Shiseido Eyelash Curler

I have a few Shiseido and Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I still find that the cheaper versions of these are better. I mean, you can go Sephora and get the $30 one, or go to the stores in HK or Taiwan and get them at $10+. I mean they are still Shiseido/Shu, but it’s different. Not only it’s cheaper, it’s just softer. I don’t know, maybe it won’t last as long, but it doesn’t hurt my lashes. So it’s so much nicer on me.


Lipocils Expert Eyelash Conditioning Gel

$69 of clear gel. Does this work? I’m not too particularly diligent in applying this. So I don’t get to really see if this works or not. But I do know it sort of help a bit. Cause without this, the lashes at the corner of my eyes is nil. When I apply this at least, I can see some baby hair growth.

I like that it has a sponge end, that you can apply as a liner. And the mascara wand is nice to brush the lashes. So it’s a good combo. But if you don’t apply this everyday, then I feel that this is just going to be a waste of money. So wasted for me.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

A lot of people swear by this. I just think it’s so so. The cushion is not soft enough for my liking. The fit is ok for me. It doesn’t clamp my lid. So that’s good. But it’s the cushion. I like my curler to be soft that when you clamp the lashes, it will be rather gentle. So ya, this is good in term of its performance and lash curling ability. Lashes stay curl whenever I check in the mirror. But that may be cause of the good mascara I’m using. So ya. 

ZA Mascara Base


Bought this cause I really want fuller looking lashes. I still feel that my lash is very sparse. What this do is create extra volume under the mascara. Personally, it doesn’t give much volume. But I do like the brush. It’s quite small and it just swirl up. 

The product is white so you really have to coat your lash very carefully. But I feel the nice thing about this is that it curl your lashes. At least at the end. For some reason it curl up a bit. So it’s quite nice. Other than that, I don’t know, I’ve been using it but not much different I feel. 

May Bellabox

My Bellabox for May came on the 10th. It was themed Ready for Cannes.

I really like the little sticker that hold the wrapper together
These are all the things I got this month. 5 + 2 bonus items. When I first open the box, I was quite shocked to get 7 stuff. I love it, the more the merrier, but I guess the value of each product should be less huh. I also finally got a makeup item, sort of. Do lipgloss count as makeup?

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Eyelash growth treatment

I got this Skin Peptoxyl from Sasa as I was looking for eyelash growth treatment. The SA recommended me this. It was one of the cheapest one. It is not as good as Talika, but it is alright.
I don’t use it AM and PM nor do I use it everyday. At most I use at night. I do not really see a difference. After my lash extension 2 years ago, my lashes still pretty sparse. Like it wasn’t as full as before. And I never really notice or have a problem with my lower lashes until I watched all YouTube beauty tutorials. I practically have none, lower lashes that is. I really like my lashes to grow. Maybe thicker or some to grow, but I see no difference.

The only thing I guess I can learn from here is that since it is a clear liquid, and the brush is like eye liner, I learn to apply eye liner, without the color. So it was a good practice every now and again. And maybe if I actually use this daily, it will make a difference. But I am just too lazy. Oh well.

Lash builder


lash builder ultimate lash appearance boosting serum for visibly longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. The first step for perfect lash make-up finish. Enables you to attain beautifully rebuilt lashes through triple beneficial actions that will:

  1. support natural lash growth and prevent lash loss during make-up removal by revolutionary culticilia complex
  2. visibly repair, fortify and protect your lashes for a healthy strong look
  3. smooth lash surface to maximize mascara finish

So ya, the above info is all taken from the website.

It is a clear mascara that smell like a childhood toy, the bubble balloon thing. I like the brush. It is tiny, shape like a mini Christmas tree. It applies well, managed to reach all the hard to reach places (inner corner of eye). So, I will apply this on days I have a lot of time to apply make up. Most of my mascara is great on its on, so I do not think I need this. But since this is sort like a base for mascara, you can just apply it and it gives the illusion of longer thicker lashes. As you then will be covered with more mascara than normal. Obviously, double the amount, how to not have fuller lashes?

Sometimes, I just use this on its on, if I am not really going anywhere. I just want to feel like I’m made. Lame I know, but I really like brush. So small and great at separating lashes (not really). More so like all the lashes will be coated. Unlike normal mascara, when you apply that’s it. Your lashes is coated and its intimidating to more coat on. I guess this can be use as a mascara practice. Especially for those first timer. On the other hand, you have pay a huge sum for it. So, in the end not that worth it.