S&G Whipped Clean Shower Butter

This smells of almonds, but when you lather it on, it smells of pistachio. The shower butter feels like body lotion. But it will lather and bubble up when you rub it in. It takes some getting used to, but once you know how to soap it up, it’s really nice to use this. Cause it’s just the most moisturing shower gel ever. Ok, it’s not a gel, it’s just a good no hassle soap. And you don’t have to use body lotion after, cause your skin is already so smooth. It helps with dry skin and saves time from using body lotion. See, it’s a good shower wash for lazy people like me. 

Naturals Shampoo Hair & Body

I love the squeezy tube of this. This is just some of the products that certain hotel are using. Not sure which hotel, but I did get this from a hotel association event. I can see why it’s a good product. It’s a 2 in 1 shampoo and soap. This reminds me of peaches even though it doesn’t smell like it. It’s suppose to be oranges, but it doesn’t smell like oranges either.  I guess the packaging has an orange fruit on it, that’s why I think of peaches. Not sure why also. 

I find that I can use this for 3 days as shampoo no problem. On the last 3rd night, I found that my hair get slightly oily. So I guess I can get away with 2 full days with this. 

For soap, it’s nice cause it smells nice. I feel that it’s better as shampoo than soap. But it’s alright. It doesn’t foam up as well, but it lather on alright. As I said the scent is wonderful, but it won’t linger. So that’s the downside to me. 

Not sure if you can actually buy this somewhere. But I’ll definitely edit here if I saw it somewhere. 

Yves Rocher Organic Raspberry Shower Gel

Let me say this will be much better if the cap is one that you can pop open instead of having to turn open kind. As in the opening in this is way too big. It’s also time consuming and troublesome to open and close the bottle. Especially if you just want a quick shower. 

The scent is lovely. It does lather on quite alright. But I have to use quite a fair amount for my whole body. So 400ml will be used up quite fast. Not really worth the money. But this will be nice in the bath or shower with those beige tiles. It will just fit into the background. Other than that, really I don’t see the benefit of this. 

Bathing With Sharks

I am using this right now. I bought this cause it is cool. It is a blue shower gel. It has a nice subtle scent, which I think will be good for night time bath for kids. This doesn’t lather much. You have to use really a lot to get wash up. Even though, it doesn’t have the minty fresh scent, I always feel extra clean using this. I don’t know why. Anyway, I bought it at Sephora at $20 for 400ml. So it is not exactly cheap.

About: In this dog eat dog world, you need the edge. The best thing to do, pretend you already have it. Here’s help. Slip into the water and into gladiator mode. Instantly transformed, you are unstoppable. Emerge from the water standing a little taller, and with a taste for conquest. It’s not magic; it just works.
Benefits: Infused with: energizing, confidence boosting Royal Jelly extract. Royal Jelly kick up energy level and the will to succeed. It also has anti-aging properties that will keep skin smooth, supple, soft.

Yah, so I guess this suppose to be good for the skin and stuff, but I prefer fruitier scent when it come to my shower. Oh well, I wish I have a bathtub, as I still think this is best for soaking in.

What’s In My Shower

They say that 80% of people in Singapore stay in HDB (public housing). My mom’s house is under the old layout which only has 1 bathroom. Basically it is 2. One for shower, the other is the toilet. There are 5 of us trying to use the shower daily. Thankfully, we have different schedule, so we never have to fight for the shower. We also have 4 “shelf” area where we put the shampoo and soap on. And 1 shelf is specially for me. While the rest sort of share shower gel and shampoo, I tend to have my own. The rest of the shelves consist of 1) shampoo (general, bro, sis), shower gel, 2) facial wash (mom, sis, bro), eczema soap, conditioner and 3) shower cap, mini toiletries, etc.

When it comes to my shelf, I have 9 item squeeze into the tiny space. Plus the conditioner which I usually share with my sis therefore it wont be on my shelf. Here are the item I am using at the moment.
I am in between shampoos. I am usually either using Avalon Organics thickening shampoo or Naturvital hair loss shampoo. Or maybe some Klorane. So it really depend. 

2. Clarifying shampoo

I’ve been using this Avalon Organics Clarifying Lemon Shampoo for a while, and I really mean a while. I just cant seem to finish this up. I hardly use this as I don’t think this is as good. I try to use this once a week, but will be more if I took a late shower, cause I have no confidence in my oily hair. So this is just good for a day.

3. Hair mask/treatment
I tend to use more hair mask than conditioner. It is much thicker and I don’t have to use as much.

I like this. It’s thick and a little is all you need to make your hair extra smooth. I used it once and after for 3 days straight I don’t use any conditioner. My hair is still very smooth. I was so impressed. In term of strengthening, well I’m not really sure how good it is. But it’s really nice for tangle free hair for days. It’s also not that expensive.

I don’t like the shampoo and conditioner as much. Cause you really have to use a lot of it. But this one is much better.

4. Shower gel

I am not so fussy when it comes to shower gel, but I do love fruity scented shower gel. About 70% of the time, I am using TBS or Sephora. This time I have the mango creamy body wash from Sephora. This smells so much like mango pudding. It’s very creamy and foam up nicely. It doesn’t give crazy foam, but it’s nice on the body. It’s moisturising and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. I really like it. 

5. Body scrub

This is the honey body scrub. I just cant get over the scent of TBS honey. its just so sweet and lovely. I really do love most of the scents from TBS and I just cant get over them. Bought this on sale, if not I will prefer to use the squeeze tube one which is for daily use. The tub one is to be used once or twice a week only as it is more abrasive. 

6. Face wash

I’m not sure if I like this. It is quite watery. It has this scent that I can’t describe but it just feels organic and westernise herbal. Yea it doesn’t make sense, but that is that. I am not sure if this is the reason pimple kept popping out. In term of cleansing, this do great. It feels like it strip off moisture, yet it doesn’t leave your skin dry. 

7. Facial scrub

This is TheFaceShop Flebeaute White Crystal Diamond Peeling. It’s not exactly a facial scrub, but I guess you can consider it as one. You can use it on a dry face or a wet one. It is so lovely on the face regardless. It foam up well. So on dry face, you use this in circular motion for about 1 minute, then you rinse it. It feels good on the face. And after you rinse off, your fave just feels super clean. With a wet face, this is less abrasive. But still function he same. 

8. Hygiene wash

I use the travel size one. Especially for the brand Lactacyd, I will buy the 60ml at $2 cause ml by ml comparing to the full size, this is much cheaper. I pretty much tried all the different variants they have, and I like the original best. I am not so choosy on the brand I use. But not everything works well for me. The yellow bottle of Lactacyd is a no for me. 

9. Shaver

I will have a razor in the shower. This will be for my legs. I shave like every 2-3days. This one is the 3 blades one. The refills are not as expensive as the 4 or 5 blades. But I buy them on sale anyway. I know you are suppose to throw away the blade after like a few uses, but I will only throw it away if I feel that it’s no longer sharp. And that is a personal feel. But ya, I prefer guy shaver as they are slightly cheaper. And I use conditioner to lather up, so no problem there. 

So those are the things I usually have in my bathroom. Different brand, but same function. I wish we can have bath tubs in HDB. I want to use Lush bombs so badly. Oh well, we can’t have everything. 

S&G Sugar Crush

Sugar Crush is a very light scent as compare to the rest of the S&G scents. I guess it is suppose to be lime, lemon kind of scent. But it really is just very light. The body wash is like a moisturiser. It is creamy white and feels like a body lotion. It lathers slightly, so you know that you are using body wash and not lotion.

This is a 500ml bottle, and I have to use about 3 full pump for my whole body. Still it will last quite a long time, but I was hoping that this has a stronger scent. As I feel I put this on, but it just doesn’t make me as refreshed as I should be. At least it is moisturising so it wasn’t a waste.

But S&G is quite on the pricey side. I mean it wasn’t bad. But I compare it to the UK and SG is overpriced. Oh well, at least it has a pump.

Physiogel Cleanser

This can be use a cold cream to remove makeup and cleanse the face with a tissue or cotton. Or you can use it as a cleanser on wet face and remove with water. And this can be used on face or body. 

Not a big fan on the soap kind. It doesn’t foam up as well and it just feel like putting lotion on the body. For cleanser, it’s slightly better cause the face is smaller. So you basically just have a smaller area to focus on. It leathers alright. It foam up a bit, and it’s super gentle. Whether I like it enough, the answer is no. I like the size of the bottle. It’s good for traveling, but the product even though it’s dual usage, I don’t really like. 

Dettol Gold Body Wash

Just look at that gold. It’s sparkly! It’s gold! Ok, the picture don’t do justice to this body wash, but it’s just so tempting in real life. I’m just so drawn to it. It’s like honey. Golden syrup with golden sparkle. When you use it, then you realise it’s just Dettol. It smells like one, it lathers like one and it hydrates like one. At least it’s not drying. But it’s just basically the same as any Dettol soap I’d used. So nothing really special other than the fact that it’s just so pretty in the bathroom. 


New year, new beginning, new things! But I would like to share my biggest buy of the uear 2015. 

There was a $5 per bottle on TBS shower gel. I bought 5 bottles. 2 Fobidden Flower, which smells really good. Very sexy, very grown up, date night kind of scent. Strawberry is one of my fav as usual. It’s very sweet and nice. Virgin Mojito is very fresh. It’s a limited edition scent I think. It’s just very lime but not so sour. Satsuma is very energizing and fresh. And I like it the best for morning. A really good waking up scent.   

Another thing I always feel happy is going to Chinatown and buy from SwanSton. It’s a shop near OG, I don’t really know the exact address. But it’s just has the cheapest, well the cheapest I could find anyway. I usually like to buy my Biore Cleansing Wipes. As it was the cheapest I found, $8.90 if I’m not wrong. 

Toothbrushes and toothpaste is also affordable there. Like this Sensodyne which cost $7.90 outside is only $3.90 at SwanSton. Maybe the $7.90 is a bigger size but I mean there’s a price different. Nexcare pimple stickers is only $7.80. I also like to buy tampons, pads and pantyliners and powders for shaving. Evan facial mist usually cost $6, is only $4.20 here. People love to buy soap and shampoo and a whole of other products. It’s just a bargain. I mean most of the product should be direct import from Thailand or Indoneasia. But being able to save here and there is a bonus in my book. It just gives you more to buy on something else. Not being sponsored or what, but I just want to share this little place if you happen to be in Singapore.  

Sephora Creamy Body Wash – Green Tea

This is really creamy. But I have to squeeze more than a dollar coin size. That will pretty much just cover half of my body. So using a loofa will be a better option. This lather on quite ok, not so bubbly. The worse feeling is when rinsing, it always feel that there are some residue left behind but it’s just actually the fact your skin is very moisturise. I like it as I don’t need to apply body lotion after and I don’t have dry skin anymore. 

The scent is nice. It’s suppose be tea tree, but it doesn’t smell like that. At least not like what The Body Shop scent is like. It’s just a very clean refreshing unique scent. It’s not floral, not musky. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just a nice mild scent.