COLAB Dry Shampoo – London

It’s quite interesting seeing dry shampoo making it in Singapore. There used to be none. Then Batiste came in, slowly more brands can be seen on the shelves. I bought this, cause it was 1 for 1 at Watsons. For 50ml, the original price is $6.50. That’s just pricey when you can get Batiste at $4. Anyway, I got the scent in London which is a classic fragrance. It’s a very nice fragarance. 

The spray is good and strong and the product come out white. It’s rather obvious on black hair. But a massage to the hair will solve that problem. I so think that you do have to massage more in depth to get the powder to disappear. But the good thing is that this gives you the extra voloume. So not only your hair will stay less oily, it doesn’t go flat. 

I like this. I enjoy using this. It doesn’t get heavy and can last for at least half a day. So it is good for the morning errands before you can take a shower. 


Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

I heard a lot about the brand. So I asked R to buy this for me when he was in Gratz. It’s a volumising dry shampoo. Which it really does volumise. I feel that this is a better volumise spray than dry shampoo. It just makes your hair looks fuller. It’s really good for those days when your hair just feel flat. 

As a dry shampoo, it does ok. Instead of like spraying out “powder”, it spray droplets. So it made the hair looks wet. But it dry instantly and white powder form. Then you just have to run it in. It made my hair feels coarse also. So I don’t know. I guess that’s how it volumise it. 

My sis said that this smells like cough syrup. It does have a very strong scent. I am not the biggest fan of the smell. But it doesn’t smell like cough syrup to me. It’s just very artificial scent. So that’s the one thing I’m not giving this the thumbs up. Plus it lingers – on the hair and in the room. 

TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

I like this cause it smells nice. I like this cause it does it job.  I like this cause it doesn’t really leave a grey cast on my black hair. While the powder when sprayed is white, it will blend into the hair once comb through or rubbed in. It gives a little volume of you really mess up the hair. But it really just look messy, which is good if you want that kind of hair but it’s too much for me. 

I cannot use this for more than 12 hours though. Cause it will start to itch. I guess 10 hours mark, it will start to itch. So it’s a good solution to remove oil from the hair, but not a good long term fix. 


Batiste Dry Shampoo

I always want a dry shampoo, so when they finally enter Singapore market, I get ultra excited. I only purchase the smallest one to try out. It cost $4 for 50ml. And it just finish really fast.
In UK, when it’s on sale the 400ml cost me $5. I wish I had purchase more, but I refrain myself. So I got the 400ml tropical which is coconut and exotic and 200ml medium & brunette. They do not have the dark hair one. The 50ml is just the original.

As I said, I tried out the travel size and I really like it. It helps to boost up my flat hair and makes it less oily. I want dry shampoo for the purpose of going to the beach in the morning. I have oily hair, and will wake up with that. If I take a shower, go the beach, then I will have to shower again when I come back. I want to prevent that. So Batiste has helps me so much.

It is also great to add volume especially for dinner. It helps control the shine longer so it has been a lifesaver for me, socially.

The tropical one is quite weird the scent, but I get used to it. I don’t like the big container as it doesn’t fit nicely on my hands. So using it is not that nice. I also have to spray sparingly as it leaves a white cast. I have to really work the product in. Then I realize it will only helps control oil on the little area I spray on. So I do have to spray a lot. See the dilemma?
I have to spend a great deal of time on my hair using this. And at the end of the night, I will feel quite heavy with product. So I will only use this for adding volume and the little oil control.

Medium one is slightly better. But if I did not work the product in, I will be left with gray cast. The container is better for my hand, but I wish it wasn’t so expensive buying them in Singapore.

In the end, the original is still the best. The scent is also nice. And smaller spray can is convenient for traveling. I really like it. There are more scent out there, and I want to try them all. I heard the cherry one is really nice. But why is the price so mark up in here. I want to go back to UK.