Juicy Shaker – Piece of Cake

I only had this for less than 3 weeks and I’m in love with it. I’ve been using it a lot. I like that it’s like a liquid gloss but it’s not glossy. I guess the proper term is that this is a lip oil. It’s $36 a pop, so quite pricey to me. But I love it. It feels so nice on the lips. It’s light but it gives colour. I like shaking it when the pigment and oil seperate. But if you use it constantly, it won’t seperate. 

It’s not drying on the lips. It’s not sticky. It doesn’t run. It doesn’t stain the lips, which is a slight pity. But it makes your lips look so juicy but natural. It’s like you look good without having to try hard kind of vibe. Plus the shade Piece of Cake is so neutral and beautiful. It is describe as a terracotta nude. But I feel it has more pinkish mauve undertone in it. Like a dusty rose shade. It’s perfect for everyone though. 

The bottle is small, so it’s easy to use your thumb and forefinger to shake it. Then you twist open the cap. Which is way too easy. You will feel that it’s not secure. But when you close the cap again you will hear a click then you know that it’s actually very safe to toss this around your bag. 

The sponge is rather unique. Albeit weird having a soft spongy texture on your lips but you’ll get use to it. I also do like the scent. It smells really good. So sweet and yummy. I really love this.