Innisfree Green Tea Line Set

This is such a cute set. Only thing is that the bag is not waterproof. This doesn’t smell like green tea at all. It’s just a nice traveling set that anyone can use.

The shampoo is not so minty, but it works well on most hair type. The conditioner is quite good. A little goes a long way. Body cleanser is average. Cleansing foam, can be better in my opinion. But no complain also. The hand cream is nice. It absorb fast into the skin. Not sticky at all. I like it.

Overall, it’s a nice handy set to have.


La Villa Vita Rehair Shampoo & Deep Mask

This is probably for anyone with dark hair. The shampoo is deep brown, so probably is for getting back that shade of colour. The shampoo is quite alright. Easy to use, gentle on the scalp. The conditioner is not bad too. Doesn’t slide off the hair easily. Overall it’s a good enough duo in my opinion. As I can use this for 2 days with no problem. 

Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo

I do not like the packaging at all. The opening is too big that the product will come out freely.  The shampoo itself is alright. It doesn’t leave my hair oily and I can use this for several days without a problem. So that’s a good shampoo in my book. Only thing I guess my hair will be prone to dropping. So I will still need anti hair-fall shampoo. And of course conditioner. Without conditioner, my hair is quite rough. But it’s still a good shampoo. One that I will consider buying a full size of. Cause I think a purifying shampoo is good for getting rid of all the hair product leaving your hair clean and renewed. 

Je l’aime Amino Shampoo & Conditioner

This smells quite nice. But it is just not the kind of shampoo for me. Maybe for the first wash is alright, but the second wash gives me dandruff. The conditioner also doesn’t really stay on my hair. So it’s not a good treatment I feel. I’m sure this will be more for others who don’t have oily hair. Probably one with dry hair who needs the repair. 

Eco-Boutique Shower Set

Subtle scent, these are good for traveling. I got these from a hospitality event, but I’m not sure which hotel actually use them. They are very generic. It’s quite alright, but nothing wow about them. The shampoo as always, I can only use them twice in a row. It doesn’t leave me as oily as any other shampoo. But it’s not exactly the best shampoo for me. The shower gel is nice. It lathers well. Conditioner is everage. It does make a good cream for shaving though. So nothing impressive about this, but it’s useable. 

Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I am not sure about this shampoo. I think it does a good job at cleansing. The conditioner is nice too. The smell is alright. You use them the first few time is ok. But then it seems to lose its effectiveness. So yah, I have to use the full size to really determine this. 

Rene Furterer Okara Shampoo

This has quite a synthetic scent. It’s nice, but after a second it turn quite chemical. I like it enough for colored hair. It feels like it protects the hair color. Plus, this doesn’t make my hair oily. It doesn’t exactly dry them. But I do have to use conditioner after. So I like it enough. 

When I used to dye my hair, it was a pain to keep my hair tame and proper. It either gets really oily or that the ends off my hair get really dry. This time round, I don’t hate my due hair much. I guess cause this shampoo help with that. I would repurchase the full size when I dye my hair again. 

Naturals Shampoo Hair & Body

I love the squeezy tube of this. This is just some of the products that certain hotel are using. Not sure which hotel, but I did get this from a hotel association event. I can see why it’s a good product. It’s a 2 in 1 shampoo and soap. This reminds me of peaches even though it doesn’t smell like it. It’s suppose to be oranges, but it doesn’t smell like oranges either.  I guess the packaging has an orange fruit on it, that’s why I think of peaches. Not sure why also. 

I find that I can use this for 3 days as shampoo no problem. On the last 3rd night, I found that my hair get slightly oily. So I guess I can get away with 2 full days with this. 

For soap, it’s nice cause it smells nice. I feel that it’s better as shampoo than soap. But it’s alright. It doesn’t foam up as well, but it lather on alright. As I said the scent is wonderful, but it won’t linger. So that’s the downside to me. 

Not sure if you can actually buy this somewhere. But I’ll definitely edit here if I saw it somewhere. 

Shampoo, tried & tested 5

Clear Women Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for dry scalp and itchy control. I don’t like this. I guess cause this is for dry scalp. While my scalp is on the oily side. So this does not suit me at all.

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo doesn’t seem to do anything for my hair at all. It is alright if you use it once a week, but daily, this will leave my hair rather oily quite fast. It is the appearance of oily hair more so than the actual hair turning oily. Plus my it doesn’t help with hair fall.

Pantene Silky Smooth Care helps prevent damage for smooth hair. This is another of those shampoo that I can get away with for a day. The scent of Pantene’s shampoos is lovely. It is just nostalgic to use. But my hair is quite spoil, it can only use certain shampoos that cost more than the average.

Sunsilk Light Frequent Wash smells really nice. I actually quite like this as this foam up really easily. But again, I can only use this twice in a row. Maybe the third day still alright, but this shampoo is not for me.

I think I can safely say I can stay away from normal shampoos. I wanted to say drugstore shampoos, but the shampoos I am using are from drugstore too. So I guess it is more of the mass market shampoos that I can stay away from. No matter how much I tried, they don’t seem to work very much.

J.R.Liggett’s Travel Size Bar Shampoo

I like this. It’s a set of 4 mini bar shampoo with a case. But the case is quite useless as it just get soak and make everything wet and sticky. I wished they had given a tin like Lush or something. They also gave a rectangle plastic to rest the shampoo on. I find that once it stick on it, it’s hard to take it out. So I just stack it on. 

So there’s 4 bars but 2 of them are the original which is my fav. I like this cause it doesn’t make my hair oily. So it’s really good for travelling as I won’t have to worry about oily hair or having dandruff. 

Tea tree & hemp oil is for flaky scalp. Which is also nice. 

Jojoba & peppermint smells nice and it’s for curly hair. 

But I don’t think there’s much different between these 3. I find them all quite good. I enjoy using them and it takes a while to use them up. Solid shampoo is also good for travel especially without luggage check-in; less liquid the better.