Beautyblender Pro On The Go

I admit the beautyblender is still the best sponge I’ve used. The elasticity of the sponge is still the best in the market. Apparently the black one is targeted for bronze and tanner. I guess cause it is a darker shade. Personally I don’t see a difference between the pink and black.

The micromini is fun to have. I wouldn’t buy it myself. But it is nice. It is so small perfect to be put on the go makeup bag. I wouldn’t use it wet, cause it will just be very uck for the bag. But if you don’t bring it out. It is quite alright.

Blotterazi is quite a gimmick. I feel it is alright at removing oil from the face. But that is just it. It is like tissue. I don’t see the reason why you need to pay so much for this. It is just pretty to have in your bag especially with the casing. It is not included in this set though.

Overall it is a good set to have especially if you need extra sponge. I cannot remember how much I bought this for. But if I am not wrong, it is the cost of 2 beautyblender. So the rest are just freebies.


Zoeva 224 Luxe Defined Crease

This is a $15 brush. Not exactly the best crease brush, but it do. It’s fluffy but doesn’t give much definition I feel. It’s just an ok brush for the lids. I use this more for the overall blending to soften any harsh line. I feel it doesn’t really pack much colour to transfer on to the lids. So it’s not a brush that you need. But I guess cause I have a lot of brushes, so this one doesn’t really impress me.

EcoTools Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set

5 travel size brushes with such pretty prints on the handles. This is such a good set to bring along on a short trip. They are short handle, so they pretty much fit into most makeup up bags. The quality is good and I enjoy using them. 

Flat concealer brush is small and flat. I don’t really like to use this as a concealer brush. I tend to use it as an eye brush instead. But if need to, this will be use to cover the spots. 

Buffing concealer brush is a sturdier soft small budding brush. It’s good for buffing a small area on the face. 

Precision foundation brush is a longer pointer version of the flat concealer. So I tend to use this more as a concealer brush. Most of the time I prefer buffing, but I find that flat style brush is good at moving the product around. So when I get concealer too close to my eyes, this will help to drag away the product. 

Complexion blending brush is a soft fluffy brush. It is a multipurpose brush. Mostly I use this for blush or powder. I also use this for concealer. I hardly use foundation, but this will be good for that too. The size is just nice. Not too small for the whole face, so you won’t take forever to buff. 

Full powder brush is rather small for the word full. It’s alright for the makeup bag. I will add this to my mini makeup bag when I bring a powder with no sponge in it. It does the job well enough. Fluffy but not extremely, it just buff in the powder right. It’s rather similar to the blending brush, but it’s just more flexible. 

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease

Bought this at $18. It’s a very fluffy crease brush. I like it enough. It’s a nice size on the lid. It an easy used as a crease brush or even pack in some colours. It’s fluffy and soft. It’s also goes on smooth on the lid. However, it just doesn’t feel as nice. I now can feel the different between good brushes and awesome brushes. On the hand, it feels alright. However, when you apply it on the lid, you can feel that it’s not as luxurious. While it’s soft and did its job, it is just not as swift. I guess you can say that. But really for $18, it’s a good brush. 

MAC 217

OMG! This is the best eye brush ever! 

I get it. I finally get it why so many people rave about it. I have a lot of crease/blending brush that I think is good, but Mac 217 is like a whole new level. The first time I used it, I was just mindblown. It was just so good. 

It’s soft and fluffy and really gentle on the eyes. It’s sturdy too. It feels really good on the eyelids. It picks up the pigments well and blends them really well too. 

The shape of the bristle is good cause it’s flat enough to pick up the shadows. But it’s tempered that it can get into the crease easily. The sturdiness is good to really give you the control. But I like how it is not prickly at all. Some brushes are soft but when on the lids, it can be quite prickly. 

This is $33.60 in Singapore. It’s so much cheaper elsewhere. But still worth the price to me. Will wait for their 20% sale to buy more of this. 

Zoeva – 122 Petit Stippling

Love stippling brush. This one is quite small. It’s a bit dense. I like it enough for buffing. It won’t pick up a lot of product. So it’s good for those super pigmented products. It will pick the right amount. So yah, that’s pretty much it. 

Zoeva 111 Luxe All Over Shader

This is such a nice fluffy brush. It’s actually quite a big shader brush. But you turn it one side, the size is actually quite a good size for the crease. It’s fluffy, but slightly tempered. It is dense but soft and will hold its shape regardless of how much you press. It picks up shadows pigment very well. And it will transfer on the lids quite good too. It’s not exactly the kind of eye brush I will pick up usually. But I do want one that is for the whole lid. I do find that this is still best for glittery/shimmery shadows. So yah, it’s fine but not a necessity. 

ELF Angled Contour Brush

When I bought this, I never expect it to be so small. It’s too big for the eyes. It’s too small for the cheekbone. At least for me that is. I don’t do any contouring and stuff, so I don’t see the purpose of this. I mean I bought it cause I thought it was bigger, so I can use it as a dusting of matte bronzer as a contour. Since it’s so small, it will be quite harsh for me to contour. A light hand is needed, but it will still be quite sharp. So I use this for highlighting instead. Which I don’t really do. So this brush is quite useless to me. 

The brush itself is soft, not overly dense. It’s angled, so it’s actually quite nice for uneven surface. It’s just a little small so it’s more precise for application. At US$3, it cannot go wrong. In the end this brush is not a need,  it is just an extra brush for anyone who want to do contouring. 

Morphe Brush M404

This is the stippling brush. Which is not a good indication whether Morphe is a good brand or not. I feel that most stripping brush are generally good. The bristles is quite long. It’s not a stiff brush. It’s soft and flexible. It doesn’t pick up a lot of product so it’s good for any pigmented brush making it a useable product. With a stippling motion, this is more rigid but it’s still very bouncy. So it’s just a brush for light application. 

RT brow

So I bought this cause I wanted more brow brushes. The brushes handle are slightly angled. I find that it’s not as easy as I thought it will be. I only use the brow brush. The others 1) the definer – I don’t need it, 2) spoolie – is way too small. 

I like the tweezers. But I only use the angled one. I find that the detailing brush is quite hard to use. It’s pointy and sharp. I thought it will be easy to grab the loose stubborn hair. But I can’t even. It’s hard to get a grab on the hair. So I use it for other purposes, like pulling off loose strand on my shirt. 

So the best thing out of this kit is the angled tweezer.