ZA Cream to Powder CC Stick 

The thing I like about ZA is that I know I always find a shade that match me. For this, my shade is natural. It’s a good match. It’s quite neutral, not cool or warm. It’s easy to apply. I like that when I apply on the skin, it really is a cream to powder finish. So it’s quite light. But it will still leave me oily after awhile.  So the shine free for 12 hours claim is wrong. This is not a full coverage. I would say it’s a more light to medium. I guess it’s just one of those product that it’s good to use daily as it’s not heavy. And if you have normal skin, this will be perfect. Even though it will turn powdery after, it just doesn’t give it much of a powdery finish. So yah, those with dry to normal skin will probably able to pull this off too. 


IT Cosmetics CC+

Yay to free stuff! Heard so much good thing about this, so I just have to try this. I got the shade medium. It’s quite a good match on me. It’s not exactly a full coverage cc cream, but it helps brighten the face a bit. I still have to use concealers on my undereye and big spots. If not, don’t need to really use concealer. 

It’s still thick on me I feel. On my face, it will turn quite oily eventually. But it’s alright. To me it’s nothing amazing. I don’t really understand why people say it is. But despite it all, it feels light on the skin. So yah, I wouldn’t repurchase, but I’m glad to have the sample to try. 

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

  • SPF30
  • Easy to blend
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Covers redness

This is in the shade Natural Fair which seems quite light when swatch. But the colour kind of blend into the skin, so it wasn’t as bad. As long as you use a bit, no problem. Too much and the cream doesn’t seems to blend right. I have to set this with a setting powder to make it look more matte. And it will last for about 6 hours till I look quite shiny around the nose area. For a moisture surge CC cream, it wasn’t very moisturising as even after a thick moisturiser, my skin still looks quite flaky. Not sure how I feel about this, but is not something I will repurchase. 

Ettusais CC Amino Cream

Got this cc cream and I like it cause it’s pink. But it’s all wrong for oily skin girl me. It’s a smooth application. Slightly on the lighter side. Not watery, not too creamy. It’s a nice texture. But it will be better for people with normal skin. After a mere 2 hours, my skin started to get oily after using this. It wasn’t a good look. So I have to blot the day away. 


UV Aqua White Trial Set

I have the toner, serum and cc cream. Purifying Toner is a typical toner. So nothing much to say, but it does contains witch hazel extract. The Daily Defense Serum is nice. It is light and absorb into the skin quite easily. It has a powdery scent is that can be a bit off putting if you don’t like scents. As the brand is UV Aqua White, I always associate it with UV rays, with SPF, but these products doesn’t contain SPF so they can be use for day and night. 

The CC Cream is for care, correct and cover. It has an exquisite blend of 5 botanicals with a SPF of 30. Have to shake the bottle if not it kind of seperate. The cream is greyish tone but once blended, it will be skin tone. It is a bit too light for me. So it brigten my face up quite a bit. A little goes a long way. This is to be used as a sunscreen, skin tone corrector and/or a primer, but the color is already quite pigmented so it will be good on its on. 

Do I like these? Yah, not bad. They are small, the perfect size for traveling. I wouldn’t really buy them as I thought they are for the sun, but I guess the name is kind of misleading. Well, at least to me. So it’s alright. Worth trying out. 


L’egere CC Creams

I am a bit skeptical when the sample product came in packaging with Chinese words. Not to say I am bias. It’s just usually these will be targeted to people with fair skin. It’s like the market out there shows the Chinese prefer to have white glowy skin that looks almost close to being oily. Anyway, it’s made in Korea and I have two here to try out.

One is the Magic Skin Beautifier CC which is a white color cream. The other is Aqua Soothing Essence CC which is a skin tone cream.
Surprisingly both creams are good for me. As in they suit me. Even though the Magic is kind of make my face fairer. But it’s a good thing. I mean even the Aqua does make my face brighter too. So they really is a cream for a fairer skin. The formula is the same. Both are light and easily spread onto the skin. I find that they are best used with fingers.

The best thing about this is that I do not have to use a powder to set. It just gave me beautiful matte looking skin. And they last. I don’t have crazy oily skin by the time I come home at night. So it is long lasting. I really do like them. Both of them.

Like most CC creams, they are not a thick coverage product, so concealer is still recommended. But I find that I do not have to wear a lot. So overall, they are good product. The Magic need to be blended more as it is white and can somehow show through along the hairline, but once done, it is beautiful. The Aqua is easier to blend as the color is skin tone, and it matches me. It will probably suit a wide range of skin tone. Well maybe anyone darker than me will not, but you know what I mean.

VDL CC Cream

I have no suckered into BB or CC cream marketing. I mean all of them are just face product to me. Whatever works for me, I will love.

This sounds promising as it said that it contains the technology to balance pale or dark skin tone for a flawless radiation and clear transparency. It fights off perspiration and oil for a lasting look. It also has a SPF of 25.
First thing first, this is way too light for me. My face just looks so white using this. The coverage is alright, but it is not light. You have to really blend for it to look natural. Oil control wise is alright, and I did use this to go to gym, and it stays put. So really it is just the shade that doesn’t match me.

This is why samples are the best thing ever brought onto the table. I think everyone should be given samples before they commit to buying the full size product. If you go huh? Guess you are not from Asia. We envy you people who can return back product.

Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

This is said to be the first CC cream with no colorant. Plus it is suppose to give you a one tone lighter skin tone. I am really intrigue.
It does brighten the face, a sure whitening product. Doesn’t makes your face look pale though. I really like it. It helps to moisturise the face without it looking oily. It’s a really good product. Especially good for those days when I look super tired. It just brighten the face up and makes me look more awake. Plus I just need to use this and I’m covered, well plus concealer. So no moisturiser, no sunblock. Just a lazy day remedy.
I like it, but I wouldn’t repurchase this. Not sure why I would not, but I just wouldn’t. Maybe when there is nothing else for me to try, I’ll go back to using this, but for now I’m happy without it. I guess there are just some days when I’m happy with my actual skin tone that I don’t want to look whiter. I don’t know, what you guys think of this product?

October Black Box

I heard of Black Box a long time ago, and I signed up for it. But I don’t really know how it worked. Cause some people actually managed to get this free box, and I wanted one too. Last month they emailed us saying how their website has change and you can ballot for a free box. You can secure a free box just by paying for $6 shipping. They only had 500 boxes for that.

I wasn’t very interested in the October box when I saw the participating brands. So I wouldn’t pay $6 for it. But I did try to ballot for it. I did not know I was successful as all I did was click the link and put my email address and they told me I am eligible for balloting. Then I had to log in but I did not know my password and I’m just lazy to check my email.

Anyway there was another email saying everything was sold out and 1500 boxes were successfully given out to the winners. A few days later I got an email saying my box will be sent to me between a certain time. It was like winning a lottery. How awesome!
So this is the box. Sorry for the longwinded story, but that’s practically how Black Box work. If you’re in Singapore, just sign up, try your luck. The next one is for December box, but the balloting has not start? I am not sure. I only got the email for securing the box.
So far, all I did was do a short survey online after I got the box to win full-sized products. That’s it. They never ask you to do anything, not even ask you to refer to friends. But good things must be shared right? And it’s unisex, so it’s really for everyone. Then again it’s free. You can always pass it to anyone of you don’t like it.
So I received a card with the description of the product like where to buy, how to use and also some discount coupons.
Lovemore Snailmucin Repairing Eye Patch.

VDL CC Cream has SPF 25. Have not try this yet, but it’s great to have for upcoming mini vacations.

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (sebum) is a really cool product. It’s a makeup remover and cleanser at the same time. You don’t need to wash your face after using this. Just rinse it if you want. A product after my own heart. The samples come with cotton pads, but I think the full size is just the lotion.

Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste who doesn’t love free toothpaste? It’s a travel size which probably cost $2 if you buy from Watsons.

Zappy Sampler Pack now this is cool.
Look at that, it’s all in wipes form and it has different type of purpose. I like the sunscreen one. How cool to use sunscreen with a wipe. It’s just so easy and unique. Plus it’s SPF50. I also like the insect repellent and well everything. Cause it’s all really useful to me. Per pack will cost around $2 – $5.50 and different type of wipes will contain different quantity. But I really think Zappy is really neat. Love it. Great to have for traveling or on the go.

Lastly, I got Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil which is a multi-purpose dry oil. I haven’t have this so it’s nice to get it. It can be use for the face, body or hair. This is shimmery which I think will be nice to use for parties while keeping your skin moisturized. I have an idea, put it all over your body and you can be the Cullen for Halloween, even though it’s over but I only think of it. Anyway, I like to put this at the ends of my hair to give them an extra sparkle. It doesn’t has a scent or anything though.

So ya that’s it for my free Black Box.

First Impression: Rachel K cc cream

Rachel K cc cream
I think Rachel K is awesome. As in the woman not the brand. I only tried this cc cream, so I can’t really say much about the brand. But the woman bring some glory to Singapore for “creating” the famous cc cream.

I am sorry to say this but I don’t like this product. It’s a thick beige color consistency. I find that with or without primer, it’s still hard to blend into the skin. I use primer on half my face. I really don’t like that kind of foundation as I do not like to tug on my skin. I find that it can be drying and it always flake. The main reason I don’t like this, my pores around my nose area is very obvious.

The cream itself is quite light on my skin. I am a MAC NC30-35. So I bronze my hairline on my forehead as the flakiness of the cream and the lighter color just looks like I have dry scalp. Anyway the cream oxidize and it turn out to be the exact match for my skin. Well at least it looks good to me overall. Except the nose area which I really hate and very conscious about. In the end I remove around the nose and just use a powder to cover it.

I use this for 10 hours. It doesn’t make me oily. But I don’t really get oily around my cheek. The t-zone test is a fail coz it’s a different product. So I can’t say about the oil control. I just know that they state the end effect is flawless, non-oily and radiant. It also has a SPF of 35. Really a pity.
I really wish that it had work for me. But it doesn’t. Oh well.