NXY Intense Butter Gloss – Peanut Brittle

The more pigmented version of the butter gloss. Personally I prefer the butter gloss as it’s more like a gloss. I’m not sure if it’s the shade that I had chosen or it’s just the formula. Intense is slightly more pigmented, so it’s more like a liquid lipstick. It’s not overly sticky but you know this will last longer than just a mere hour. 

Peanut brittle is a neutral caramel shade. It’s a nice daily shade. Only, this is not so even when applied. So you have to use a mirror to apply this. It’s the only way to even it out so you won’t have patchy looking lip. 

Overall it’s a nice gloss/lip product. And for $13, it’s quite reasonable if you buy during sale. 


Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter – Hug Me

This is the best colour for work. It’s colored but neutral enough. It’s glossy but tame enough. It is a pen with a flat angle lip product. So application is a breeze. It’s very smooth yet it has micro glitter. So the colour is not flat. But not too shiny and striking either. I love it. 

On the tube it appear to be dark maroon like pink, but it’s quite sheer. So on the lips it is just a kiss of colour. Pigmented enough but not too over the top. So it’s really good for everyday wear. I really really like this and recommend it to everyone if you find it. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

I just had to get this. Cause the color is Just so good in the tube. It’s the perfect shade for fall. But after I use it, it’s quite a sheer jelly like color that it’s not deep enough for fall. It will be better for spring. But I mean no one cares. 

Like all Revlon lip butter,  it is very smooth and pigmented. Ya I said sheer, but the color will show. So I mean nothing much to say but I like it. I still like the buttery texture. So yah. 

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter – Loved Up

It claimed to be a lipstick, lipgloss and lipbalm. A 3in1 product. That’s a really good claim. I feel that it is hydrating, more of a gloss. It’s a sheer lipstick, in term of pigmentation. But really it is more of a shimmery balm. The color is a peachy nude, which is nice but a bit sheer on my lips. So it doesn’t really show much. Just very glittery. Overall, it is quite good. This was €8.49. A bit pricy I guess.

By using layering a lot, it appears very frosty. The color reminds me so much of Revlon lip butter Peach Parfait. Texture also quite similar now when I think of it.

Nivea Lip Butter – Vanilla and Macadamia

Smells so good. This is a clear lip balm, so I find that it is better than the rest as it doesn’t gives off the colors that doesn’t seems to suit me but does with everyone else. The raspberry gives off the white cast on my lips. So I enjoy this so much more.

Color Riche Balm

Pop shades limited edition – Lilac Sweetness. A beautiful neutral with a hint of mauve. It’s a very comfortable color that suits every occasion.
The balm is more pigmented in texture than ordinary lip balm. That’s why I categories this as butter instead of balm. Remind me of the Revlon lip butter.
This doesn’t last long on the lips but it’s nice as it covers chapped lips pretty well. So it’s nice on the lips. I really like the formula of this color riche.

NYX Lip Butter in Taffy

Lovely lip stick. As it’s suppose to be a lip butter, so I guess it is suppose to be as smooth. Love the texture. Love the way it glides on the lips. It stays on and not difficult to apply. Which means no need a mirror. But of course a mirror is recommended.
I also feel that without eating or drinking (unless using a straw), the color will probably stays on for quite a while. I was reading a book on my bed with this on. I was too engross in it that I didn’t realize it was already 2 hours plus later. And surprise surprise the colors still on. Still pigmented as when I first apply it.
Now the only thing I don’t like is the color. It doesn’t suit me at all. I really want a pink, a beautiful pink. A bright pink. But nothing suits me. So this one is the same. Really beautiful but doesn’t suit my skin at all.

Color Whisper

I wanted one of these so badly. Some says they are better than Revlon lip butter. Personally I prefer Revlon’s. I don’t know how to categories these, so I will just put them as lip butter. It is just more of a colored lip balm. It feels like that. They feel light, really like a whisper on your lips. Pigmented yes, but not all of them. I get the colors people said are the most pigmented. I also think that they swatched beautifully but lacking in reality. On the lips, they are quite sheer and doesn’t feel as nice. Cause they are just so thin, it’s like a layer of something, not that comfortable. I mean it’s thin but you can feel it. It’s hard to explain.
Anyway the colors I have here are beautiful nonetheless. This is a purple shade A Plum Prospect. It’s very sheer pinkish purple. I guess cause my lips are pigmented, that’s why the color will show more as it is just deeper.

Red Around Town is a sheer red, that is more warm and towards the orange side of the spectrum. I am crazy about red, that’s why I kept buying red lips. But I don’t wear them for work. So it is nice to have a red that is not so bright. This is just light enough for daily. The appearance is more of a jelly.
Who Wear It Red-er is a magenta red. It doesn’t look so red in picture, but in real life yes it can fall under the reds. This is really in your face bright. Even though it is not a lipstick consistency, but like a lip balm, it just has a good color payoff. Not bad, but I do not like it as much as I can’t use this for work but it is too weak as a going out lip product. I will only use this if I need color just to go down or when I just don’t bother much.

See, Who Wear It Red-er is more pink than Red Around Town. It is also more pigmented on the lips. So it’s just brighter.

Now, let’s talk about color whisper in general. I heard that people say the colors are sheer, that’s why I choose the three that is supposed to be more pigmented. I guess I am not disappointed in that. But I can see how other shades can be sheer, I mean I can just imagine it. The consistency of these, I’ll call them lip butter, as I don’t know what category to put them in. They are just more like a lip balm. Personally I prefer Revlon lip butter, as they are just nicer on the lips.
Color whisper is just a bit overprice when the feel of it is more like a balm. It just that the result on the lips is more jelly-like. So it look nicer than lip balms. But I do have a lipstick from 17 which is so much nicer in texture. (note to self to post on 17 lipstick :p)
So overall, I do not think it is worth to pay so much for this. If the price is like $5-$7 then sure cause lip balms are priced that much. One thing I do think this is good for is on days you need color on your lips but your lips are chapped. These cover those dry lips. So that is the advantage.

Pomegranate Lip Butter

Lots of good review on this, just had to try it. It is alright. A bit thin for my liking. I also do not like the pot container. It’s so messy. I guess cause its colored, so the lip balm kind of just dirtied your finger and nails. It will be better if it is just a no color one, but since I got one in pomegranate so that’s a hint of red. The texture is a bit unique. It’s like a jelly, a hard one. But usually those jelly kind of bounce back. This one feels like it does, but it actually pushes down.
I need to dip my fingers into the pot a few times to really cover my lips. It feels nice on the lips once it covered enough, but it doesn’t leave your lips moisturize in the long run. So it’s quite disappointing and so many people actually rave about it. Hmph! The color also doesn’t last very long on the lips and the color is only nice thing about this. The scent too, I guess. Smell likes the candy Sugus.
See, with two coats then it looks like its moisturizing enough, but it’s still quite sheer and my chapped lips are quite obvious. Plus the color doesn’t smooth out as well.
Will repurchase? Nope
In other color? Maybe in Guava.

Korres Lip Butter Stick

The only nice thing about this is that it has SPF15. I love my lip balm and as this is a lip butter, it is suppose to be more moisturizing. The color is also tools here for me. It just doesn’t flatter my lips. It has a light tint of orange but it doesn’t perk me up. It is good as a neutral shade I guess, but I usually wear tinted lip balm cause I want some color on my face.
The thing is, the more I use this the better it gets. I guess cause I am getting used to it. Still not a fan of the color, but the formula I can get used too. It is quite smooth, easy too apply. Bigger than the normal Chapstick, so it is nicer going over the lips. But it can get messy especially if your lips are smaller. Overall, it is ok. I don’t love it, but since I have it, I’ll keep using it.

Will repurchase? No.
In other color? No.