Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control – Sand Beige

No 23 is like the darkest shade they had. This is the pore control version which personally I don’t see a difference in with the original. The bb cream is lighter than most as you don’t really get a lot of the product on the sponge. It just give the right amount. I usually use a stippling brush also. I find that it’s easier especially after I abused the sponge.

This doesn’t exactly give me the best look. But I can get away with it as I use it sparingly. It does turn oily around the nose area. But that’s easy to touch up. So overall it’s alright but I don’t really use it enough.

Every compact, you are given a free refill. I don’t think I will use it again. But we’ll see. It’s quite a waste of money if I don’t. This is about $60 retail price. But you can get it about $30ish online. So the markup is quite something.


Faceit Power Perfection BB Cream

This is my shade. It blends in so perfectly that I can’t tell if the bb cream stayed put or has disappear. Of course this is quite a dewy so it’s easy to tell if it’s on my skin. It’s quite sad that this is for dry skin. If not it will be nice to have something that matches my skin tone perfectly. Plus this has a SPF 37 so it’s quite a high one. I guess it is too bad that my skin is oily. 

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

Two samples, who ever thought I will lean more towards the light shade. Medium is way too dark and mixing them both tends to be slightly darker. The formula is quite nice a medium coverage, covers redness well. Blends quite easily too. I use a beauty blender, my fingers, and a brush and all can easily blend the cream. 

It will fade after a work day use. And surprisingly doesn’t make my face super oily. It has a nice SPF25. Overall not bad at all. 

Snow BB Soothing Cushion 

It’s just so cute. A small sample, with a small sponge. This is in shade 21 Natural Beige. I don’t have any problem with the colour. The bb itself is alright. It’s just not as good as the full size. Cause the sample, the sponge will just break apart. You will be left with tiny sponges on your face. Not easy to remove them either. It takes time, as the cream is still sort of wet.  

So the product itself is ok. Just not that good for oily skin. And the packaging is not that good as small means can be carry around, but this is not a travel friendly product. The colour is good for me. But the soothing cushion is just not meant for oily skin. I feel never cushion is not meant for oily skin period. But I did buy the full size in the pore control just to see how it’s goes. 

Precious Mineral BB Cream

This is a sample size bb cream. It has 3 different variant, so it’s really nice to be able to try out the different type.

Blooming Fit is the most watery among the rest. It’s a beige skin tone shade. A more of a yellow base. It’s quite a thick coverage. At least on the medium side.

Cotton Fit is quite nice. It’s swatch out very pigmented. It’s more brightening. Cause I guess the color is more peachy.

Perfect Fit is the lightest shade. I mean it’s just very light when swatch. I guess the picture don’t do much justice. But it’s more highlighting. It’s ok but it is not good for pores. It just makes my pore looks super obvious.

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

I read review that this shade medium is a good shade for those with NC35 skin. I might have read the review wrongly cause this is just way too dark for me. It’s also for normal/oily skin. So not true. This turns oily after a couple of hours. I mean look at the swatch, it’s a shiny reflective cream.

It’s quite thick but apply on skin quite ok. It’s a light to medium coverage. Blends in alright and will stay on your skin. But it’s not for oily skin. 

If you have this, really have the shake before use as the product will seperate. Not pretty. I quite regret getting this. I guess it’s the color. Maybe if I get one in light, it will be much better for me. As oily skin can be blotted. Oh well. 


Laneige BB Cushion & BB Cushion [Pore Control]

I had these 2 samples. The only other bb cushion is the Dr. Jart bounce bb. It is the same concept, where application is by using the special puff. Well they claim that it is special. Laneige one, the bb cream is contained by the sponge. So the product is being soaked by a sponge. For the Dr. Jart, the cream is being separated by a net that filter the product. But I feel the concept is the same, cause in the end you don’t use get much of the product at one time. Plus the other different is, the Laneige one only lasted me 3 uses. Laneige ones are also SPF50, as compare to Dr. Jart’s 30.

This is the BB cushion. It is whitening, moisturizing, sunscreen, water resistant, soothing, and makeup effects, which is probably to give a clean base.

This is BB cushion [pore control]. It has pore coverage, gives a semi-matt finish, water resistant, longlasting, sunscreen and cooling effects.

I wore them side by side, but I really don’t see a difference. Both shade is the same, shade 21 Natural Beige. The color is good on me. Looks a bit light, but blend beautifully on the face. It is not full coverage, still need to use concealer. But the finish is good. I can use use it for a good 8 hours, with it only being oily around my nose. Don’t need extra powder, but since I use concealer, I have to. It is nice. I like cushions, and I do consider getting a proper full size. I just not sure if I will stick to Laneige or actually get another brand. But ya, for oily skin, this is not bad. Recommended.

Dr. Wu Extreme Hydrate BB

Hard to apply. Have to use a brush. 

Good medium coverage. Color is alright. 

Quite a smooth finish overall. It’s very hydrating. It will be the perfect bb cream for people with dry skin. Or on cooler months. 

I gave to my mom as her skin is not oily. Works better for her. 

Vichy BB Cream

This is a bb cream in medium shade. It’s the right color for me. It’s a sheer coverage with a sheen. It’s a very smooth cream that is easy to blend into the skin. It has a SPF25 so that’s nice. The only thing I don’t like about this is that it will leave me oily at the end of the day. I guess it is cause of my moisturizer. So this on its on is much better. But for some reason I’m not liking this as much as I normally like a product.  

LaCouture Covering Base BB

This just gives me the most flawless face ever. I applied this with a stippling brush and my face is brighter and very air brush feel. Sure, it’s too light for me. That’s the only sad part, that’s why my face is much brighter. It’s good that it is brighter but it seems to light. I kind of have to bronze a bit. Only then it’s fine. Not a big problem for me. See the swatch, once it’s blended, it’s just a tad light for me. 


This has SPF40, so that’s nice. And I just googled that this is suppose to cover skin stains and even freckles. So yah, that’s why my face is flawless. 

I love this as it gives my face a matte finish. I don’t have to powder my face after. It’s also quite long lasting. Since it covers my blemishes and dark circles, I don’t need concealer too. But under the eyes will be the one place that this bb cream will fade off. Not as bad, but it’s, well it can be better. 

So overall, I love this. Will be the perfect shade for anyone who is an NC20/25.