Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

I have the travel size Skin Purifier, then I was given an even smaller sample. It’s even better for travel as it’s so much smaller. But the bigger one has a stopper so the oil will drop will come out one by one. The green one has a bigger opening, so you have to pour it out.  

To use this: a few pump, if the original size, or just a few drops as you see fit on dry hands. Spread gently onto dry face and massage face. Add a few drop of water to face. The oil will turn milky. Rinse face with water. 


Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil is for whitening concerns. It is light-textured oil with Vitamin C, empowered with Fruit Acid Mix to remove accumulated melanin for a pristine, clear, visibly transparent skin. I like this. The scent is nice. It’s good at removing stubborn makeup. 

Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O Advance Formula (Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Anti-dullness Cleansing Oil) is to remove dullness for a clear, glowing complexion, so basically for aging concerns. It has Green Tea Extract, empowered by Ginkgo Leaf Extract, known for its anti-oxidant and microcirculation properties, to revitalize the appearance of fatigued skin and refine skin texture. I just don’t really like scent of this. It’s not as pleasant as the Whitefficient. Other than that, it’s ok. I need to use more of the oil to get a whole face worth. 

I use the Whitefficient first and I learn that I don’t like oil. Cause they are just so hard to clean after. It just leave behind this oily residue. But I wasn’t convince cause everyone loves this. So I tried again and again. And after the forth time I change my mind. I really do like this. No more residue, it fact it kept my face feeling very moisturise and bouncy clean. I love it. It is so easy to remove makeup. Of course I will still do a 2 step cleansing. But it just give me the assurance that my makeup will all be remove. 

But I don’t really like the green one cause of the scent. I also find that it doesn’t perform as good as the blue one. But I really do want to try more. Especially the fresh one which is for pore concern. 

If you can get your hand on smaller sizes, this will be a good cleansing oil to try. I mean to try out all the different ones before buying the full size that you like. 


Hada Labo cleansing oil with high purity olive oil

Another sample from Hada Labo. I like them as a brand. For giving little samples now and again, it’s really nice.
Simple, superior cleansing.
No fragrance, color, mineral oil, alcohol.

It’s a make up remover, and I use this in the shower. This feels really nice and after, I just feel that I do not need to actually wash my face. Cause I feel that clean.

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