MAC Liquid Lipcolour – High Heels

A retro matte finish Liquid lipstick. It’s actually really nice on the lips. It doesn’t feel so drying. I like it. High Heels is a beautiful red. It dries down matte rather quickly. It is quite hard to remove actually, so a good makeup remover is needed. With that, I can comfortably use this for a night out. I don’t have to worry about this fading away anytime soon. Plus the wand is nice as the pointy part is small enough for the edge of the lips. But definitely a lip product that you need to apply with a mirror in front of you. 


Tarteist Mini Duo

I really really like the lip liner. It’s a good automatic pencil. This is just a mini, so it’s quite a little bit of product, only 0.04g. This is in the shade latergram, a beautiful nude pink. It just looks good on the lips. I made the mistake of twisting it all the way up, so the whole pencil just broke. 

The lip paint is 1ml. I love it, it’s so small. Perfect for the handbag. I’m not sure what shade this is in. It’s minty, so it’s actually quite nice. Different from other lip lacquer. This is more mauve, very pretty on the lips. 

I love the combo of these 2. I love them on their own. I will want to try the full size of the lip crayon and lip paint. It’s just good. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – Frambourjoise


Hot pink! It’s been awhile. I like this. The first one I tried was quite a disaster as the it just come out goopy. This one is smooth and pigmented. I don’t really dare to use hot pink but it’s a nice change from red. The colour is more on the red also. Maybe not so much as a change but a variation. I don’t really use bright colours as I prefer nudes and mauves. But it’s just fun to play around with shades. 

Anyway this is suppose to be a matte finish, but it doesn’t finish as matte on the lips. I guess it will eventually settle as matte, cause it does when it is swatch, but I just don’t really see it. 

Anyway, it’s comfortable on the lips and the application is fine. I need to use a mirror to apply this, but no problem there. It’s just a nice lip product. Doesn’t last forever, but it leaves a nice stain to make it an event worthy product. Then again it doesn’t claim that it does. So no problem there. 

Dose of Colors Liquid Matte – Bare With Me

I heard somewhere that Dose of Colors has the best liquid lipstick as it’s one of the most nondrying product out there. Well, I don’t think it’s true. I only try one, but it’s not exactly the most comfortable one I’ve tried. I can just slightly feel the product on my lips. So it’s not that nice. While it’s very pigmented, the colours does show the lines of the lips. 

The shade I have is Bare With Me which is a nice nude shade slightly on the pink side. It suits me just fine. The packaging is also quite cute. A bit chubby. The wand is nice. You can get away with just one coat, so no need to double dip. I like it enough, but just not something I will choose first in my collection. 

I also bought it on sale at $20.10. So it’s mid range. But yah, I wouldn’t buy it again. 

Huda Beauty The Nude Collection Liquid Matte

Decided to get this when heard people say that Huda Beauty has one of the best liquid lipstick out there. It dries down matte pretty fast. Really pigmented and the wand is nice. I decided to get the nude collection, cause I’m just safe that way. So the mini is really nice, cost me about £27.50 minus tax. It just nice applying this. It feels good. One coat is all you need. However, this feels kind of tacky on the lips. It’s slightly sticky, so that doesn’t feel drying. Rubbing your lips together is not a nice feeling. But I still enjoy applying this on. So, 4 different nude shade for every skin tone/ occasion. 

Venus is a nude nude. It’s slightly warm, but looks good on. It’s a kind of colour, you will pick out in a crayon if you want a colour in a tan shade. I like it enough, cause usually this kind of shade can wash me out, surprisingly this doesn’t. 

Trendsetter is slightly in the brick nude. It is more earthy, more red undertone. you cant really see the red, but it’s there underneath. On the lips, it is just brown. The oil in the tube easily separated for this one, but nothing that could be fix. It looks natural on me. 

Flirt is a deep brown nude. It is so dark when swatched. Like a tree trunk kind of brown. In my lips, has a slight greyish vibe. But still looks quite alright. With this, makeup is needed, if not I’ll look quite dead. 

Bombshell is a nude with a pink undertone. It is the kind of shade that I usually pick up. This is just more nude on the lips. It’s nice. I like it. Usually those I tried is either too nude or too pink. This just strike a nice balance in between. 

Overall, I like all of these shades. In their own way, they are different than the ones I already have. I can look at my collection closer, but it is just different on the lips. The best part about this is probably the packaging. It’s a frosty glass like tube that makes it super fancy. Applying this is wonderful. While Colour Pop is way cheaper, it just doesn’t feel luxurious as Huda. I really think it’s the packaging. Or maybe the fact that Huda’s are more oily so it feels nicer. 

I wouldn’t buy them again or the other shades unless there is really a shade that is very unique. For the price, there are others out there that is much better. And I think a matte lipstick is probably more fun to own. But if I didn’t have this set, I would always wonder about it. So no regret. Well, of course not, after all, I do enjoy using them. 

Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick – Riley

Lime Crime, is it still a controversy brand? I don’t actually know what really happened. Just that it was said that they have one of the best crazy pigmented lip item. This is free from a goodie bag, so a good time to try. It’s a small travel size matte liquid lipstick in Riley. Riley is a muted reddish brown. It’s pigmented I give it that, but you can see the wrinkles of the lips. It dries down to a matte finish rather quickly. 

It’s ok, but there’re other liquid lipsticks that are more comfortable on the lips. Plus this, the oil sort of seperate from the pigment. As in the oil leak out from the packaging. Not sure if it’s just a bad batch or an old one. Oh well. 

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip – Calypso

This is better than the matte version. It’s still rather matte but it’s less drying. I like it. Calypso is also a wearable shade. It’s brownish nude but it’s quite suitable for daily. It’s not too brown. It’s warm, but doesn’t feel very yellow. It’s not exactly an easy product to put on. You need a mirror for this, but still it’s not as bad. You may have slightly out of line but nothing can’t be fix. So still good. 

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme – Adorable

I got this for about $10.20 on sale. It’s a really nice neutral colour. I like how it gets to be a really comfortable matte. I like the shade. It’s a really pretty nude. But it’s not concealer nude. It actually suit my skin tone quite well. As in it doesn’t look dead on me. 

What I like the best is the comfortable factor. On the lips it doesn’t feel dry. So it’s just nice. It doesn’t really transfer. So it’s good. It last quite well too. That’s all I have I to say. I like it. I want more neutral shades of this. 

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush – 6

First impression I’m not a fan. For some reason it’s just too messy for me. Like the colour is just too bright. On the cheeks is even worse cause it’s just really red. It’s too pigmented, that I’m just scared it will make my cheeks look too fake. 

The second time I tried it, I still don’t like how it apply on the cheek. I guess I prefer the traditional powder style. Even cream blush is easier to apply. On the lips though, the colour is suddenly just gorgeous. I love it. It brighten up my complexion. I also suddenly like applicator. It’s a nice slightly pointed one. There is a ball like shape in the centre that grab the product out of the bottle. So that’s where the pigment will settle. I don’t have to double dip the wand. 

The sponge is nice on the lips. Application is even and smooth. So really not bad. I like it. I can even get a light stain sort of look, if I don’t put on so much. No 6 is overall a nice red which can be worn for lunch or dinner outings. 

Rouge Infusion Red 10 Essence

This is a mini version of the rouge infusion. I got one in the red shade 10. It’s a deep blood red. A rusty red. Quite pretty for fall when swatched. It can be apply sheer or super pigmented. However I find that it’s a bit patchy upon application. When you take it out of the tube, a lot of the product is on the brush. When you apply it, it doesn’t get a nice smooth finish. The only thing I like is that in the end, I get a stain on my lips. And the tube is small so it’s cute. But this is not a good shade.