The Wet Brush Pro

I love the wet brush so much that I bought another one. It is a pink one this time. Little did I know that it is so soft and the bristle is just too flexible. It’s really good if your hair is very smooth. If your hair is not that smooth, then this will have to work a little harder. But it doesn’t hurt at all. And it just makes combing your hair a brisk. The problem is that it takes a little longer than the normal wet brush. It’s just so much more gentler which is good, but the extra seconds to comb through in the morning, I couldn’t spare. In the morning, I prefer the sturdy bristle the old one gave me. Does that make sense?

Therefore, while the pro is better on your hair, I prefer a little tugging action. 

So I went out to buy the normal one. A yellow one this time. It has a “squirts” on the packaging which I assume is just the different handle. My old mini one is metallic, the pastle purple is squirts, while the big one is matte. Upon inspection, the bristle is roughly the same as the pro one. The tip is soft and rather small. So it’s just an improvement on their part. But on the hair, it’s still slightly give the pull as the other wet brush. So only the pro is different. Again, it’s just more gentle. So it’s good for extreme tangling cases. 


Modelsprefer Mini Oval Paddle

This is a very nice mini brush. It’s not exactly mini, but it fits my hand well. It’s not too hard and it comb through hair quite finely provided you use conditioner. Without conditioner, it still quite hard to brush thru. Even though, the bristle is quite sparse, it doesn’t tug as much, it still need your hair to be quite conditioned. It’s also just nice for short to medium length hair. If you have longer hair, I think it will be better to have a bigger brush. But as my hair is thin, this suits me fine too when my hair is longer.

Tangle Teezer The Original

I just have to try this and compare it to my Wet Brush. I bought this at asos at £10.50. What I find is that this is as hard and stiff as similar detangling brush. I thought the original will be different. But it’s quit the same. It’s just slightly better.

But I’ve tried it on my sis. Her hair is thick and very frizzy. It surprisingly not tangly. So it’s really easy and smooth using this brush. It doesn’t help to tame her hair. But as a comb, it works well. So it’s good for people with thicker hair. 


I saw this at Priceline and I just decide to buy it. Cause why not. It’s small enough. Seems much better than most of the comb I have lying around. It’s a plastic scalp and body massager. It’s quite soft and you can bend bristle easily but it won’t go out of shape. Well at least as you don’t press too hard. The shape is really good for combing hair. I got this at AU$2.95. It’s quite expensive for a plastic, but it does it purpose rather well. 

Modelsprefer Styling Radial

Bought this at Priceline. Wanted to get Jane brand, but this was on sale. It’s also Priceline house brand. It’s not a bad brush. It has a longer plastic strands and the compact fibre strands in a row. It’s a round comb that it perfect blowing hair or detangling. I mean it is quite hard to detangle, but it work. Even though I have to sort of rough to my hair when combing through. Surprisingly, it doesn’t remove a lot of my hair when I comb it through. Usually when combing, one or two strands will fall. 

This is for medium to long hair, is perfect for me now, before I cut my hair. But when I cut my hair, it will be a medium length anyway. So it’s suppose to be a volume and shape, grooming brush. I find that it does a really good job at smoothing out flyaway. I comb my hair nightly with this brush, and it just leaves my hair very soft and smooth. 

Also good for blowing. The fibre grab on to the hairs well, thus making little curls possible. What can I say? Comb your hard a hundred times daily and you’ll be left with beautiful hair. 

Detangling Brush

It can be used on wet or dry hair. It claims to tackle hair tangles and leaves hair shaft define and frizz free. 

Its a plastic hair brush which is hard and rigid for combing. At least on the scalp. For the rest of the hair length, it’s ok as it doesn’t touch the skin. So it’s not hard and painful. It does glide easily. So it does do its job of tangling hair. Then again, my hais in the first place is not that tangled. But I guess cause of the wide comb bristle, if just makes it easy to comb through the hair. 

My hais is also very thin and fragile. So I feel that it pulls at my hair a tad too much. A lot of hair will be pull out, but it doesn’t really tug at it. Plus I am used to small hair brush, so this is quite too big for me. I think this will be better for those who have beautiful thick hair. It will definitely help them.  

The Wet Brush

I have 3 the wet brush. Well I have 1, I bought the other two for my mom and sis. My sis got the big one. The original which I kind of regret not getting. It’s nicer than the smaller ones as it is bigger. So it is easier to brush your hair with. The bristles will go through your hair so much better. Especially if you have thick hair. The smaller one, the bristle doesn’t hit your roots. I like the feeling of the brush touching my scalp. That’s why I prefer the bigger one. 

The smaller one is good though don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it is a better brush for your purse. 


Anyway, they do come out with different colors. So it’s easy to own one with your favorite color. Even the purples. I have one metallic, one more rubbery feel. 

I started this post with a lot in my head. I want to rave about these but now I just got nothing to say. It is good. Unlike any normal comb or brush. The bristle is good. It helps get rid of tangles. Even though my sis will say yes cause it just chunk your hairs off that’s why it free the tangles. Not sure about that, but that’s an opinion. Nonetheless, it just help me so much. I love combing my hair now. It helps to smooth out unruly hair and whatnot. 

The big one is 15.90, the smaller one is 10.90. And I bought them at 20% John Little sale. So that’s how you buy these. Wait for sale. Watsons sells them too. It’s more expensive in the UK though.