ARTDECO Mat Lip Powder – Lovely Blossom

This is a very unique product. It’s a powder lip colour. It applies with a sponge tip applicator. The colour is packed in the cover. It swatched really nicely. I thought this shade will be too bright. But Lovely Blossom is a nice hint of orange red. I thought it would have been more pink, but it’s more blossom. On my pigmented lips, the colour doesn’t show up as much. It’s just to gives your lips colours. It doesn’t exactly feel like you’re wearing any lip product. So it’s actually quite nice. Especially if your lips are evenly pigmented and you don’t have such pigmented lips. I’m sure the colour will show up more and it will be a whole lot more pretty. 

Anyway, got this on sale for about £7.75. Not sure if that’s consider cheap. I’m just quite awe by the product that’s why I got it. And so far, it’s not disappointing. I do prefer the feel of lipsticks on my lips though. 


Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment – Poppy

I love Fresh lip balm and poppy is such a beautiful plum colour. But I still prefer the full size of this. It’s just better on application. Plus when this go soft, it breaks off easily. It doesn’t melt but it became too fragile to use. So that’s really the downside of this. It’s Singapore after all, so this will easily melt. And mine melted even when all I did is put this in my room, away from sunlight. The weather is just that bad. But oh well, it’s still a very beautiful product and shade. 

1028 Cheek and Lip Amused Click – Nutty Berry

I love the scent of this. It’s bubblegum! I enjoy using this purely for the scent. Of course I also like this kind of sponge tip applicator for lip. It’s just nice and easy to use. The Colour when swatch is really pretty. On my lips, not as much. It’s very warm and makes my teeth very yellow. In person it’s really a nutty berry. It’s berry shade but more brown. So whoever create the name is good at describing this colour. 

1028 is a Taiwanese brand, but this pen is made in Korea. Can’t remember how much I bought this for. Maybe $15? But so worth the scent. They only have 3 colours – pink, berry and peach. Wish they do have more. 

Anyway, I don’t use this for the cheek. I just scared it will stain my cheek and I don’t know how to really fix it. I mean they don’t even declare as a tint. But I just want to take precaution. I really have no idea what category I should put this at. It’s not a gloss, not a liquid, but since this is like close to the texture of those nice tints, I will put it as such. 

Solone Classic Wine Lip Tint – 10 Grape Purple

Solone is a Taiwanese brand. They have a variety of product but knowing how much we love alcohol, this wine product is a perfect gift. It’s a cute small packaging in the shape of a wine bottle. What I’m impressed of is the fact the formula is really nice. It’s a gel texture so it’s really nice on the lips. 

The wand is slightly thinner than normal wand. So I do find that it’s good to really get a clean edge. The colour I have is Grape Purple which is a bright purple shade. This doesn’t suit me as much. I feel the colour is too bright for me. 

The other thing I don’t like about this is that the stain is not even. It’s not the lip tint fault but it’s my lips. My lips are uneven in pigmentation. Therefore, the inside of my lips will be darker than the outer. But if it’s all even, this will give a really beautiful stain. I guess, you can’t have everything. 

Lip Tar – Strumpet

I have this in my draft since forever. As you may know this is like a really old pacakaging. So I got the shade Strumpet which is suppose to be a maroon deep fuschia kind of colour. There is a mini brush also which is quite good just not travel friendly. It doesn’t have a cap, so it will get messy. 

So anyway, this the colour is too out there for me. It’s also quite messy to apply. It sort of suppose to be a stain and it just stain everywhere. It also will go all over my teeth. The worse part is it bleed. It goes all out. So it’s not a pretty sight. 

OCC Lip Tar is good but the colour I got is all wrong for me. I just don’t like the deep colour cause it bleed and I prefer wearable daily shade. Plus now OCC has come out with so much newer updates lip stuff. Oh well. Oh I used to melt plain colourless balm into a clean pot and a drop or two of this and mix the colour to get tinted balm. That’s a much better use of this. 

Peripera Cushion Pang Ting

I like this. It smells like candy. It’s so sweet and the packaging is so easy to use. It’s a pen with a sponge applicator. So basically you just click on the product to come out; it will slowly stained the sponge and that’s when you know the product is out. It’s easy to apply and you can drag it across the lips or just dab it over. This can be used as a gradient effect, but the shade is quite light so it doesn’t contrast very well. 

My Mine Peach is a light milky pink. It’s just very sweet and surprisingly none streaky. It did stained my hand after the swatched, but on my lips not so much. Not sure if the colour is too light so the tint doesn’t show as much or what. Nonetheless it’s still a beautiful wearable colour. I really enjoy this. 

I bought it at about $12 on sale. It doesn’t have much selection in term of colour. Cause most of them is red, pink and orange. It’s just in those family colour tone. I wanted a more neutral shade so I can wear it daily. So I’m happy with this. 

Benefit Tints and Beam

Love this trio. It is either $37 or $32 in Sephora. It comes with 3 tiny 4ml Benefit’s tint/beam. Albeit pricey, but it’s good to try these out. The packaging is so cute and it comes with a brush like nail polish. 

Poise Tint is a poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain. It’s a good pink and will really stain the cheek. So the way to use this is to dap on one cheek and blend and do it on the other side. On the lips, I’m surprise the colour do transfer nicely. My bottom lip appear more bright cause it’s lighter naturally. But overall it’s not patchy.
Sun Beam is a golden bronze complexion highlighter. Really gorgeous on the cheek. I dot this on the cheek and sometimes use it on the brow bone. It’s a really beautiful highlighter.
Cha Cha Tint is a mango tinted lip and cheek stain. It’s just an orange shade tint. Surprisingly this looks good on me too. It appears more light red on my lips. Again for the cheeks, just brush it on and blend. This can appear quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. 

Overall, no regret getting these. I enjoy using them. They’re a good stain and cheek colours. Small packaging is also great cause it’s hard to use up a full size anyway. I really love minis. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 05

This colour remind me so much of the the Revlon lip stain that I regreted buying. I always find myself buying this kind of colour. Not sure why. This formula is slightly is better. It’s less drying, still quite dry and especially if you have chapped lips. But on good day lips, this looks quite decent. And it’s a really nice stain to wear. It doesn’t exactly stain the lips, but it’s longer lasting as compare to glosses or lipsticks. The colour is also a nice metallic neutral pink. The rest of the shades are mostly reds and darker. So I choose this which is more office friendly. But it’s not an easy lip product to use. Cause my lips is hardly perfect. 

Tony Tint Delight

Got this in shade 01, which is just a cherry red. It’s a very nice red, and it’s good staining power. I swatched it on my hand, took a picture and I removed with a makeup remover wipe. Stained. I did not take a good picture of the tube. It has a heart shape on the top of the cap. So from top, it’s a heart. So cute. 

The wand is quite thin, so it’s really easy to get the edges of the lips. A good size wand. Easy to handle. 

The product is good in term of colouring the lips. Plus it really does stain the lips. After hours, and cleansing oil, my lips will still be stain. At first will be glossy, then it will be matte out. It won’t really look drying unless your really zoom on it. The problem though my lips is not evenly pigmented. My natural lips, inner, outer, top and bottom is a different shade. So the colour  does not evenly distributed. That’s why it’s darker on the inside of the lips. It’s just so obvious. 

I probably don’t look good with any stain. Since now, I just can’t find any liquid like stain that looks good on me. Oh well. 

Frontcover Party Queen

I got this for Christmas. I love makeup, so I love receiving makeup kits. This is something I never really heard people talk about. I know they sell this in Sephora, but I just don’t see anyone ever mentioning it.

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