MAC Please Me

I don’t remember seeing such a pink shade online. It always looks more neutral pink. Something that can be use daily. But this on me is just ultra pink. I guess what lipstick you put on, the overall colour will be base on your original lip colour. Since my lips are pigmented in the first place, Please Me become really bright on me. It is not a bad shade, it just looks weird I feel. I guess it has been awhile I use this kind of colour. It will take time getting use to it.


Kate 30

I forgot how much I like these lipsticks. Kate by Rimmel is hard lipstick that felt solid when applied. Shade 30 is deep berry shade that is quite hard to apply. You have to use a lipliner so not to get the lipstick over the lips. I guess cause the colour is very deep, it’s very obvious if you make a mistake. Nonetheless it’s a very beautiful shade perfect for winter. 

Tom Ford Lip Color – Collin

Yay for $50 tiny lipstick. This is crazy, but oh so worth it, ok maybe not. Unless I only have one lipstick. The lipstick is so luxurious on the lips. I love it. But not worth the crazy price tag, or is it? I can’t really decide. The full size is like $80ish but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it up, so I rather get the small one. I was just scared that the small one will not have a good feel upon application. But this one is alright. 

Anyway the minis are named after boys, but the shades are the same as the bigger ones. Collin is Indian Rose, a muted plummy rose. It’s beautiful. It’s not the typical plum or neutral I would somehow pick for myself. So it’s a nice colour to have. It’s a satin finish, so it looks really nice in the lips. 

The packaging itself is not so wow as the full size, and it scratches too. So if you care about packaging and such, the mini will not be a good choice. But as luxury goes, this is it. Even YSL is consider a luxury lipstick, I still think it lacks something. So Tom Ford is the way to go!

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Love – 110 Raw Sugar

I was attracted to the ads of these lipsticks. They were fun and full of opaqueness, creaminess and smoothness. I really wanted one to try. It cost $36, so it’s not that too bad. There’re many finishes to choose from, the one I have is a more creamy finish. 

Raw sugar is a pinkish nude. It’s very nuetral on my lips and a good shade for everyday wear. It’s more pink on me, so it doesn’t look boring. Also the lasting power of this is quite good. It doesn’t last forever, but it managed to survive a light dinner date. Also, it has little transfer. So I enjoy it. It will lose its shine, but the colour will still be there. 

The shade reminds me of Bitch Perfect. But the latter has a glossy finish. Also it’s not as dark. But seriously you can’t really tell the difference. But at least the 2 finishes are different, so I don’t regret having them both. 

The only complain about this, is the shape. While it looks proper and prim in the packaging, it’s actually quite hard to apply on the lips. I’m just so scared of destroying the lipstick that I kept turning it to get a better angle. Which is weird, coz the lipstick is alread angled. But I guess it’s nice to have it in this shape as the pointed sides can get to edge of the lipstick. 

Kiko Metal Lipstick – 07

This is a good moisturising lipstick. It’s a metallic finish, a deep shade that is perfect for fall/winter. Now if only we have that kind of weather here in Singaporea. The dark purple shade is surprisingly wearable. It looks good with just a simple eye makeup. It is also very comfortable and easy to apply. Lasting power is alright, leave a bit of a stain. But it’s still alright. Sometimes dark lipstick leave the lips quite patchy. But this one is alright. So this is good for a fuss free deep colour lipstick. 

Charlotte Tilbury KISSING Lipstick – Bitch Perfect

I still prefer the matte lipstick which I feel is so much more luxurious. It just different. The matte is more solid and on the lips, it applied better. This is creamy and pigmented but for some reason it just doesn’t cover the lips as well. This feels like a normal lipstick. The colour is nice and all, but it just lacking. The price is not worth the lipstick. Maybe if this is about $30 instead of the $40ish price tag, maybe it’s actually alright. 

Nonetheless, it’s still a good lipstick. It will transfer slightly, but the colour will still be there. Sort of there. So it’s actually ain’t bad. I just prefer the matte formula. 

MAC Plumful

I don’t know if I like this. I wanted this cause the review is quite good. It’s a natural everyday shade but not a nude. It’s suppose to be slightly plum, but muted. Anyway, this is not muted at all. It’s a full colour lipstick. It is still suitable for everyday wear, but people will notice your lips if you put this on. Cause it’s not the typical pink or mauve. It’s really has the purple undertone. I guess the lighting will affect the outcome of the shade too. 

Anyway it’s a lustre finish. It’s slightly sticky when applied. On the lips it is rather comfortable. So no problem with that. I did panicked for a bit the first time I put it on, a few seconds later I was relieved. 

The pigmentation is quite sheer actually. But in the lips is wasn’t at all. If I go through a few swipes, the colour do intensify but it’s still the same shade. 

It gets some getting used to having a purple tone lips as nude and mauve are the ones I’m comfortable in. I still the plum shade looks weird on me. But on picture, the colour is not that bad. 

MAC Ruby Woo

All the red lipsticks from MAC is pretty much an icon on itsown. I wanted to buy a few to really see which ones the one I really like. But I don’t really use red lipstick. So it will be a waste. So I settle with Ruby Woo, the classic. I like it. It’s drying but it’s nice. It’s quite alright on the lips. It’s pretty. I am comfortable in it, but also feel like removing it. I prefer Viva Glam Rihanna as it’s just not so drying. But this is still nice. Cause retro matte is a good matte in appearances. 

The colour is just a classic, and you cannot go wrong with it. But if your lips is super dry, then it’s better to skip this and get something else. Cause there’re just so many red lipsticks out there. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

£20 lipstick and it’s worth every pound. It’s a beautiful colour. It’s not exactly matte, so it’s not exactly drying. The shape of the lipstick, is also one I haven’t have before. It’s really applied nicely. It goes over the shape of the lips and one swipe is all you need. It’s a really nice lipstick. The tube is pretty much just a typical classic packaging. So nothing special about it. It’s rose gold colour though, makes it pretty to have on hand. It’s also a very sturdy lipstick but transfer very easily on the lips. I just like it. Even though the first time I used it and it transfer on to my teeth, I still did not fault this. Cause the second time and after, I used this and no problem. So yah, I like it. 

Nars Audacious Lipstick – Anita

I just had to try this formula. Like everyone said, I do end up liking the magnetic cap. It just makes me feel so secure, plus it’s easy to close the lipstick. After much thoughts, I decided on the shade Anita. It’s a pretty mauve shade. Pretty much, all the lip colour I’m wearing these days. 

Anita is super pigmented. The formula is a creme, very smooth to apply, just one coat is needed. It slightly covers my chapped lips, but closed up, I can still see it. It’s comfortable to a point that I forgot I had it on. I happen to pass by a mirror and my face looks rather bright. My lips look good and that’s when I remembered I used this lipstick. It just gives a nice colour to my face. I like it. 

I bought this at $46, so not exactly cheap. But I feel nowadays, lipsticks are around the $36 -$50 price point. As long as I enjoy using it, I still can closed my eyes on the price tag.