REN Travel Essentials

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash has a very subtle scent. It is quite nice but nothing special about it. It lathers ok, but its just a soap.

Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo is one that I have to use a lot to get a lather. Maybe it’s just me who loves bubbles on my hair. But I just have to have it to feel the shampoo doing its thing. So it’s a waste most of the time and this is only 50ml. A week trip is enough though but no more than that.

Pro Vitamin Conditioner is pretty standard. You have to really let it sit for awhile to get the product to work. It is alright, but it won’t be suitable for those who have really coarse tangly hair.

Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream. Now this is weird. It sinks into your skin really fast. It’s good. Not oily and all that. So you can put on and leave the house without feeling sticky. But it feels like it doesn’t do its job. It’s like disappear into the skin, but my skin still feels rather dry. So I don’t know. On one hand I like it. But I can’t see that it did something.


Innisfree Green Tea Line Set

This is such a cute set. Only thing is that the bag is not waterproof. This doesn’t smell like green tea at all. It’s just a nice traveling set that anyone can use.

The shampoo is not so minty, but it works well on most hair type. The conditioner is quite good. A little goes a long way. Body cleanser is average. Cleansing foam, can be better in my opinion. But no complain also. The hand cream is nice. It absorb fast into the skin. Not sticky at all. I like it.

Overall, it’s a nice handy set to have.

La Villa Vita Rehair Shampoo & Deep Mask

This is probably for anyone with dark hair. The shampoo is deep brown, so probably is for getting back that shade of colour. The shampoo is quite alright. Easy to use, gentle on the scalp. The conditioner is not bad too. Doesn’t slide off the hair easily. Overall it’s a good enough duo in my opinion. As I can use this for 2 days with no problem. 

Je l’aime Amino Shampoo & Conditioner

This smells quite nice. But it is just not the kind of shampoo for me. Maybe for the first wash is alright, but the second wash gives me dandruff. The conditioner also doesn’t really stay on my hair. So it’s not a good treatment I feel. I’m sure this will be more for others who don’t have oily hair. Probably one with dry hair who needs the repair. 

Bed Head Tigi Urban Antidotes Resurrection 

This has a rather faint scent. It’s nice but it hardly lingers on the hair. I like it enough as a conditioner. But it’s nothing special. I only use conditioner on the ends, so I doubt that will actually help with the resurrection of the hair. 

Eco-Boutique Shower Set

Subtle scent, these are good for traveling. I got these from a hospitality event, but I’m not sure which hotel actually use them. They are very generic. It’s quite alright, but nothing wow about them. The shampoo as always, I can only use them twice in a row. It doesn’t leave me as oily as any other shampoo. But it’s not exactly the best shampoo for me. The shower gel is nice. It lathers well. Conditioner is everage. It does make a good cream for shaving though. So nothing impressive about this, but it’s useable. 

Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I am not sure about this shampoo. I think it does a good job at cleansing. The conditioner is nice too. The smell is alright. You use them the first few time is ok. But then it seems to lose its effectiveness. So yah, I have to use the full size to really determine this. 

Silkpro Daily Treatment Masque

I’ve been using this as a conditioner and it’s not that good. It feels like I have to use a lot to actually help my hair. This is suppose to be better than conditioner as it is a mask sort of. But it’s just slide off most of the time. Even as a lather for shaving my leg, this doesn’t stay on as well. So I don’t like this. 

Boots Leave-in Conditioner Rosemary & Mint

I’ve been using this for months and there is still 3/5 of the product left. I don’t know why there is so much left when I use this daily. And each time I use about 6 or 7 sprays or maybe more. 

It’s a plastic bottle quite comfortable on the hand. My hand is small, but still can be hold it nicely. The nozzle is not hard. Just a typical plastic spray. The mist not fine. Just a normal one. But it will go everywhere. 

I like this as a leave in conditioner is quite nice. It makes combing hair easier. You are suppose to use on towel dry hair. So it’s quite convenient. The scent also quite mild unless you spray a lot. My hair is not that long, so I can’t really smell it. But it’s just slightly minty scent during the spraying. It’s not cooking or anything but I don’t spray this on my scalp. I just spray on the ends to smooth it out. 

Love Lovely Curl Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner 

I’ve been saving these for when I finally have curly hair. It took me 2 years but $160 later, curly hair. And it’s not even that good. Cause it’s more wavy.  

Both scent is ok. It’s not a strong scent. It’s forgettable. The shampoo does help with keeping the curl or in my case wave in place. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t help with my oily hair. So by the end of the day, my hair will look really oily. I mean it’s not as bad, but it’s just not something that can last longer. So for a night out, dry shampoo will be needed. 

The conditioner is nice but it’s just very typical. It’s quite thick and just glide over the hair. All the conditioner will be on the hair, it doesn’t drop so that’s nice. But it doesn’t feel like the hair absorb it. But it does. Cause my hair feels so smooth after. And will still curl. 

So I wouldn’t repurchase this. As I feel it’s just a curling shampoo but it’s not a shampoo for me. I rather have hair product for my oily hair.