Original & Mineral Atonic Thickening Spritz

I bought the 50ml travel size bottle for $12; the full size is $36 for 250ml. But when it comes to hair product, I like them travel size. Cause I don’t really use them on normal day. I don’t see the need to purchase the full size one.

This is a volumising spray for blowing your hair. It can be used on towel dried hair or dry hair for heat protection before using curling wands. That is the reason why I bought this. I wanted a heat protectant product but I also wanted a volumising spray. I wanted one that can be used when my hair is still wet. So this has the perfect description.


Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

This is one weird product. I wanted to say it’s a conditioner but it’s just so watery that the liquid just flow through my hair. You are suppose to use this before you dry off your hair. But I find that I can’t really get the product to get onto my hair. I feel like a lot of it just end up falling to the floor.

It’s a nice scented product though. It’s just I’m not really sure the whole point of using this. All I think is that it just suppose to get rid of products that has buildup in your hair. So it’s fine, but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Lucido-l Hair Curl Lotion

This is a nice smelling heat protectant spray. You can spray this to your hair when it’s half wet. So it’s nice, you don’t have to blow dry your hair first. What I like is that this doesn’t crisp up my hair until after. Only after the curl is set, then my hair will be slightly crispy. It isn’t that bad, cause it still looks natural. Also it will keep the curls until you wash your hair. I never really kept second day curls, so I don’t know how long it will last. 

Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I always like the beachy look. I also happen not to know what to do with my hair most of the time. So I got this just to get that after beach waves. I can use a mixture of water and sea salt and spray it on my hair, but oh well. 

This is good and gives the messy waves pretty fast. You just have to spray it on to your dry hair. Crunch it a bit and you’re set. It gives a nice tousled look. It smells good. Unlike seawater. So I don’t regret buying this. As 75ml is quite small, but it last forever. Plus the spray is quite steady and not hard to use. The full size is probably not worth purchasing. As bigger bottle, albeit plastic, still will not hold as well on the hand. That’s what I think. 

Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist

This smells so good. It’s also really good to prevent some frizz to hair. It’s like those hair oil except in a spray. It’s meant to keep flyaway at bay. I guess it’s just those spray that try to help to keep your hair neat and tidy. Plus this is a leave in treatment, so it’s good for people who keep using hair dryer. This can be used on towel dry hair or dry hair. So it’s perfect as it is easy to use. And you can use it any time. 

What I like is that it really keep my hair very smooth and like those hair commercial kind of hair where there is no bit of hair out of place. Actually bought this for my sis who has super frizzy hair. For hair, it works for a few hours. At least sort of work. It helps a bit. Then, after several (5) hours, her hair is back to super frizz. So this just makes it a bit less frizzy, but still frizzy. Just that her hair becomes super smooth. So with constant use, it helps but doesn’t really work as magical as to remove the frizz, but helps to depuff it a bit. 

Bought this for $17.90 at Watsons. I say it’s worth if you want neat hair without the gel. Shiny hair without the oil. And good smelling hair without adding hair perfume. And it works for a slight frizzy hair too. 

Baby Veil Hair Fragrance

Work made me eat at hawker centre a lot. Which is fine but it can stink up your hair. So I bought this just to counter that food scent. This is in the Floral Savon scent, which is very floral. It smells nice, a bit fake like a salon scent. It just makes my hair smell so much better. No more that food court scent. So love this for that. 

This is 80g, made in Japan. The height is as tall as an iPhone 6+. So it’s actually quite big for the handbag which is what I wanted to have this for. I think a 50g pacakaging will be much better, more travel friendly. So because of that, I don’t really use this as much as I would like. Such a pity. But I think you can always store this at the office and use it in the ladies. Not recommend to spray in air con room. The scent just a bit too much for everybody.  

Bed Head small talk

Small talk is a 3-in-1 product that:
– adds body and volume
– give life to limp hair
– defines, separates and controls.
Thickifier, energizer, stylizer!
It also states that it will add shine and control frizz for a light to medium hold.
Basically, you just have style it on damp hair. It’s one of the thing I like bout this. You don’t have to wait for your hair to dry. It holds up my curl really well. And the best part it smells really good. Plus the bottle is really cute. Round and purple. Cute and bold.

The bad side, this cost $36. So it’s really expensive. Maybe it’s just Singapore. Everything is pricey here. But it’s worth it.