S&G Hand Cleansing Gel

Not all hand sanitizers are created equally. Truly, I never expect to sanitizer to be fun. But there’s just so many out there to choose from with so many different scent. S&G have 2 – Sugar Crush and Hand Maid. Their formula is slightly differ from other sanitizer. They are more gel like. It is like playing with gel – soft and fun. But of course it will be gone after your rub your hands. They actually leave your hands rather smooth. 

Sugar crush doesn’t have the scent of sugar crush. I mean it does, but very subtle. I still like the Hand Maid as not only it’s my fav S&G scent, the scent lingers too. It’s not overpowering, but it lingers. So it’s nice. I love it. 


Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer

I bought this purely for Pinkie Pie. It’s like $3.65 from Guardian. It’s quite a big travelsize. So I ont really hang it on my bag. I think this will be good to hang around a backpack or those beach bag. Anyway, the hand sanitizer is pretty much typically a hand sanitizer. It doesn’t have any scent other than the alcohol. It is quite liquid like so I like to tilt back before I squeeze some out. It evaporates very fast and leaves your hand very clean. I guess cause the alcohol scent is just quite strong making you feel that your hand is very clean. 

PocketBac – Fresh Strawberries

I love BBW for this. I like their hand gel. They don’t declare it as hand sanitizer so I guess it’s not as powerful as other hand sani. But this smell so lovely. It just lingers of strawberries for a bit then after the scent is gone, you can smell the alcohol a bit but only a while. This is so small too. It’s good cause when you carry this around, it’s iust pretty to take out. I guess in US this cost US$1, so $1.45 like that.  In here it’s $3.50. So yes more than double. But oh well, everything is more expensive here. But I only know that BBW here don’t carry that much scents. And those that they carry sold out rather quickly. 

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

There are 3 type of Dettol instant hand sanitizer – original, refresh, and soothe. The original is pretty much the normal one. The alcohol scent is not that strong. Refresh is with aloe vera, but I feel the scent is so much stronger. But once dry, it leaves the hand feeling smooth. Soothe is with chamomile and it has the most pleasant scent. So it’s really nice using this. Still can smell the alcohol, but once dry, this has a very floral powder scent. Personally I don’t mind any. It’s all good for me and I will always pick a few whenever I’m in Indo. Cause it’s slightly cheaper to buy it from there. It’s all made in Thailand anyway. 

Sweet Pea PocketBac

Really love the sweet pea scent. I think it’s my fav from BBW. This still has an alcohol scent after applying. But the sweet pea will eventually take over. It’s such a joy to use this. Plus a small gallop is enough to clean your whole hands. Not sure how affective this is at killing germs. But it’s good enough to me. At least the alcohol and the dry time really makes me convince that my hands are clean. 

Aqua Blossom PocketBac

I still prefer the scent of sweet pea, but aqua blossom is alright too. I feel the alcohol scent is a lot stronger than the scent of the flowers. It does its job. So no complain.

Organically Clean Coconut Scented On-the-go Hand Spray Cleanser

I just love trying new hand sanitizer especially one that’s scented. I especially love spray on ones as they are just easier to use. It’s just water droplets, so I don’t generally spray too much. Unlike the gel type, for some reason I always squeeze too much out. So sprays are better for me.
This is 59ml, so it still still quite big for sanitizer I feel. I prefer the really tiny ones.

It has a really strong coconut scent. Like those coconut milk in Thai food kind of scent. I reckon it would not be a nice scent for people who don’t really like coconut. It is also a tad sticky. But my hands feel really clean. Maybe it’s just psychological, but that’s how I feel. All in all, I’m not here not there, but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer has become a staple in my life. I don’t know if they actually kill germs and bacteria, but it definitely makes me feel better.

hand sani
Carex hand gel aloe vera doesn’t has a very strong alcohol scent. The aloe vera helps I guess. Cause the original is pretty strong. I like that it has a pump, so it’s easy to use. It stated 100 applications per bottle, but I never did count. I always use a minimum 3 pumps cause of habit. It dries instantly just as it claimed. I bought it when I was at Batam, so it wasn’t expensive. I like it.

EO hand sanitizer in peppermint. This is the 10ml one and it is in liquid form. It’s small, so it’s great for the handbag. Plus the scent of peppermint is just so wonderful. It doesn’t have any alcohol scent. Love it, but it’s on the pricier side, especially since this is the smaller version. What I like the most is that its moisturizes + sanitizes + organic. So it’s really a win combination.

Midnight pomegranate hand sanitizer

This anti-bacterial waterless hand foam smells really good. But I found that my hand will be sticky upon used. So I do not really like this.
This cost US$4.50 for 50ml. So I guess for a sanitizer is pretty alright it is bigger than others. But other than the smell it’s not good at all.