Tarteist Lip Crayon – Hobo

I like tarte lip pencil. They are solid, creamy and long lasting. It’s hard to remove once it’s on your lips. This is the shade hobo which is a coral shade. It’s not suitable for me. But it’s alright.


Tarteist Mini Duo

I really really like the lip liner. It’s a good automatic pencil. This is just a mini, so it’s quite a little bit of product, only 0.04g. This is in the shade latergram, a beautiful nude pink. It just looks good on the lips. I made the mistake of twisting it all the way up, so the whole pencil just broke. 

The lip paint is 1ml. I love it, it’s so small. Perfect for the handbag. I’m not sure what shade this is in. It’s minty, so it’s actually quite nice. Different from other lip lacquer. This is more mauve, very pretty on the lips. 

I love the combo of these 2. I love them on their own. I will want to try the full size of the lip crayon and lip paint. It’s just good. 

Kylie Lip Kit – Maliboo

Thank you sis for the birthday present. She doesn’t know what shade to get me, so just randomly choose one shade. Base on the photos I took, it doesn’t look as nice. But it can also tell you that if you have dry lips, this is a no for you. 

Anyway, when swatched, this looks really nice. A light brown with a mauve undertone. It’s also quite shiny, as you can see, the pic shows when it is turning from shiny to a matte finish. I quite like the lipliner, it’s smooth, but I find that it doesn’t set as well on the lips as it does swatched. By the colour is nice. It suits me well. A good neutral shade for my lips. You have to sharpen the pencil which is the “plastic” kind. It’s not too bad. 

The liquid lipstick is a bit too light on my lips. With or without the liner underneath, it’s just not a really good shade for me. It applies nicely – smooth, easy. The wand which is a foot doe applicator has a tiny indent so it nicely hug the shape of the lips. It will dry matte, that’s where it get a bit uncomfortable. You can feel the product on your lips. So I don’t see how people say that this is a really good liquid lipstick. I mean it’s alright, but it’s not exactly the best out there. 

Essence Lipliner – 08 Red Blush

This is such a beautiful red liner. It deep enough but not too dark that it will look beautiful on a red, berry, plum and mauve lipstick. It will create that beautiful dark edge to make it a bit ombre. I really love it.

Essence Lipliner – 11 In The Nude

Nude lipliner is actually something I don’t really need. It’s nice to have as it suits every lipstick you own. It’s just nice to line your lips. But I find that sometime the lipstick colour will alter. So this is nice to tone down a deep shade, but it can look like a ruin colour. So I guess it really depend. 

But I do like Essence lipliner. I find that they are inexpensive and really smooth to apply. The shades are all also very nice. They are not overly drying but they do set. Not straight away, but they will eventually set. 

Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner -Eastend Snob

This pencil kept breaking on me. It’s too soft I guess. But it’s really nice on the lips. Glides beautifully (before it breaks that is) and super pigmented. Eastern Snob is really a colour that will suit everyone. No wonder there’s just so much rave about this. It’s more of a mauve. But I guess you can say it is pink and neutral too. 

It feels more pink to me. And just using the liner, it makes the crevices on the lips super obvious. So it really can be use as a liner but not a lip colour. For me, this suits a lot of mauve or pink lipsticks. 

So the only thing I don’t like is the fact that it kept breaking. Other than that I like it enough. I just don’t use it cause of the breakage and I think I repeate myself way too much. 

b.pretty Lipliner


Grab all 6 shades. It has no name but numbers. It’s not exactly an easy liner to apply. Some shade like 3 is easier to glide on the lips for some reason. The rest is a bit hard. It takes time to warm up. So if your lips is really smooth, this will be ok. With dry lips, totally no. 


1 is a pink shade. It is pretty and wearable. More of a neutral pink. 

2 is a dark brownish shade. It’s more of a purple base on the lips, but it’s just too dark on the lips. It just make me look dead. 

3 is a rosey pink. It’s more red actually. It swatched red, but can be worn lightly and turn pink just like on my lips above. 

4 is suppose to be a nude brown. But it’s pretty on the lips. It’s wearable but it’s a bit hard to apply. 

5 is reddish brown. It look much darker on the lips. It also appear more metallic. Sort of. So it’s kind of weird. And it’s very dry. 

6 is a coral. It’s actually suppose to be more reddish nude. But on the lips it turn coral. I guess it’s just my lips. The color is just off. So a lot of shade will look different on the lips. 

Essence Lipliner – 07 Cute Pink

Love the color. It’s the perfect pink for me. It appears more on the nude pink side, I guess that is why it looks nice in the lips. As always, the lip liner is awesome just like every Essence liner I’ve tried. So it’s only a matter of color. Like this, love this and I will repurchase over and over. Cause not only I use this as an outline, I use this on its own. It just is not drying, but it stay put. It is comfortable on the lips. Just a great product to have!

Lancome Lip Contour


Lip liner, either you use them or you don’t. I love having them around, but I don’t really use them. This is in the shade Flame which is a close description of the color. An orangy red that represent buring flame. It’s the perfect shade for summer. It has tiny specks of glitter which can’t be seen unless you really zoom in on the lips. The pencil is automatic so just twist and turn. 

The texture of this lipliner is really nice. It’s like a skinny moisturizing lipstick. It glides on so well. It will appear quite drying when worn as a lipstick, the whole lips. So pretty as it may, not recommend to use it on its own. A balm over it will be good. Especially an orangy color balm. The color do transfer too, another reason why it won’t be as good on its own. But ya as a liner, it is perfect for outlining the lips and to enchance the lipstick. It will be nice with an orange, coral and red lipsticks. 

My Daily Home Makeup Bag

Happy new year! Since I started work, I found that I don’t really have time to post as regularly. But I have lots of drafts that need to add in words to make it a proper post. So many of my post will be random and out of place, well worse than before, I can foresee that. So I apologize in advance that this blog is going to be more as what Singaporeans will call it “chapalang”.

So I wanted to share with you my makeup bag since forever. I love trying out new product, but there will some things that I just lazy to change out. In this case, it will be everything inside my makeup bag. This is not the pouch that I bring out with me, this is the one that I keep all my daily makeup in. I don’t use it daily, but I consider it my everyday makeup. So let’s take a look shall we?
I put everything in one small bag cause that is easier to haul over to my bed. I always do my makeup on my bed. I don’t have a proper dresser. Well, I used not to have, but now I do. (Just goes to show how long I have keep this post on draft.)
It is not much. But I do have every category I need. All my Laura Mercier product is in it. The foundation powder, concealer, mini powder, Jill Lowe concealer and Eucerin concealer are my face products. For cheeks I like to use my ELF blush and bronzer duo, so convenient. Until now, I am still using NYX eyebrow powder for my brows, see it lasted so long, and I did hit pan, but I should probably get a new one, right? I also will have a pencil for my brows as sometimes it is easier to use one. It usually be some Daiso product or my favourite ZA pencil.
For eyes, I have a mini eye shadow single as I don’t really use eye shadows daily. Oh, but I put my eye primer in the bag too. If I need to use to eye shadows, I just take out one of my palette or quad. Then mascara, this one it pretty much a staple. I will have at least 2 so I can switch it out. I like to have one natural one and one more dramatic. Then I will a travel size blush brush and an eye lash curler. Mine is getting quite old, but it’s so good. You cannot go wrong with Shu Uemura or Shiseido.

Lip product is the one thing that I will change out often. I usually will use whatever lip color I feel like on that day. So I don’t put them in here. But I will have lip products here cause you just have to remind yourself to use them.
So I just put one lip liner just for the fun of it. This is the Chantecaille lip definer in Discreet. A beautiful pinkish nude with a hint of glitter. It’s smooth and apply beautifully. A good lip product to be apply on its own. I love it.
I also have Cle de Peau lip gloss in shade 10. It’s a natural shade. Quite sheer actually. Brownish with golden glitter. I like the applicator. It just makes it nicer and easier to apply. Not a fan of the smell, the lipgloss is kind of sticky. See, a strand of hair is stuck to my lip. So I wouldn’t recommend it.
By Terry Or De Rose Baume Precieux is one of the most expensive gloss I own. Nit sure what it means, but it’s a limited edition gloss. Not only that, it claim to have real actual gold flecks in it. I mean it’s a gorgeous bottle. The light reflecting the gloss is just so pretty, like crystals and diamond in the sky, if the sky is light pink. It’s a clear glittery gloss, but the clear also has of a hint of baby pink. The glitters are gold and pink. It’s just pretty. Believe me when I say so.
Then of course it smells like roses. Putting on this gloss is just so luxurious. Applicator is a normal doe foot. The gloss is not sticky. It’s smooth and despite being sheer, do brings out the best of your lips. It can appear patchy when you have dry lips, but just rub them together and it doesn’t look bad. So not bad.
The only thing is that it hurts. I guess it’s the plumping effect. So this not only a gloss, it’s a lip plumper. A painful one. I love the tingling effect, but this one is just too much. So no, it’s not worth your money. Even though it said it has gold, but really I don’t feel it.