and the smell of oranges is quite subtle. Only can be smelt when putting on the mask, cause that’s when you open up the mask.