MAC Brow Duo – Brunette

I wanted to buy some shadows that can be used for the brow too. I used to get Inglot shadows and I did plan to get more. But the shop in Singapore close down. Pity.

As time pass, you just seems to find yourself not suited to some colours. Like if you get a tan or change your hair colour; the colour you use just don’t suit anymore.

So far, for now greyish tone work best for me. So I am glad that these actually work. I cannot remember how much I bought this for. There are 2 shadows, coquette and brun. Coquette is a satin muted greyish taupe. Brun is a satin muted black brown. I tend to ignore brun. I usually go with the greyish taupe kind of shade.

It’s a good product. And you can use it as eye shadows too. Cannot go wrong with MAC shadows.


Eyelash Boss Eyebrow Gel

Decided to get this as it wasn’t expensive. It was less than $10. I’ve been using it for awhile and I pretty like it. Even though I still feel I look better with taupe, this one doesn’t look too bad. The dark brown is not so brown. So in certain light, it looks almost grey. The pen also is easy to use. It glides on and doesn’t give a harsh line. Easy to blend too. So that’s really good. 

neuve Eyebrow

Bought this for NT79. I like it as it’s a no nonsense eyebrow pencil. It’s very simple, just a grey tone universally flattering eyebrow shade. You have to sharpen the pencil and there is no brush to even it in. So yeah, while this is not my fav kind of eyebrow product. It’s good to go back to the basic sometime. I enjoy it as it’s like a Shiseido brand, made in Japan, rather inexpensive and good quality. So not much to complaint. 

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

  • Easy to apply
  • Can be smudged
  • Twistable
  • The beauty of this product. It’s really fast to apply your brows using this. You basically just draw on your brows. It’s thick and so easily transferred that it takes no time at all. But you can touch your brows after as it is as easily to remove the product. 

    Medium brown doesnt suit me at all. It feels more khaki instead of brown. So the shade is all wrong. If not this will be the perfect product for the morning when you just have no time at all to apply your makeup. 

    It Cosmetics Brow Power

    This is a nice brow pencil. It’s a small traveling size one. The pencil an over shape, kind of waxy but managed to swatched on the back of the hand. On the brows, it looks good. It’s natural and fit me. This is in universal taupe, the colour is more brown than grey, but on the brow, it just blend in very well. It’s also long lasting. I have been into brow powder, but it’s troublesome to bring it for traveling or in my my bag. So sometime a pencil will work better. So this is the pencil I would recommend. This is probably my fav brow pencil for now. 

    bdb Brow Powder – Taupe

    I need a brow powder to replace my Catrice eyebrow set. I used to wear only brown shade a sit looks better on me. This year, I only use grey ones as it looks better on me now. Brown is way too light. I almost finished off the lighter shade of the Catrice one. So I really need a powder that is of the same shade. I bought this on a whim and I’m so thankful it works. The taupe is rather light too even though on the pan itself, it looks rather deep. 

    So this works well to my advantage as I’m looking for a taupe shade but not overly deep. It shades the brows quite well. I just have to be steady on brushing through the hair. This last longer than the Catrice, so it’s much better. But of course this cost me $28 while the drugstore product is less than $7. I prefer this also cause its not powdery. Catrice has lots of fallout. So that’s the big difference. 

    Oh well, I think I found my brow powder for now until my brows decided it won’t suit taupe. So this better last till forever. 

    Integrate Eyebrow Pencil

    I’ve been using powder brow product for so long, that’s it’s actually a bit hard to adjust to pencil. It just takes longer to use a pencil. I Guess pencil brow product is just thinner and more precise. So you have to really pay more attention to the details. 

    GY941 is a rather taupe shade. It’s suppose to be grey I guess but it’s quite natural on me. I like that this is hard but it’s easy to glide across the brow. The product kind of blend nicely with the brow brush too. So that’s nice. But I do feel that it can dissappear easily when brushed. So it had to be brushed gently. 

    Overall for NT200 it’s quite alright. 

    KATE Eyebrow Pencil 

    I always wanted to try Kate product. I decide to get their brow product cause it seems safe. I choose the shade BR5 which is the natural grey. I guess BR is suppose to be brown, but it’s greyish. So it sort of suit me. As I can’t really wear brown now. 

    I like this cause it feels very hard. I tried to swatch it on my arms, but I can’t get the colour to transfer. On my brows however, the colour just glide on easily. No need to drag, no need to pull. It just glide on but it’s not gel like. It’s good. So it gives off the colour but it doesn’t smudge off. 

    The pencil is also small, so it’s rather precise. It would have been my go to brow product if it comes with a brow brush. This doesn’t. I have to use my own brow brush to blend the harsh line. To blur it off to make it natural. So that’s just the one drawback. Other than that, it’s a good product. 

    RT brow

    So I bought this cause I wanted more brow brushes. The brushes handle are slightly angled. I find that it’s not as easy as I thought it will be. I only use the brow brush. The others 1) the definer – I don’t need it, 2) spoolie – is way too small. 

    I like the tweezers. But I only use the angled one. I find that the detailing brush is quite hard to use. It’s pointy and sharp. I thought it will be easy to grab the loose stubborn hair. But I can’t even. It’s hard to get a grab on the hair. So I use it for other purposes, like pulling off loose strand on my shirt. 

    So the best thing out of this kit is the angled tweezer. 

    Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake 

    I just wanted to have something from Illamasqua. Then I decide to go for the brow product. The powder seems like a safe bet and I choose the shade Gaze which turn out to be a deep brown. It’s almost greyish black actually. I like that it’s pigmented. But I am not used to the darker shade of brow. So I am quite reluctant to use this. This becomes my weekend brow product. This will give me a very full, quite dark looking brows. The good thing about this is that it’s long lasting. So I can use this and have no problem for the whole day. 

    I don’t think there is many shades for this. But if there is, I would like to get a lighter shade. I like that the packaging is quite slim and it comes in its Illamasqua shape. So it’s quite nice actually. There is a little mirror too. So it’s quite nice. So yea, not a bad product at all. As long lasting brows is a must in my book.