Suisse Programme Eye Makeup Remover

Let’s get right to it. I am not a fan. Cause everytime I use this, my face doesn’t get clean off properly. The make up doesn’t get removed properly. Even though there is oil in it and there is the word eye remover, it still is not a strong makeup cleanser. I guess it will work well for anyone who doesn’t use a lot of makeup.  


Bioderma Sébium H2O – Combination or Oily

I’m not a fan of the Micelle Solution. Now I tried the green one which is for oily skin. And I still do not like it. This break me out. So weird right? It’s worse than the pink one. This one just for cleanse and purify. Doesn’t state that it removes makeup.
The idea of these magic water are great. Especially this green one as it’s for clear matte complexion. Who doesn’t want that? So I don’t know why it breaks me out. Lucky I just got the samples. Plus I really hate the scent. Gives a sour scent when react with my skin. You know, maybe there is something wrong with me skin after all.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O – Sensitive

Do you know there are 3 version of Bioderma? The blue, green and the red one. I am not sure, but that’s what I know. I am hopeless.
Anyway this is the red one which is for sensitive skin. At first you heard what Bioderma can be use for, but most people just use it to remove their makeup. I don’t think it is a miracle water to be honest, cause it is just act like water to me. It does remove my makeup, but I don’t see what the big wow factor is all about. I guess when you make a mistake using your eyeshadow, it’s good to use Bioderma as using makeup remover may remove the other part of your makeup. That’s the only good thing I can think of for Bioderma. Other than that, I don’t think its worth the money. Unless I’m in French, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Clinique 3-step program

The make up remover is not one of the step, but I did not try the cleanser. I do not like this remover as you have to rinse it off. I rather get a proper all in one cleanser if I were to use water anyway.

The second step is tone. Clinique has 4 types of toner in this range. The one here is no.2 which is for dry combination skin. So this is the wrong toner for me. But I just used it and it is really drying. I do not like it. Shouldn’t for something claim to be for dry combination be more moistening? I’ve read reviews and its not me. People do find it drying.

Next up is the dramatically different moisturising gel. I kind of feel hydrated using this, but at the same time I am scared it will turn oily really fast. And true enough, it does just that.

I am glad I got to try my cousin’s stuff, as this just do nothing for me. My cousin has sensitive skin though, so this work just well for her.

ZA eye and lip make up remover

ZA eye and lip make up remover
I got this free with the purchase of the mascara. It’s as good as any make up remover. I think it’s comparable as the L’oreal one. In fact it is better as it remove my eye makeup better. And I just love that this is a travel size, so I can bring this instead when I go overseas.

The smell though, it just has this bit of rubbing alcohol scent. Plus the opening is too small for the tip of Q-tip.

L’oreal make up remover

Do the job. Gentle on the face. Managed to clean off waterproof mascara. Pretty oily if you pour a bit too much on the cotton. It doesn’t flow out when you tilt it, so you gotta shake it out. I usually shake it thrice and it covered the 3/4 of the cotton square.

I do love the opening of this bottle as it is just nice to put Q-tip over it. What I like to do is put the Q-tip over the hole then turn the bottle around. It will nicely soak the cotton just right.


Bellabox March 2013


I finally cave in and got myself a Bellabox. It was for half price at $9.95 for the first time subscription. I got the March issue. It was theme Spring in your step. The box is so pretty with the cherry blossom stickers on the front. The box is pretty sturdy. A good box for recycling. Just a small box, that can probably fit 2 and a half iPhone 4 in width.

I cannot deny I was excited receiving this box, I was trying my best not to tear this open. Even though I already seen what the samples are. They had 2 shipping, earlier of the month and the 20th shipping, which I got. I just love receiving stuff in the mail or from anyone actually.

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Hada Labo cleansing oil with high purity olive oil

Another sample from Hada Labo. I like them as a brand. For giving little samples now and again, it’s really nice.
Simple, superior cleansing.
No fragrance, color, mineral oil, alcohol.

It’s a make up remover, and I use this in the shower. This feels really nice and after, I just feel that I do not need to actually wash my face. Cause I feel that clean.

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