Naked Flushed

Do people still use this palette? It’s a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio that is quite popular ages ago. It’s just nice to have a palette dedicated to the cheeks. It’s not exactly special, but it’s just convenient to have. 

I have mine in Naked. The bronzer is golden shimmery. Perfect for the extra sun kissed glow. The highlighter is on the pinkish side. The blush is a rather shimmery pink. All are pigmented but forgiving. So you can use any type brush and you won’t really go wrong applying these. It’s good for beginners and travellers who doesn’t want to bring a lot of products. 

So ya, I mean I prefer all things matte, but this is not bad to have around. 


Anastasia Contour Kit – Cream Soda

I bought another Anastasia contour kit. This time in Orange Soda. It’s another nude shade. It’s just slightly more bronze. This will be a nice bronzer for anyone with a fair skin. The shade is not too orange. It will just gives a healthy bronze glow. 

Compare the 2 shades side by side, you can hardly see the difference. But when swatched, it’s slightly differ. Nude is more matte. I should just buy the 4 pan palette. Since each pan is $10.80 on sale. The palette should have to be less than $43.20. Not sure how much the palette will cost though. But at least it comes in 4 shades that will suit your skin tone more or less. 

So now I bought 2 pans and both are not really suitable to me. Not sure how I think about that. 

MAC DSquared Sculpt and Shape Powder


Totally forgot about this. Found this in one of my old luggage. This is in Accentuate Sculpt. It is one side a soft light pink shimmery highlight and another a medium matte brown. My aunt used this a lot until she sort of hit pan on the contour powder and pass it on to me. It was so long ago, maybe 5 years or so? 

The colours are alright, I mean I should throw this away. And see how much of the contour is used up. Actually not a lot. It just cracked and tossed aside. But the brown is really a nice tone for crease and light contouring. It’s great for beginners too. As it won’t emphasized the contoured. I guess cause if your skin is darker, it won’t really show. 

Oh well, but you see, I should really not buy anymore makeup. I just have too many and I can never finished them up. Except face powders, eventually I will hit pan. 

Look Bronzer Powder

Suddenly I have a love for bronzer. I think it’s just an excuse for me to collect something I don’t have a lot of. So I just grab more bronzer and this is in a shade 4 Honey Gold. This is a beautiful shimmery bronzer. It’s really shimmery, more glittery than any bronzer I own. It swatch really nice, but using a brush, a lot of the colour gets wash off so only the glitter kind of stay. So a light application across the face is the only way to use this. Or just a blush with highlight. Cause the colour can’t really be seen on my face. So it’s an ok bronzer, easy to use, good for beginner, and that’s about it.  

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Really love the chocolate range from Too Faced. It’s nice to open them and be hit with a scent of cocoa.

This is the medium/deep matte bronzer. A travel size of only 4g. I believe they do have other shades. But this come in a kit with the Better Than Sex Mascara. Anyway, the color is kind of plotchy when swatch. It’s a cool tone bronzer. It’s a good shade for me. But depending on the brush I use, I will get different pigmentation. 

With a fluffy brush, I wouldn’t have to blend so hard. With a contour brush, it tends to pick up more product, so it will be more obvious on the face. So I will have to blend more. Just goes to show that this shade is darker for my face. Not so dark that it won’t work, but it’s dark that it can be use a contouring bronzer. I also can use this to warm up my face. Yes I say it’s a cool tone bronzer, but for some reason when it manage to swatch evenly, it’s warm. It supposed to be matte, but it kind of gives a light sheen. So it will be a good bronzer for all over the face too. So it really depend on your application. 

A good bronzer. Tiny packaging with a mirror. Two thumbs up. Oh, the cocoa scent will disappear after you use it a few times. I guess the scent is just on the top layer. So a bit sad about that. Maybe just one thumb up. Haha. 

My Daily Home Makeup Bag

Happy new year! Since I started work, I found that I don’t really have time to post as regularly. But I have lots of drafts that need to add in words to make it a proper post. So many of my post will be random and out of place, well worse than before, I can foresee that. So I apologize in advance that this blog is going to be more as what Singaporeans will call it “chapalang”.

So I wanted to share with you my makeup bag since forever. I love trying out new product, but there will some things that I just lazy to change out. In this case, it will be everything inside my makeup bag. This is not the pouch that I bring out with me, this is the one that I keep all my daily makeup in. I don’t use it daily, but I consider it my everyday makeup. So let’s take a look shall we?
I put everything in one small bag cause that is easier to haul over to my bed. I always do my makeup on my bed. I don’t have a proper dresser. Well, I used not to have, but now I do. (Just goes to show how long I have keep this post on draft.)
It is not much. But I do have every category I need. All my Laura Mercier product is in it. The foundation powder, concealer, mini powder, Jill Lowe concealer and Eucerin concealer are my face products. For cheeks I like to use my ELF blush and bronzer duo, so convenient. Until now, I am still using NYX eyebrow powder for my brows, see it lasted so long, and I did hit pan, but I should probably get a new one, right? I also will have a pencil for my brows as sometimes it is easier to use one. It usually be some Daiso product or my favourite ZA pencil.
For eyes, I have a mini eye shadow single as I don’t really use eye shadows daily. Oh, but I put my eye primer in the bag too. If I need to use to eye shadows, I just take out one of my palette or quad. Then mascara, this one it pretty much a staple. I will have at least 2 so I can switch it out. I like to have one natural one and one more dramatic. Then I will a travel size blush brush and an eye lash curler. Mine is getting quite old, but it’s so good. You cannot go wrong with Shu Uemura or Shiseido.

Lip product is the one thing that I will change out often. I usually will use whatever lip color I feel like on that day. So I don’t put them in here. But I will have lip products here cause you just have to remind yourself to use them.
So I just put one lip liner just for the fun of it. This is the Chantecaille lip definer in Discreet. A beautiful pinkish nude with a hint of glitter. It’s smooth and apply beautifully. A good lip product to be apply on its own. I love it.
I also have Cle de Peau lip gloss in shade 10. It’s a natural shade. Quite sheer actually. Brownish with golden glitter. I like the applicator. It just makes it nicer and easier to apply. Not a fan of the smell, the lipgloss is kind of sticky. See, a strand of hair is stuck to my lip. So I wouldn’t recommend it.
By Terry Or De Rose Baume Precieux is one of the most expensive gloss I own. Nit sure what it means, but it’s a limited edition gloss. Not only that, it claim to have real actual gold flecks in it. I mean it’s a gorgeous bottle. The light reflecting the gloss is just so pretty, like crystals and diamond in the sky, if the sky is light pink. It’s a clear glittery gloss, but the clear also has of a hint of baby pink. The glitters are gold and pink. It’s just pretty. Believe me when I say so.
Then of course it smells like roses. Putting on this gloss is just so luxurious. Applicator is a normal doe foot. The gloss is not sticky. It’s smooth and despite being sheer, do brings out the best of your lips. It can appear patchy when you have dry lips, but just rub them together and it doesn’t look bad. So not bad.
The only thing is that it hurts. I guess it’s the plumping effect. So this not only a gloss, it’s a lip plumper. A painful one. I love the tingling effect, but this one is just too much. So no, it’s not worth your money. Even though it said it has gold, but really I don’t feel it.

Best of ’14: Cheeks – ELF Conturing Blush & Bronzing Powder

For cheeks, this year I’ve been using the ELF duo a lot. Ever since I got it, it is the blush that I kept reaching out most of the time. Part of it is that I put this in my daily makeup bag, so that is why. Why it is in my makeup bag is cause it has a bronzer in it too. Plus the mirror really helps. I don’t use my makeup in front of my dressing table. I usually sit on the bed with a hand mirror nearby. My dressing table is beside my bed, so I will pop my head to look in the mirror on occasion. And so I put the makeup I use daily in a makeup bag that I can just haul over onto my bed.

So I really like this cause it is two product in one. Convenient for me and maximize my bag space.
elf blush and broze
People say it’s a dupe for the NARS Orgasms blush, but I really don’t think so. I am no expert as I don’t have the NARS blush but the blush here is much more lighter. There isn’t much pigment which is good and bad. Good in that you don’t have to be careful and use a light hand. You can just basically puff it on, and it won’t show up too much. Bad as it doesn’t show up. I guess people with fair skin will enjoy this one more.

It is a glittery finish blush, a light peachy pink, that is really pretty when swatch. On the cheeks, for me it doesn’t show up. But there’s a bit of glow. So that’s just alright for me. Daily makeup wise, I don’t really need colored cheeks. So I actually like it this way, plus I can always layer it up for the color to show.

The bronzer is also quite shimmery. Not a good contouring bronzer, but that’s ok, I still use it as one anyway with a very light hand. With that, the shimmer doesn’t show up too much; so all is good. It is especially good for warming up my whole face. So I do like it a lot.

This blush and bronzer duo is just very easy to use, really convenient and inexpensive.

Honorable mention: theBalm Frat Boys

Cargo HydraBronze

Cargo has such cute containers even thought can be a pain to twist them open. So I have the HydraBronze, which is

It says to hydrate the skin, improve the skin’s moisture level giving your complexion an illuminated look. I don’t know all that when I purchase this. But it has an above average review and I really want another bronzer and to try Cargo.

It bronzer is pretty with the details. But I rather like the plain surface as it’s the smoothest thing I’ve ever touch. The bronzer is quite light, rather shimmery. It has super micro flecks of gold. If you use it lightly and sparingly, I guess it can be a bronze color highlighter. This is not for contouring, but I can get away with it as I will just dust it lightly. It just complete the whole face. Plus using a brush, the gold specks are not that obvious.

Compare to my HG YSL Sunpowder, this is lighter. It is also not so orange. It will give a more define contour look as it is more “brown”. It is also gives you a more illuminated finish. While the YSL is more natural as it is more orange. So it has that I just stand under the sun for too long kind of finish. I like them both. I don’t think I need both to be honest, but I don’t think I can choose one over the other.

I think I need a matte bronzer, not that I actually need one. But it will be nice to have just for comparison purposes.

YSL bronzer

I love this baby. As I get tanner, I realize my face appear lighter with the foundation I am using. So I need to sort of darken my face to blend better. My option is bronzer. Instead of using them to contour, I use them all over my face, sort of.
It is slightly brighter and more orange than others I have. It looks like it has shimmer, but it doesnt transfer on the face. So its not exactly matte, but its not sparkly too. It doesn’t make me orange despite the color. In fact this bronzer suits me perfectly. It is pretty as a blush and it works as a contouring powder. I don’t really contour, just roughly go over it. I still don’t know how to contour properly so this is perfect. It’s light enough for it not to appear dirty but its pigmented enough for the color to show. I like to outline my face, so my hairline will be covered. With a lighter foundation, the color of the face is just so different from everywhere making you look weird. So bronzer is the way to go.
Even though its pigmented here, with a bronzing brush, it just nicely dust the face. I never thought I will be using bronzer as much, but I just love it so much. The prove, I got these a few weeks ago, and the YSL imprint is disappearing soon, if fact there is a little dent. I just love how natural I look with this. It just give me a glow but not a shiny one.

Summer Travels Makeup Product

So I went for a few mini vacations this summer. Mostly to places where the sun is scorching hot. In other words, places like Singapore. I couldn’t be bothered with makeup, but I just brought along a few things.

I got this makeup bag for free with purchase of theBalm products.

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