Nars Audacious Lipstick – Anita

I just had to try this formula. Like everyone said, I do end up liking the magnetic cap. It just makes me feel so secure, plus it’s easy to close the lipstick. After much thoughts, I decided on the shade Anita. It’s a pretty mauve shade. Pretty much, all the lip colour I’m wearing these days. 

Anita is super pigmented. The formula is a creme, very smooth to apply, just one coat is needed. It slightly covers my chapped lips, but closed up, I can still see it. It’s comfortable to a point that I forgot I had it on. I happen to pass by a mirror and my face looks rather bright. My lips look good and that’s when I remembered I used this lipstick. It just gives a nice colour to my face. I like it. 

I bought this at $46, so not exactly cheap. But I feel nowadays, lipsticks are around the $36 -$50 price point. As long as I enjoy using it, I still can closed my eyes on the price tag. 

MAC Fast Play

For the first time, MAC had a 20% sale in conjunction with the Sephora sale. So I bought a few item and I’m planning to unbox them one at a time. It was hard trying to choose a lipstick shade. I just want them all. But I decided to buy the different finishes. So first up is the Amplified lipstick. It’s pigmented, long wearing, smooth and doesn’t dry up your lips. My lips was quite chapped. And using this, you still can see the flakes on my lips. I was hoping that it will cover it up. But it doesn’t. 

Fast Play is a beautiful mauve. It’s slightly on the nude side, wearable for any occasion. It will gives your lips a hint of colour without attracting attention to you. 

I like how it’s so long lasting and yet it doesn’t dry up my lips. Even with chapped lips, it’s comfortable on. It’s also not patchy when applied. Really glad I pick up this colour. 

Heme Color Star Lipstick – Milk Tea

Love this cause it’s a clear balm surrounds a star shaped lipstick. Milk Tea is a nude shade, more on the pinky side. So it’s actually good for daily. It gives a neutral shade, with a bit of colour. I just like this has a surround balm which I thought will be super hydrating. It wasn’t. But it’s good enough. It doesn’t really dry up my lips. So this is like a tinted balm actually. Once you use it, the colour kind of just smudge around the bullet. I still like it. It’s comfortable and it is not so drying. 

Laduree Glossy Rouge – 04

This feels more like a balm upon application. It’s a very sheer pink. But go over a few times, a soft pink will appear. 

I love the packaging. It’s a light pink with really cute details. Too bad as once again it’s plastic. So it doesn’t have the luxury feel. 

The lipstick is also kind of drying. So I wouldn’t really recommend this. It’s just cute. But that’s about it. 

Super Lustrous Lipstick – Plum Baby

Love the formula. Even though it’s a pearl finish, it has the look of metallic. But it’s wearable. I like how smooth it goes on. I like that the colour is not too crazy. It’s more of a lilac. But that’s cause of the finish I guess. This can look quite pale on me sometimes though. So a blush is needed, if not it will kind of just wash you out. The colour is slightly too dull that it just absorb the light of you. 

CdP Extra Rich Lipstick – 1

Love tiny stuff. This is a good daily lipstick. The shade is not too bright. It’s a your lips but better shade. Albeit on the darker rosier side. But it’s still nice for day to day. The formula of this is also very solid. So you don’t feel like it can break easily. It’s just a nice lipstick. A nice formula. A nice colour. CdP is not a cheap brand, so the price of this will not be nice. But oh well. A creamy, solid lipstick that doesn’t chapped your lips is hard to come by. 

L’Oreal Colour Riche – Sunset Angora

I don’t look good in Coral. I love the shade, but it’s just one of those shades that just doesn’t really work on me. This one is pigmented enough, but still quite sheer on the lips. I have to go through a few times for its to be a full on shade on me. 

The colour is super pretty, the lipstick is easy to wear. But it will only look good on me when my lips is perfect. That’s mean no chapped lips. This is really a traditional lipstick. It’s soft but stern. It gives a shiny finish. It’s not exactly drying, but it’s not moisturising. It’s just a lipstick. 

Milani Matte Lipstick – Darling

This is not bad. It’s a hard lipstick but smooth on application. I can see why many recommend the Milani lipsticks. 

Darling is such a gorgeous colour. It’s just the right pink. A muted pink that doesn’t look too horrible on me. It’s pigmented so one swipe is enough. Dry lips is very obvious with this on. So that’s the only thing we need to care. This is the matte lipstick. So I can only imagine how much the normal one will be like. Anyway, I have much love for this lipstick. But it’s not something I will keep grabbing. 

MAC Syrup

I know ages ago I said it’s nothing special about a MAC lipstick. But I just wanted one for work. A shade that is mlbb. A nice wearable shade appropriate for work. I choose MAC cause it felt save to have. I got the the shade Syrup which is a lustre finish. Now I’m in love with MAC. It doesn’t disappoint. You can have dry lips, and this will somehow cover it slightly. It won’t make your lips look super dry. The colour is not only beautiful, it’s just so wearable. 

Syrup has lived in my bag for months. It’s the lipstick I bring with me everywhere I go. Cause I know if I was rushing and forgot to use one, Syrup will not fail me. It can also work as a top up lipstick. It’s just versatile and suit every mood and occasion. 

The scent is a nice typical MAC lipstick scent. The formula is creamy and feels comfortable on the lips. It’s easy to apply even without a mirror. The tube is solid, so you know it won’t break when you apply it. It just feels nice upon application. It’s quite worth the money especially if you don’t buy it in Singapore. 

Vivo Matte Lipsticks 

I love looking through my folders and finding things like this I’ve yet noted. So these are suppose to be the matte version. The packaging has the matte feel, but the lipstick is totally not. I got one in Naturally Nude which is surprisingly alright on me. It is real pretty over a pink/red lipliner. 

Wow Pink is a real Barbie pink. Very magenta blue tone pink. I look so fake using this. 

As you can see the lipsticks are not that good. It shows every dryness there is. It also feels quite cheap. It won’t last long and I’ll say this is the kind of lipsticks you’ll give to 5 years old to play with. It’s a pity though cause it swatched real nice.