First Impression: Choosy Pink Pearl

I like this a lot. It just stick on the lips with no hesitation. I will leave it on and do about my things. Only I can’t talk while having this on. But after about 15 minutes, the mask started to get dryer. And that’s when you know you can take it off. My lips are slightly moisturised. It’s no longer dry but not exactly perfect. So I guess with constant uses, this will help with my chapped lips.


First Impression: Sephora Rose Lip Mask

I am like Sephora lip mask. I thought I would have prefer the others as this is quite messy to apply. But after the initial hassle, I enjoy using it. It dries up beautifully. And the slit in the center just makes it so much more comfortable. This doesn’t have the rose scent. So it’s nice. I don’t mind rose scented anything anymore, but it’s nice not have any scent sometimes. The mask is moisturising and good for a day after heavy lipstick wearing and you need the extra moisture. So this will do just that. Not a miracle worker, but it helps a bit. 

First Impression: Choosy Black Pearl

This smells so nice, unlike White Pearl. This smells like lollipop, really makes you want to eat it up. So I enjoy using this more. The longer you use it, the gel kind of shrink. It doesn’t threaten to come off, so it’s nice. My lips feel nice after less flaky but it’s still quite dry. So I guess constant use would be better. I will definitely repurchase this and will try the rest of the pack except of the white pearl. 

First Impression: Sephora Shea Lip Mask

I am loving lip masks. I had to try Sephora’s one. I got the Shea lip mask. It’s alright. It’s one side gel like, the other side is just a clothe like. So it’s not as fun as Pure Smile Choosy lip mask which is just full-on gel mask. There’s a slit in the centre which is not a straight slit. So it’s quite weird to me. It is suppose to help you in a way? Like so you can get a drink or talk? So ya, a bit weird. 

The only think I feel that this is worth purchasing is that after, my lips feel very moisturised. It helps with the chapped lips. So it does work. I feel with extreme dry lips, you use this for 2/3 days, and I’m sure your lips are back to normal. So yah, for $4 it’s not bad. 

First Impression: Choosy White Pearl

This is quite nice. It’s like gel eye patches but for lips. It’s just a patch in the shape of the lips. This is in the white pearl which is a white pearl colour mask. I don’t know the rest of the series will follow the colour base on the packaging or what. Anyway, if you just put it on your mouth, it can be uneven and there might be air bubbles. So what I did was sort of close mouth suck. The gel mask followed the shape my lips. But it tasted horrible. The other I did was to pat the mask into the curves, but sometimes it just peel away. 

The mask can be apply for 5-30 minutes. I find that eventually after about 10 mins, it feels sort of drying. Throughout the experience, you can’t talk at all. It’s nice though. The mask is cooling and feels nice. After about 20 mins, I peeled it out cause it felt kind of dry. But my lips are very moisturised. So it’s really nice. 

How I wish I bought more. Oh well next time then.

Lip Mask

This is not a really good lip mask. The fit just wasn’t right. There is an opening in the middle, but it doesn’t really fit my lips. I don’t know, this is my first experience with lip mask, so I’m not sure if all will be like this. But I don’t really like this. Doesn’t do much for my lips. It only moisturise the skin surrounding my lips, which is fine I guess. But I was hoping that my lips will get some love too.