Natural Instinct Hydrating Cleansing Facial Wipes

I am not sure about this. I don’t like it enough, yet I don’t dislike it either. It’s biodegradable, so it’s rather rough. It’s wet enough but not good enough to remove heavy makeup. It’s ok for daily cleansing, like a wet wipes, but just not enough to remove makeup. So, I think I would not really recommend this. 


Yes To Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes

I guess, this is meant to be for anyone with super sensitive skin. But I find that using this, some part of my face will be super sensitive to it. It’s like I will feel the burn. It can’t be that I’m allergic to the hypoallergenic stuff. Anyhow, it’s a good sheet. It removes makeup quite well. I don’t mind it as much, but I wouldn’t repurchase this. 

DHC Make Off Sheet

$18.90 for the refill, 50 sheets. The box will cost you $22.90. I just buy the refill, cause I like to try different makeup remover sheets. The sheets are quite small. They recommend to use 2 pieces per use. Daily use, 1 sheet is enough for me. I will then use another cleanser to cleanse my face. 

It’s made with 100% cotton. But the texture is very rough. It’s a wet sheet, but after awhile, the sheet gets dry. It’s like transferring a toner filled cotton pad onto your face. I don’t like the feel it gives on my face. But I like that it removes makeup well. It guess cause it’s soaked, so makeup is all removed quite well. And I guess it’s nice that when you feel it gets dry, then the sheet is almost done doing its job. I guess I wouldn’t purchase this again. I prefer bigger sheets and one that is rather gentle on the skin. 

Yes To Primrose Oil Facial Wipes

So this is exciting cause it’s different from the rest of the Yes To wipes. This is a 2-in-1 cleansing + moisturising facial wipes. It’s suitable for sensitive skin as its suppose to be calming and soothing and help with redness. This is also slightly more expensive as compare to the rest. To me, it has a weird scent. I Guess it’s the primrose scent, but I don’t like it. 

I think this kind of break me out. It just feels not right on my skin. Seriously, I wouldn’t know exactly what’s the real reason my skin break out. But it just feels like this is the culprit. It’s an ok wipe. It removes surface makeup rather well. It’s not too wet, so it’s fine for a normal average makeup face. If your face is heavy with makeup, then one sheet will not be enough. Still, using a proper makeup remover will be better. If not, just get the tomatoes wipes which is a better option. 

Lazy & Easy All Kill Sheet

This is 2 step product. Step 1 is the cleansing tissue. It’s such a wet sheet. Feels a lot like wet tissue drenched in water. It’s good cause it is wet that it’s easy to remove your make up. But it just makes your face wet after. They say to use the mask after that. I have to wait a while for my face to dry up. I naturally air dry it. 

Step 2 is the all-in-one sheet mask. It’s a very thin mask. I made a mistake of adjusting the mask. It touched my eyes and it hurts. The essence is not for around the eyes. With the eye holes being rather small.. Ugh, I shuddered to think of the essence dropping down on to my eyes. 

Anyway, the mask itself is quite cooling. It’s moisturing and actually quite comfortable on the face. It’s best to just close your eyes and lie down using this. 

In the end, people buy this cause of lazy egg. The mask is just too cute. And it will be a great gift for anyone. It states on the packaging that it can only be sold in Korea, but this was bought in Hongkong. Doesn’t really matter to me. The mask is just cute and will make anyone receiving this happy. 

Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes

This is such a unique wipe. It’s black and the texture is unlike anything I’ve tried before. First the colour. It’s hard to really see if any make up is being wiped off by sheet. Cause it’s just black, it’s dark, so you can’t spot any difference. Second the texture. It’s not a thin clothes. It’s thicker and feel more plastic. So it’s actually quite rough. It’s not a nice experience using this to clean your face. At least scrub clothes you know it’s meant to do that. But this, it’s just very unpleasant on the skin. But I mean it’s still useable and it does it job well. 

I’ve been quite lazy to wash my face at night. So I had just been using this only. I feel it does a great job removing my makeup. And also it’s doesn’t break me up. I feel this even help to reduce my spots. So I am enjoying this despite the weirdness of the texture. 

Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes

I like this. It’s a solid packaging with the actual clip cover. It’s good for opening and closing without having the sticky cover that will lose its hold. This is also the promo with 30 wipes instead of 25. So a full month of wipes. The wipes are big and wet. It’s nice cause it doesn’t feel like a wet wipe. It’s gentle on the face. But it removes all traces of makeup. I forgot to use this to test with waterproof mascara, so I have no idea if this will remove waterproof makeup or not. But for regular makeup, it does well. It also quite nice for blemish skin. So love this. 

Watsons Cleansing Wipes

I believe there are 5 of them now. I tried two of them during the buy 1 get 1 free promo. My review is here. I also buy these during the promo. That’s why I only have 2. I can’t remember what is the last one. 

3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes. I choose this cause of the mascara on the cover. This is so not for the eyes. It stink my eyes. So disappointed especially the cover has a mascara on it. 

While the Basic Facial Cleansing Wipes has 30 sheets, so I’m interested to see how the plain one fare. It’s basically just a wet tissue. It’s wet that’s good, but I feel that it’s how it will remove the makeup that matter. So it’s ok, but not a good wipe. For a full face of makeup, this will not cleanse as well. This is good to clean off swatches. But I wouldn’t want to really clean my face with this. I still did cause I don’t want to waste it. But I only use this when my face is barely with makeup. So that’s about it. 

DHC Water Power Cleansing Cotton Pads

This isn’t bad. In a pack, there is 5 sachets. Each sachet has 3 cotton pads. It’s basically the size of cotton pads, so it’s quite small. But it’s soaked with makeup remover. So it’s nice for traveling. You just need to bring this, and you are good. 

It’s wet, so quite good at removing makeup. Even waterproof mascara is able to be removed. So it’s quite good to have this around. 

I forgot how much this cost. I know it wasn’t crazy expensive, but you can always DIY this. Just take cotton pads and soak it in makeup remover and sealed in zip lock bag. Done. Which is actually better. Cause this, if you only need one cotton pad, the rest will be wasted. I use this in hotel room, is the air con is still running the whole day I assume. So this doesn’t dry out. I only use one pad a night. So yea, this is nice for anyone lazy. 

Cetaphil Cleansing Wipes

The first few layers are quite dry. The sheets are big enough but it’s just good for removing face makeup. One side has a raised dots so it’s nice gentle exfoliation action too. 

So the next maybe about 10, the bottom half, are so much better. The wipes are really damp.  It’s really good at removing mascara. It doesn’t irritate the eyes. Usually one wipe is enough for the whole face. For a normal day makeup that is. 

The price is quite too much I feel. I bought this at $10? I am not really sure, but it’s not cheap. For the price I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s just a wipe, nothing really special about it.