Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer – Watermelon

I always gravitate towards mauve shade. This is in the shade watermelon, but it’s not red at all. I pick this up base on the colour of the cap on the packaging. It seems like a good shade to use for daily. The colour on the tube look scary. But when swatch it is actually quite sheer. So it just gives a really nice shimmer with a hint of colour. And the shimmer is not strong at all. So it’s actually very pretty. 

I always like this, cause it’s cooling and it’s a thin lip product. So it’s perfect to put inside your jeans pocket. But the one in Guava doesn’t suit me at all. 

Oh the bad thing about this is I drop it once and now the turning tab doesn’t work. So I can only turn it out very little at a time. So that I can still close the cap. 


Kiss My Face Shimmer – Ruby

This is totally like the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. The shape, the scent and the mint. It’s exactly alike. I can’t remember how much this cost, but it’s cheaper. This is in the colour Ruby, which is quite sheer. It’s still a nice pink shimmer but if you need more colour, this won’t be good. But this is good for those dry lips. It won’t help to make it better, but it sort of hide the dry skin. 

I always like this kind of thing, just the BB is not the right shade. But I like how this is so slim. It’s really good for front jeans pocket – it’s pretty invisible. So yea. Not bad. 

Lip boom in Doin’ Good

People from the UK will know who Alexandra Burke is. In fact, if you watch the X Factor, you’ll know who she is. But I don’t watch reality shows, so I got this not cause of her but I just wanted a matte lipstick.
I got mine in Doin’ Good. It’s a pretty light orange/brown.

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Lip smacker vanilla frosting

Lip smacker vanilla frosting
This is just so yummy. You just want to eat it. I love the smell so badly, I want to smell all day long. It smells exactly like vanilla cake. Or more like vanilla ice cream.

Shimmery and sparkly and oh so pretty. It is just like frosting. Like snow. Shiny and not so sticky, this is the ideal gloss to put on. It comes off as clear even though it is pretty thick. Perfect on its own or over some color. It will gives off a bit of sparkle. It is not a gloss, so it is not gloss like. It doesn’t have the gloss feel, if you know what I mean. It is hard to explain.

Not exactly moisturizing, but not that dry on lips either. It is good just for a little fun and smelling fantastic.

Oh well, get this for the perfect small gift for your niece, or little cousins/sisters. Small kids would love it. I mean as an adult I do like it, I am sure they like it even more.

Burt’s bees lip shimmer


I do like this. It is the nice length, short, small and thin. It is easy to apply. Minty. Love the mint. Moisturizing, surprisingly so, considering it is so shimmery.


The only problem is that the color doesn’t suit me. So, I will just have to try to find a better color for me.

Plus the price is a tad too ex for my liking. In Singapore, they sell in Saphora. But I got at some online shop for $8 plus 80c shipping.