Dior Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

594 Intense Brown – a deep dark brown will actually look black on my eyes. However it is not as harsh as black will be like. I really like this for tightlining. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and it goes smoothly. 

I will also use this as an eyeliner. But I can never get a thin line. Plus it’s not as smooth on my lid. But it works alright. Especially with a primer underneath, this will not transfer. I also don’t like to use the smudger as it is quite painful. 


Scandaleyes – Taupe

It glides on the eyes. No tugging, no breakage. It’s smooth and inexpensive. I really do like Scandaleyes. The only thing I feel that it will be the best if it will really set faster. I always feel like this will transfer so easily. Plus it’s quite fast getting the product to be blunt, so must constantly sharpen it. 

Taupe is a beautiful taupe. A bit weird on my eyes, but as long as I line it very thin, it looks fine. This always transfer onto my lashes, so I always have to coat my lashes carefully with mascara. But still love it. 

Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

This is just a black liner. In term how dark it is, you sort of have to press the liner or go over it twice. Cause just one run, it’s not very dark. Too me it’s ok, cause I don’t really like too dark. It’s soft and glide on easily. It just doesn’t give a very neat line. I guess it’s just a good liner for smudging. The other end of the pencil is a pointed quite dense sponge. I’m not a liner person. So to me it’s just a liner. 

When trying to draw a line on my lids, it’s not very smooth. It’s quite hard to get the product to transfer actually. It will not be a solid line. Even trying to dot it, it will not be a good line. 

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner – Petrol Blue

I’ve been using MAC and Sephora a lot. Well I guess I bought way too much during the sales. This is a gorgeous blue with glitter. I sure don’t need another eyeliner. I don’t use them. But I had to get this. It glides easily when swatch. It is ok on the eyes and doesn’t irritate them. It’s not a soft liner.  I feel that the kohl liner is much better as it is so much smoother. But this is alright. I just have to slowly draw short lines on my lid. From the outer to the inner. It doesn’t break, so it’s actually quite easy to apply. 

If you use colour, this will be great. But if you are a neutral tone girl, then this may be a bit bold. It will be a pretty weekend night pop of colour. Which is what I intend to do. Then again, I don’t use eyeliner. So this is just sitting pretty in the drawer. 

YSL Eye Pencil

It’s a blue liner in shade 3. It just says 3 dessin du regard – eye pencil. It’s a blue pencil which is very solid but glide on easily. It has micro silver glitter. So it’s not a matte liner, but you can’t really see it. The other end of the pencil is the sponge. It’s a flat slant top sponge meant for blending. But it’s so dense that it can be quite rough on the lid. 

I just like this. It’s so easy to apply on the lash line. I apply as close to the lash line as possible. And it works. It just gives a very thin clean line. Even though I can’t do it in one stroke. But it still gives a very clean line. 

Scandaleyes – Nude

Cause they say a nude under the eye is the perfect way to wake up your look. So I tried this. It’s a good liner. Super creamy and doesn’t tug when applied. But it’s so bad for my waterline. It just doesn’t want to stay. I think my eyes water too much. I mean I tried and tried and will try again. But I guess I’m not so used to having liner underneath. So my eyes kind of get irritate? But it really do open up your eyes. Plus it’s so much for forgiving then white. So I guess I have to keep practicing. 

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color

This is like one of the best eyeshadow out there. It’s in a pencil form so I can say it works as an eyeliner too. It’s just so smudge proof. I swipe it across my hand to take this photo and then I tried to wipe it off and nothing. It doesn’t budge. It just stay on. It suppose to last forever I guess I mean it won’t as eventually you can rub it off. But it does stay put for a good 20 minute or so. 

It’s so easy to put on. It just glide on beautifully. On my oily lids, it will be better with a primer first as I do find it will slowly dissappear but I mean it’s good enough. Plus I love the fact that it doesn’t crease. I guess as long as you don’t rub your eyes, it will last a long time. Plus if you don’t let it set within 5/10seconds, it can still be blended. 

The colour is Gilt which is a beautiful gold glitter. It’s more of a shimmer actually. It’s just a true gold. I love it. 

1 Day Tattoo Set

I bought the wrong one. I wanted some Japanese mascara that people said was good I don’t really know what is the brand, but it’s just one of those brands that you see hanging around at Watsons with the rest of the mascaras and eyeliners. Anyway, this is not that bad. This is the 2 in 1 which consist of 1 Day Lash Perm in Black and 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Eyeliner in Super Black.

Mascara is a dry one. I like it. It’s a good natural mascara if you just lightly coat your lash. Or a dramatic mascara if you use more. It sort of clump but a good lash seperator brush thing can help. Anyway the more you use it, it doesn’t seems to clump anymore. it just coat every lashes and turn them really black, quite dramatic but not volumous. I like that my lashes get sort of curl even though I don’t curl it.

The wand is nice. It is not flexible so it has a lot of control. The wand is curve with a lot of different length britles.

The eyeliner is quite good. After a few seconds, it sets. No budging no smudge. It’s not the most black color. It has tiny shimmer or at least it appears that way on my hand. Application is good. The brush is a felt tip. I finally can do a mini wing with this. I am learning and succeeding in creating wing liner or just liner for that matter. Yay me! i guess the onky thing I don’t really like about this, is that it is not the most pigmented liner. So it appears like your liner is fading. Touch up is a must after few hours. So this can only be use under shadows to lock them in better. But it’s good enough for just lunch or dinner but bot a whole day thing.  

MAC Eye Kohl in Rosemary & Thyme

Beautiful olive green with a shimmer. It’s a duo chrome liner. One swipe and it comes out as metallic dirty olive green. Go over a few times and the green becomes more green. Go over twice, the shade will be in between. Such a fun product to use. One pencil and it can gives you 3 colors. This is more on a golden metallic shimmer, so it’s a pretty warm tone. As a kohl liner, it doesn’t set, so this is just good as a shadow base. Or to tight line if your eyes is not so sensitive. But if you don’t have hooded eyelid, this will be pretty on its own. I do love the color very much. It’s just so unique.  

Topshop 5 Years Anniversary Makeup

So pretty with all the rose gold packaging. I never tried Topshop makeup cause it doesn’t look as appealing in Singapore as when you were in UK. Anyway, I just wanted this collection cause basically it’s Topshop best sellers products. And what better way to try them out then to just get the ones in the pretty packaging.

So I have 3 of the lipsticks, Innocent, Rio Rio, and Bequiled. Am missing Ohh La La, which is a coral pink and Nevada which is a nude. The nail polish I have 2, Boy Next Door and Parma Violet. Missing Heart of Gold, Adrenalin and Green Room. Then I have the rest of the anniversary collection.

So let start with the lipstick.

Innocent is a light pink. Surprisingly, I can wear this with no problem. The color does suit me just fine. It is yore pigmented but you can’t always rub your lips as the colors will not be even. So I have to be uite careful using this. But it’s a good lipstick. A comfortable pink. 
Rio Rio is an orange red. Well it is a warm red but I always see an orange undertone. And even on my lips it kind of appear more orange. Pigmented and not n easy lipstick to use. So a lipliner is recommended. This is suppose to be a matte lipstick. But it doesn’t appear to be so. When swatch, it is not shiny, but on the lips it is not matte. 
Bequiled is another matte lipstick. But as you can see it is not matte at all. It’s a beauty, but not an easy one. This is definately a good color to use for dinner, but I find that it doesn’t really appear even. It is quite hard to smooth it out. It won’t be as bad in person but  a close up picture, you can see that it is not as clean. A lip liner is a must. 
Glow in Polished is a beautiful highlighter. Not a fan of highlighters but I’m glad I got this. The color is just so pretty. A champagne pigmented cream that blends out to a glow sheerness. I thought it is a solid form in the pot. So I just dip my finger in. I end up making a dent cause the product is so soft. I thought it will be like a color tattoo, but no, this is soft and a little goes a long way. The picture doesn’t do justice on how pretty the color is. 
Cream blush in Head Over Heels is a beautiful coral pink blush. The perfect blush for the summer. The cream is a nice consistency. It will turn to powder once applied. It blends well and can be sheer out if you think that is too much. Love it.  Magic Liner in Engraved is a felt tip. It’s really dark and easy to apply. I have to barely touch my hand and the ink will flow. It takes about 5 seconds to set. If not it will still smudge. I haven’t really test how long this will last as I am not an eyeliner kind of person. 
The nail polishes are average, lovely colours but nothing special. Boy Next Door a pretty light greeny blue. Perfect for the beach to contrast the water. Parma Violet a pretty lilac color which I feel I have a lot of. I need to take 3 coats to get a full swatch in the nails. The brush is thin, but it is ok. They dry quite fast which is good and finished shiny without needing a topcoat. Overall not that bad. 

So yah, the collection is a pretty packaging and I just love them. The products I got are alright. The lipsticks I feel can be better, but the rest are good. I am not sure if Sg will have them, as I got mine from London. If buying in £ and living there, the price is good. But if I have to convert them to S$, I feel that they are quite ex. Anyway the shades are not limited edition so if there is something you want to try, you can always get the normal matte black and white packaging which is also quite pretty.