Integrate Who’s the Glamorous Mascara

In Taiwan, this is like one of those makeup item you need to try. It is from sub-brand of Shiseido. It is alright. I wouldn’t say it is something that you need to have. It is just one of those mascara that is quite dramatic. It is a bit too clumpy for me. I feel like I have to wait for it to dry down a bit before I can actually use this.


Masterpiece Max Mascara

Yay to mini mascara. For this, I’m not sure if I have it for long so it’s dry, or it’s the dry kind of mascara. But regardless, it still is nice for daily cause it’s not dramatic. But you have to curl your lashes first. It doesn’t clump also, so that’s nice. Really just a fuss free mascara.

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof

After wanting to try this for so long, I finally get my hands on this. I also have the nonwaterproof one. This is a great simple mascara. You have to curl your lashes first. It will coat every lashes, and it is very waterproof. I was running around under the rain and my mascara did not budge. It was that good. It’s just a great daily mascara. It is not overly dramatic and lengthening. So it’s just perfect for everyday.

Maybelline Lashionista Waterproof Mascara

I never see this before. I am used to the pink one. Do they even sell that anymore? I think I did like the pink one. It’s a lengthening mascara. This one is the waterproof version. 

The wand is really easy to brush. I like it, cause no clumps, and doesn’t go out of my natural lashes. So it is not messy. I can see fibers on the wand, but it doesn’t drop on me. Unfortunately this doesn’t lengthen my lashes as how I would like it. It is not volumising, it doesn’t claim to be, but as such, my lashes doesn’t look nice. Cause this just appear to make my lashes darker. But that’s it. It doesn’t give dramatic length. It’s just very natural looking. 

While I like natural looking lashes, I do want a bit more bam. Doesn’t matter, cause this becomes my daily mascara instead. So it’s good for that. 

It Superhero Mascara

A travelsize super volume mascara. I like this. It’s not waterproof but it doesn’t smudge. It is easy to remove with a simple makeup wipe. It slightly curl the lashes. It is black, so darken the lashes making them slightly more prominent. But it’s not overly dramatic which is how I like it. I don’t see how this lengthen the lashes, but I guess if your lashes are short, this mascara can be considered as such. But for normal length lashes, it don’t show up extra. So ya, it’s good for daily, and can be worn for a night out too. 

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Valume Mascara

I thought that this mascara will be very dramatic. Surprisingly it’s quite tame. It gives natural looking lashes. It’s not a waterproof mascara, so it’s easy to remove. But I tend to rub my eyes, so this will transfer quite badly. So as long as I don’t touch my eyes, this is very nice. It’s the kind of mascara I like cause it’s just natural. It doesn’t give you longer lashes, it won’t curl your lash also. But the way I apply this is I make sure to wipe the excess away on to the tube. So I’m left with a little of the product. When I apply, there’s not much on the brushes, so it just gives me the effect I want. If I don’t get rid of the excess, this will clump my lashes. I guess this is something I don’t feel worth buying a full size of. While the brush coat every lashes, it’s just not with the heavy price tag. There’s a lot of mascara that’s much cheaper. But I don’t mind getting the mini sizes for free. 

Volume Million Lashes

A rubber wand that quite big actually. The thing I don’t like about this is that it smudges. I feel that cause the wand is sort of bug, it just smudged on me. I can’t really control the application. 

Does it gives volume? Yes. But the more I use the more it clumps. So this is not a good mascara for me. I think it’s nice on anyone with thick lashes. If not it just feel like it gives clumpy lashes. 

Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara

This is a very nice mascara. It’s from Sasa for $25.90. Not exactly cheap, but it’s made in Japan. It’s a plastic wand with different size bristles. One side is short ones for volumising. The other side is longer and more sparse. This is to comb the lashes. It’s suppose to help with the curl. I find that it won’t really curl your lashes unless your lashes are already quite curl. Like as long as it’s not so straight and stubborn, it will kinda curl a bit. 

I like this cause it’s waterproof. And it doesn’t make my lashes too crazy. It just coats them nicely. So in term of volumising, I don’t think this does that. It’s just a nice daily natural mascara. It gives a darker lashes, as obviously it’s black and will cost them. 

The thing I don’t like is that when I apply this, it will smudge under my eyes. I think it’s the brush. Even though it’s not so big, but will touch my under eye. 

So overall, for the price, I think there are better mascara out there. But if this is cheaper, it’s a good daily mascara. 

False Lash Wings Butterfly Effect Fibers Mascara

I quite like the wand on this. The effect is surprisingly flattering. People comment that it will be hard to apply on both side, but I have no problem. You just have to adjust the wand accordingly. This is a very wet mascara. So much so that it smudges on me. After a couple months, this is still wet. I really feel that this will last forever. This is super black, and it will really show. Slightly under dramatic, but it will be quite flashy. It’s lengthening and darken the lashes. At first this doesn’t clump. But the more I use the more it starts to. I guess the mascara sort of get dryer. But not really also. Hard to really explain.

It’s just extra good for those who already have long lashes and want the extra length. In term volume, it gives some. But not as full. Curling power is alright, but average to me. Overall not that bad. I just wish that it’s waterproof. I mean it’s not as bad as it only smudge on application. End of day, it’s alright doesn’t smudge. I guess it just set well. 

Lights, Camera, Flashes

I don’t really get the 2 steps process of this mascara. I don’t see much different between the wand. I guess one side is more sense than the other. But the packaging have the “1” and “2” written on it. Anyway, the first impression of this is not good. It’s quite wet, gives me clump lashes and smudges badly. Then after that, the formula is less wet. It is not dry, but I feel it’s quite good. 

My lashes are too short to be able to really use both sides of the wand. So I don’t see how it really help me to volumise my lash. Cause by reading online, it teaches you to first apply the short bristles side for volume. Then turn it 180 degree to comb through the lashes with the longer firmer side. You are suppose to tap the wand on the top of the tube to feel the difference between the bristles. 

What I can say is that this mascara is nice for daily. It is not so dramatic, but it coats the lashes well. And the best part about this is that it will help you curl your lashes. It really will curl it up. The bad thing about this, is that it still will smudge. So I don’t use this on a daily basis. Let’s face it I hardly use mascara nowadays for work. But when I do, I won’t use this. This I will use at night, when I’m going out for dinner. Or on weekends when I have a short day. So ya, I like it, but the smudge. Ugh! Will not buy again, but maybe I’ll try the waterproof one.