Soaplah Lemon Orange Lime Liquid Gold Body Wash

Nata got me this for the wedding party gifts. It is a brand I never seen before so I am naturally curious to use this. It is a Singapore brand, so probably the first time I actually supported a home grown brand by using this. They have 4 types of Liquid gold body wash and I have 2 of them. This is the LOL which is suitable for normal to oily skin.

It has a very citrus scent. More scent of oranges than lemon, so it is quite refreshing. But it is tad drying. The scent also also linger. I like them enough, but I wont buy this again. It is just nor suitable for my skin.


Sephora Vanilla Creamy Body Wash

This is creamy. It feels like it is quite hard to lather on to the body. You have you use a lot of it. But the smell is so nice. I love it. Even though for 140ml, $11 I feel is really expensive as you will only can get about maybe 2 week of uses. So, I probably should learn my lessons and stop buying Sephora body wash, but I cant help it sometimes. Hmph, the choices you have to make.

Yves Rocher Purple Lilac Shower Gel

I like the scent of this. It is very flowery but soft. Not too strong as if you are drench with flowers. But again, the gel is very watery so you tend to use up a lot of it. I’ve used it for a week and it is almost half gone. Granted it is $10 for 200ml. But that is easily counted as $5 per week on shower gel.

REN Travel Essentials

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash has a very subtle scent. It is quite nice but nothing special about it. It lathers ok, but its just a soap.

Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo is one that I have to use a lot to get a lather. Maybe it’s just me who loves bubbles on my hair. But I just have to have it to feel the shampoo doing its thing. So it’s a waste most of the time and this is only 50ml. A week trip is enough though but no more than that.

Pro Vitamin Conditioner is pretty standard. You have to really let it sit for awhile to get the product to work. It is alright, but it won’t be suitable for those who have really coarse tangly hair.

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream. Now this is weird. It sinks into your skin really fast. It’s good. Not oily and all that. So you can put on and leave the house without feeling sticky. But it feels like it doesn’t do its job. It’s like disappear into the skin, but my skin still feels rather dry. So I don’t know. On one hand I like it. But I can’t see that it did something.

BBW Country Apple Shower Gel

This is the first time I use their body wash. I thought I did, but when I use this I was so amazed. I just fell in love. The consistency is like any typical shower gel. Well slightly thicker. It’s more gooey but not sticky. Like TBS is slightly runnier if that make sense.

Still this is just very soapy. It lathers very very well. You can stretch a small amount for your whole body. It’s like using a loofa, except there is not much bubble. And the smell is so lovely. This one is just like apples. Like a cooler day in the orchard, picking apples. The scent is not overwhelming. It’s overall really nice.

But one gel is $19

Compagnie de Provence Shower Gel Samplesp

Olive Wood has a nice neutral scent. It doesn’t lather at all. So it’s a bit hard to use this. It is just too drying on the skin.

Mint has a nice minty scent. It lathers well but a bit drying on the skin.

Rose has a very light rose scent. It doesn’t lather at all. I don’t like it all. It doesn’t work as a soap.

Olive Lavender is quite good. Doesn’t lather as well as the mint, but it’s not as drying. Smells good too.

La Roche-Posay Cleansing Body Cream Gel

A soap like any other soap. It’s very hotel kind of soap consistency. It does alright. I like it enough. It lathers well. It just nothing special about it.

Innisfree Green Tea Line Set

This is such a cute set. Only thing is that the bag is not waterproof. This doesn’t smell like green tea at all. It’s just a nice traveling set that anyone can use.

The shampoo is not so minty, but it works well on most hair type. The conditioner is quite good. A little goes a long way. Body cleanser is average. Cleansing foam, can be better in my opinion. But no complain also. The hand cream is nice. It absorb fast into the skin. Not sticky at all. I like it.

Overall, it’s a nice handy set to have.

S&G Foam Call Body Wash

I showered at my guest bathroom. Cause it’s such a waste to have 2 showers and you only use the one in your master bedroom. Plus the flat is so small, the bathroom is side by side. No doubt I love S&G body washes. So this one is no exception. It has a light subtle scent, but a very moisturising effect. So I don’t have to use body lotion after and skin still feels really good.

I still prefer the original scent, which is why I would not be repurchasing this. But as a body wash for guest is rather perfect. You just need something subtle and nice. As it everyone is keen on scents.

Bliss Soapy Suds

This is the kind of soap that you won’t think much. It’s very fast to use up. It lathers well, but again you just tend to use a lot of it at one go. The scent is nice, lemony but it doesn’t linger. So overall, it’s a nice soap but doesn’t leave a big impression on me.