Infracyte LusciousLips – 328 Pinkalicious

My aunt bought me this saying that it is highly rave about in the clinic world. It is suppose to plump up the lips naturally. I checked online and it is $49. That’s expensive. It is a really nice pink reminded me of my the MUA plumping gloss. But this is not so shimmery. It is mostly glossy. Even though there is a shimmer in the gloss, on the lips is not so obvious. When you take a picture of it (like above), it does reflects the shimmer.

My lips look very full and luscious, true but this is quite numbing. I wouldn’t recommend on anyone with sensitive lips. It is not that comfortable on the lips. Also it kind of minty and it gives off a toothpaste scent. Not exactly pleasant unless you like that kind of scent. Personally I wont buy it. It is rather pricey. But I guess I can see the the appeal. My lips are not skinny in the first place, so lush lips is not something I actually crave. It can just look too fake. But this doesn’t give that fake look. But again, I just will not buy it.


Plumping Lip Gloss in Pink Sugar

I found a bunch of unopened makeup in one of my bag. I thought I had lost all those makeup. Anyway, I opened them hoping that they’re still alright to use. This lip plumper is still fine. It doesn’t smell funky or anything. I love lip plumper especially the MUA one. They just tingle right. I finished my first ever one like a few months after opening it. It just like it that much that I kept using it. The colour was good too. 

Pink sugar is slightly a darker pink. But it’s still wearable on the lips. Pigmented and one coat is all you need. It’s just so shiny and slightly glittery. It makes my lips look super juicy. I just love looking in the mirror using this. It’s not so sticky and it’s comfortable on the lips. The tingling is not extreme. It just a touch that makes you know your lips are experiencing something. 

MJ Honey Pump Gloss Neo

The first time ever I used this, I almost cry. The plumping effect was so painful. It was really the worse gloss I’ve ever put on. But I decided for some unknown reason to put it on again and the plumping is no longer there. It just become a gloss. So it’s not a good product at all. Not consistent at all. And the thing is, once I declare it a gloss, it started to tingle again, so it’s like after about 5 minute of use it works. But only for about 3 seconds. Weird product. 

It’s quite thick and shimmery. This is shade 22. Quite pretty actually. Has a light hint of pink in it. But it hardly shows unless your natural lips is really light. Without the tingling, it’s a comfortable gloss to wear. You can still feel it on, but it’s not irritating. Oh well, I wouldn’t recommend it. 

TheBalm Plump Your Pucker

There was a time when I loved lip plumper. I love the tingling sensation. It’s just fun regardless of how it made my lips look. I don’t see my lips get bigger, so quite a useless plumper. But it tingles and it is good as a gloss. I thought the color will be too light for me. But it’s actually a good nude shade. In fact can be worn in one thin coat and it will appear clear. Two coat will be better, but it really depend on your skin tone I guess.
Oh, the color is Cocoa My Coconut. A cream nude shade that’s not too pigmented. It smells lovely. Like a combination of cocoa and coconut. But not coconut tropical scent. It also doesn’t linger on the lips. It has a good amount of shine and doesn’t feel as sticky as some gloss does. But you can feel it on the lips. Some product feel so comfortable you forgot it was there, this is not one of the product. The applicator is a doe foot, so it’s pretty standard. Overall not bad, but I wouldn’t purchase it again. I forgot how much I paid this for, but it was not cheap (as compare to NYX, of course). And it is one of those thing that you need to scrub your lips before application. Chapped, cracked lips are visible otherwise.

My Daily Home Makeup Bag

Happy new year! Since I started work, I found that I don’t really have time to post as regularly. But I have lots of drafts that need to add in words to make it a proper post. So many of my post will be random and out of place, well worse than before, I can foresee that. So I apologize in advance that this blog is going to be more as what Singaporeans will call it “chapalang”.

So I wanted to share with you my makeup bag since forever. I love trying out new product, but there will some things that I just lazy to change out. In this case, it will be everything inside my makeup bag. This is not the pouch that I bring out with me, this is the one that I keep all my daily makeup in. I don’t use it daily, but I consider it my everyday makeup. So let’s take a look shall we?
I put everything in one small bag cause that is easier to haul over to my bed. I always do my makeup on my bed. I don’t have a proper dresser. Well, I used not to have, but now I do. (Just goes to show how long I have keep this post on draft.)
It is not much. But I do have every category I need. All my Laura Mercier product is in it. The foundation powder, concealer, mini powder, Jill Lowe concealer and Eucerin concealer are my face products. For cheeks I like to use my ELF blush and bronzer duo, so convenient. Until now, I am still using NYX eyebrow powder for my brows, see it lasted so long, and I did hit pan, but I should probably get a new one, right? I also will have a pencil for my brows as sometimes it is easier to use one. It usually be some Daiso product or my favourite ZA pencil.
For eyes, I have a mini eye shadow single as I don’t really use eye shadows daily. Oh, but I put my eye primer in the bag too. If I need to use to eye shadows, I just take out one of my palette or quad. Then mascara, this one it pretty much a staple. I will have at least 2 so I can switch it out. I like to have one natural one and one more dramatic. Then I will a travel size blush brush and an eye lash curler. Mine is getting quite old, but it’s so good. You cannot go wrong with Shu Uemura or Shiseido.

Lip product is the one thing that I will change out often. I usually will use whatever lip color I feel like on that day. So I don’t put them in here. But I will have lip products here cause you just have to remind yourself to use them.
So I just put one lip liner just for the fun of it. This is the Chantecaille lip definer in Discreet. A beautiful pinkish nude with a hint of glitter. It’s smooth and apply beautifully. A good lip product to be apply on its own. I love it.
I also have Cle de Peau lip gloss in shade 10. It’s a natural shade. Quite sheer actually. Brownish with golden glitter. I like the applicator. It just makes it nicer and easier to apply. Not a fan of the smell, the lipgloss is kind of sticky. See, a strand of hair is stuck to my lip. So I wouldn’t recommend it.
By Terry Or De Rose Baume Precieux is one of the most expensive gloss I own. Nit sure what it means, but it’s a limited edition gloss. Not only that, it claim to have real actual gold flecks in it. I mean it’s a gorgeous bottle. The light reflecting the gloss is just so pretty, like crystals and diamond in the sky, if the sky is light pink. It’s a clear glittery gloss, but the clear also has of a hint of baby pink. The glitters are gold and pink. It’s just pretty. Believe me when I say so.
Then of course it smells like roses. Putting on this gloss is just so luxurious. Applicator is a normal doe foot. The gloss is not sticky. It’s smooth and despite being sheer, do brings out the best of your lips. It can appear patchy when you have dry lips, but just rub them together and it doesn’t look bad. So not bad.
The only thing is that it hurts. I guess it’s the plumping effect. So this not only a gloss, it’s a lip plumper. A painful one. I love the tingling effect, but this one is just too much. So no, it’s not worth your money. Even though it said it has gold, but really I don’t feel it.

LipFusion Objects of Desire Micro Collagen Lip Plump Color Shine

I fell in love with the packaging. This is in the color Posh, which is a pretty magenta pink with purple duo chrome with sparkles. It is not really opaque but it will shows on the lips.
The plumping effect is not so strong. It is really more of a gloss than a lip plumper. It is just so glossy that it makes your lips look big and sexy. It is not sticky and comfortable to wear on the lips. At first I was a bit put off cause the color is not opaque then I realize my lips have a nice pinky sheen to it. So ya the more I use it the more I like it. Plus it has a really nice scent to it, very sweet very gummy like.
I think the price is quite alright, I really can’t remember how much I bought it for, should be around $20 from strawberrynet. If only they have affiliation. Anyway, I just check that it was on sale for $19, original price $48.50 and right now new customer will get 5% plus a free gift which LipFusion is one of the option. That just makes me quite angry at myself. But my lost your gain.

Plumping lip gloss in Peach Shimmer

Loving this baby pink. Loving the plumping effect. In fact I feel really sad once the tingling stop. This is by far my favorite plumping lip product. I’ve only tried a few though.

I am not sure if I love the pink or the plumping more. I guess if it’s just as a pink gloss, I wouldn’t have love it as much.

The packaging is quite sleek. The wand I don’t like as much. It’s wobbly. Cause the tube is tall, so the wand is long and not so stable. But it still work. The applicator is just a doe foot. Nothing special about it.

The color is opaque on its own. However a few coats is needed to get that. It can also be use over lipstick. But I find that only nude and pinks will look alright.

I do like the tingle on my lips. And whether it helps with lips look bigger, that I don’t know. My lips are not small and not big, so it doesn’t bother me much. I never really pay attention how this makes my lips look. Cause it doesn’t bother me and not the reason why I use this. So I guess this is a pretty useless review. But I just want to put it out there that I love this product.

Ck Precocious in Fully Delicious

I didn’t really know that CK has a makeup line. Anyway I got this free from purchasing at It’s a cool website that sell makeup, skincare and perfumes. Really have to look out for deals though, cause the prices are considered cheaper but I still find them a tad ex.
I don’t like the lip glossplumper. It’s not plumping enough for my liking and the packaging is just horrible. As in when you remove the brush, there’s isn’t a stopper to get rid most of the product. So there will be just too much gloss on the brush. I like the brush though.
Ok this is a horrible picture, but there you go. It doesn’t show any color on the lips. So practically just a clear pink gloss. You can use it over lipstick, but you have to remove most of the product in the tube first.

Jane Iredale sugar and butter

I like how this is call sugar and butter. Cause the scrub is sugar and lip plumper feels like butter. I never read that it’s a plumper, I just use them. Then 5 seconds later, there is a tingling feeling on my lips. I kind of like it. It’s one of the stronger tingling feeling I’ve experience. It feels really smooth too. Makes rubbing your lips together really nice.
The exfoliator is rather thick, compact, dense and hard. Strangely it transfer onto lips rather easily. I go over my lips with it then use my fingers to scrub it. After 10 seconds, I wipe it off using a tissue or wash it off. I find cleaning it with wet tissue is best as the sugar will transfer onto it.
Really like how it turn out. Somehow it makes my lips look bigger and well more plump. Love it. The color is nothing special. It’s just a hint of neutral pink. Really soft, and it’s just pretty much a better color of your lips with a tiny frost finish.