Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – 05

I still love the texture of these gloss. It’s so comfortable on the lips. Not sticky and quite pigmented considering they are gloss. But this one the colour is quite light on my pigmented lips. So it doesn’t show as much as when I swatch on the back of my hand. But it’s still really nice and the smell is very lovely. It has a nice vanilla scent, very yummy.


MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss – Sealed with a Kiss

MUA intense kisses is still one of my fav lipgloss formula. It is only £2. This time round I got the shade Sealed with a kiss which is a very soft neutral pink. I guess it’s a nude with a hint of pink. It’s rather pigmented and glossy. But it’s moisturising on the lips. It is comfortable on the lips. So it’s really nice. I just love it. 

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Smile, Dream, Sparkle

Not a big fan of this. It’s just a clear sparkly gloss. It’s alright, but it’s just rather plain. So it’s quite boring. I know this is an old packaging. She now has come out with a whole bunch of new makeup and come out with new pacakaging. It doesn’t look as inexpensive anymore. 

Still the product is good. But it’s just nothing wow. Plus glosses are sticky. It’s just not something I would use again.  

Glazed Lip Paint

This is in the shade GLG788 Elude. It’s a milky pink. It’s a nice sweet colour. It will be perfect for anyone wanting that baby face girly look. 

People compare this to the Too Faced Melted which I can understand why. The formula, the creaminess, the texture and finish is similar. It’s just the packaging that is different. Too Faced has a sponge so it control the amount of product that ooze out. This one is like a balm, so it can gets really messy. Plus it’s not that nice when directly apply on the lips. I got this for about $7.60 on sale. Therefore the price is good. No complain really, especially if using a lip brush to apply this. 

230 Punch of Pink Lipgloss from Maybelline

No idea what lipgloss is this call. It just states the colour. It’s a very plain pacakaging with silver tip. It has a very weird scent. The wand is nice. Flat but has a short tip so it can get into the corner of the lips. It just helps to make it cleaner. The colour is just a milky pink. On good days, it is perfect on the lips. On bad days, the milky part is quite obvious. So you really have to blend it out and hope for the best. But after, it will settle and will gives your lips a glossy natural pink. I guess it just lighten my pigmented lips. So it looks more soft on me. 


Gloss In Love 


Shade 385. Such a lovely hot pink with micro shimmer in purple and other colours. I like the wand, it just hug the lips really snug. It’s quite a thick gloss. Felt sticky, but it wasn’t, not really. I mean it’s sticky and you can tell that you are wearing gloss. But it’s not an annoying feeling having it on. It is just a typical gloss that is pigmented and probably last about an hour or two. But it’s really pretty on the lips. Makes lips look super juicy. 

Light Me Up High Shine Lipgloss 


I have no idea what shade this is in. It has a C3 on the bottom of the pacakaging. I guess it’s the Coral shade. It has a minty scent, slightly tingly and supposed to be non sticky. But it’s still sticky. Also not so pigmented on the lips. Can see the color, but just not so obvious. It is a a coral with gold glitter shimmer. 

The packaging has a light and a mirror. So once you twist it open, the light will turn on. So you can put this on at night. All in all, it’s not really my kind of gloss. 

Lock N Hold Lipgloss

This is in shade Body Pop 1, a light pink. It’s a sort of light neon pink, but on me, it’s a pale pink. A bit on the milky side, but very pale on me. I guess cause I have pigmented lips, so it doesn’t appear well. It claimed to last for 6 hours. But it doesn’t. It’s a bit sticky, but comfortable. Wouldn’t repurchase in any other shade, but it’s ok. The wand is also alright. 


LipSurgence in Blissful

Got this in the Sephora lip set. I guess they give this out, cause the color is something most people don’t really use. It is a pretty orange, a bit on the milky side, like an orange pastel Popsicle. The gloss itself is not as pigmented, so the color is sheer out, thus making it easier to wear. It is a bit on the sticky side so it will last longer on the lips. The wand is also quite unique. The tip is a bit pointed. So like has a flat scoop. Overall is good lipgloss. Just the color takes a bit getting used to.