Sleek Blush By 3 – Pink Sprint

It was winter when I got hold of this palette. It’s really gorgeous. I love the colours and they are all perfect for autumn. The blushes are super pigmented and the packaging is sleek. But boy, how do I wear them? They’re just so full on out there that it’s hard to apply. Cause you have to be careful and gentle. I don’t like too much blush on me. So while everything is beautiful, application is a pain. Even using a stippling brush, this will still give off a lot of colour. So a gentle hand is a must. This will be good for stage makeup though. 

Sephora Mini Birthday Blush

I was actually quite surprise with the quality of these. It’s pigmented when you used your finger to swatch them, but on the brush it picks up rather faintly. And still, it gives a fairly nice hint of colour on the cheeks. I thought that it will be very faint. But it actually very nice on the cheeks. It just gives a flush of colour, very natural. Depending on lipstick shade, the blush can be either orange or pink. 

Orange is more of a shimmer coral blush, which looks good when your face look matte and you need some warmth. The pink is a standard pink, not that obvious on the cheeks as a pink blush, but still gives a fairly healthy glow. 

So it’s a really nice mini duo to have for everyday. 

1028 Cheek and Lip Amused Click – Nutty Berry

I love the scent of this. It’s bubblegum! I enjoy using this purely for the scent. Of course I also like this kind of sponge tip applicator for lip. It’s just nice and easy to use. The Colour when swatch is really pretty. On my lips, not as much. It’s very warm and makes my teeth very yellow. In person it’s really a nutty berry. It’s berry shade but more brown. So whoever create the name is good at describing this colour. 

1028 is a Taiwanese brand, but this pen is made in Korea. Can’t remember how much I bought this for. Maybe $15? But so worth the scent. They only have 3 colours – pink, berry and peach. Wish they do have more. 

Anyway, I don’t use this for the cheek. I just scared it will stain my cheek and I don’t know how to really fix it. I mean they don’t even declare as a tint. But I just want to take precaution. I really have no idea what category I should put this at. It’s not a gloss, not a liquid, but since this is like close to the texture of those nice tints, I will put it as such. 

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush – 6

First impression I’m not a fan. For some reason it’s just too messy for me. Like the colour is just too bright. On the cheeks is even worse cause it’s just really red. It’s too pigmented, that I’m just scared it will make my cheeks look too fake. 

The second time I tried it, I still don’t like how it apply on the cheek. I guess I prefer the traditional powder style. Even cream blush is easier to apply. On the lips though, the colour is suddenly just gorgeous. I love it. It brighten up my complexion. I also suddenly like applicator. It’s a nice slightly pointed one. There is a ball like shape in the centre that grab the product out of the bottle. So that’s where the pigment will settle. I don’t have to double dip the wand. 

The sponge is nice on the lips. Application is even and smooth. So really not bad. I like it. I can even get a light stain sort of look, if I don’t put on so much. No 6 is overall a nice red which can be worn for lunch or dinner outings. 

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush – Peachtwist

This is a nice bronze blush. I guess if it’s not so shimmery, it will be nice to bronze up the face. The shade is slightly rosey. So it’s more suitable as a blush. It’s quite pigmented. I will use a stippling brush just to get the faintest colour. While we like things pigmented, I find that less pigmented item that can be build up to be much better. But anyway, this is a great blush for summer time. 

Les Merveilleuses Laduree Makeup Coffret 3

Not exactly the prettiest picture I want to showcase the brand, but this just have to do cause I’m just too excited and I want to share this ASAP. All the products are made in Japan, except for the makeup bag. But the bag is so soft. The pink paper that wrap the products are also very solid and it’s just good quality. But the products are made of plastic and rubber plastic kind, so they don’t feel expensive at all. I was hoping for better actually. Especially since they’re not cheap. But as a gift, I am overjoyed. As I been wanting to try this brand forever.

The tinted lipbalm is a nice shade of rosy pink. It looks more red actually. The balm is very solid. It’s quite hard to actually apply. I have to keep going over the balm. It just doesn’t seem to melt under my finger. So I have to dip my finger like about 5 times to get the balm on my lips.

The blush comes in a cute packaging. It’s plastic, so it doesn’t feel as grand. I was hoping to put this on my drawer, but it’s not as wow as I thought it would be. The colour is also too pale for a statement piece. As a collection, it’s really pretty. On its own, not too outstanding. The shade in the kit is 104 which is a really gorgeous pink. The colour is more of a blue undertone pink. It is not a matte blush. It’s actually very subtle if you only use a light hand. But when you go over it a few time, the colour show up more. 

The eye color duo is in 102,  a silver and black shadows. It’s in a suede rubber like packaging. Nice to touch but I was hoping for better. It just doesn’t feel expensive. And the price I’m sure is. The black is a bit patchy. But the kids, they are fine. They are quite subtle. So you can get a light wash of colour or keep going over it for a more pigmented look. 

Overall, I feel that it’s just a cute novelty brand. The quality is fine not fantastic for the price. They are pretty to have, but not exactly a makeup lover dream. 

Anastasia Contour Kit Refill – Nude

After sale I got this for $24. It’s really quite pricey for such a small pan. I never expect it to be very small. It’s only 3g and the size is slightly smaller than a pingpong. I don’t know what shade to get. So I choose nude. It’s like so close to my natural skin tone. It’s too light for contouring. I mean it should be too light as a blush too. But it can work. A highlighter blush. But this is matte. So it’s more of a brightening one. 

Mica Bella Starter Kit

I don’t really know why I got suckered into buying this. I don’t really care much about mineral makeup. I don’t really fancy loose powder products. But I just got suck into buying this. IMG_0791.JPG

So this come with 2 foundation shades, a blush, shimmer powder and 3 brushes. The swatches are as followed. Shimmer in 8 Tease, foundation shade in MF2 Sandstone, blush in MB5 Terra Cotta and foundation in MF5 Cappuccino. 

The shimmer is quite standard. A pretty shimmery golden neutral. Can be use on its own or as a top up. 

The blush is more of orangey shade. Looks good on a tan. It’s pigmented and not powdery. I kind of like it, but you have to be careful on the way you apply. A stippling blush will be good as you don’t pick up a lot pigment. 

The foundation shade, Sandstone is way too light. Cappuccino is way too dark. Even missing the shade, it’s still a bit too dark. I have to add a few more loose powder from different compact. Also the powders are not fully matte. But it does bring a nice full look to the face. 

The brushes are small, good to toast into the bag. Not exactly the best, but it’s ok. 

Wouldn’t exactly buy this again. But oh well. 

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact

This is just so pretty. I kept seeing it, and I finally cave and bought it when flying back home on SQ. It cost me $59 and I was attracted to the neon but soft colours of the blush. This is in the shade 110 Harmonious Melody. I like that packaging is just so fun and girly and the blushes is pretty with 4 shades and the connecting travel size brush is an added bonus. 

The brush can be detached from the blush. It’s a slightly dense brush, soft but doesn’t feel as fluffy. On the cheek though, it felt quit nice. It’s smooth and firm yet gentle. It’s also very pleasing on the skin as compare when you touch it across with you fingers. Quite strange actually. The brush also has a very cute pink jewel that can be push up and hooked to the right to secure it. But sometimes, it can come undone. So that is the only problem I have with the tool. 

The blush is pigmented. Pretty and each shade different from each other. There is white highlight, a light sunshine orange, a mandarin orange and a hotter light pink shades. Swirl together and it gives a nice pinkish orange. But it always ruin the white shade as it’s the lightest and can easily be seen. The orange and pink will just leave a mark. So it’s very sad too see. What I like to do is tap the blush with a brush to get the pigments. Not so sensible but it sort of work. They recommend to swirl it in anti-clockwise motion from the top left shade. 

I guess if I’m not so attached to this, I will be able to use this in a more proper heck care way. Oh well. 

On the cheeks, it’s very nice. It’s brightening on the face. As I said it’s a pretty blush. And just gives a very rosy finish. And using the brush it comes with is actually one of the best way to use this. 

IOPE Air Cushion Blusher 

I want to try IOPE BB Cushion. But I still have my Laneige BB Cushion. So when I see this, I just grab it. I am not a big face person but when it come to makeup like lipstick, blush, mascara, etc, I can buy multiples. So this is just a cushion blush in the shade 01 and has a SPF of 30. A light pink, it’s very sheer and gives a glow to the cheek. 

I like the casing, albeit a bit bulky, but it look like it’s made of glass. It’s actually just a muted plastic. Drop it a few time and it doesn’t break. So it’s quite sturdy. Overall I like it ok. It’s just too sheer and “glowly” for my liking. But it’s a fun product.