Tony Moly Sherbet Cleanser

I find that this is more user friendly the famous Banila co clean it zero. It’s just not so oily. So it’s easier to clean off. It’s also cheaper. Can’t remember how much, but it’s cheaper.

I don’t know, I just find that this is nicer for removing makeup.


Clean It Zero


Decided to get the pink one as it’s the original. It’s a really good cleansing balm. I mean I don’t have any other to compare it with. I have oil and cream though. So as compare to those, this is more fun. Cause it’s a solid but it just melts away and form up. It becomes oily and melt away the makeup. So a little goes a long way. And I find that this can last so much longer than oil. 

A pink tube comes with a plastic scooper. So it’s really “hygienic”. I just think it will be good only for people who have their own bathroom or at least their own counter in the bathroom that others can’t touch. If not it’s just so messy. I put mine in my room in the box. So it’s quite troublesome to remove the box everytime I want to use it. 

But it’s a really good balm. Cause it removes makeup. It’s not overly oily. It feels moisturising. It doesn’t feel squeaky clean but still very clean that kind of feeling. It takes sometime to rinse it off, but it’s fairly easy. I just like it. 

And since I’m super lazy. I can use this, then I use micellar water with cotton pad, and I’m done with my “double” cleanse. And I face will be ok.