Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle

I always wanted to try this but I see no reason to pay $19.90 for it. I know, I always buy $40 concealers from Sephora but $20 ones give me second thoughts. I finally decided to get it in Perth. It’s cheaper at $13 but I just needed one you know as I was saving my currency for Sephora Aussie but turn out there is none in Perth.

I like how this is a sponge applicator that is not a wand. It just makes application easier. Unhygienic but I am not fussy on that. The consistency is so light. It’s like applying moisturiser. But at the same time there is a slight coverage. I feel that it’s not enough to really cover your dark circles, unless you apply a thicker coat.

I got one in shade 130 medium which is quite close to my skin tone. Maybe slightly lighter when I have a tan. But the colour is still good. It’s overall just a fuss free concealer that it is simple to use. But the lasting power, it’s not as good. It last the whole office timing, but not for dinner. So touch up will still be needed.


Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer 

This is a good concealer. Med-light neutral is a good shade for me. It blends in very well with my skin tone. It’s pretty much my skin tone. The consistency of the concealer is nice like gel like but very creamy, very blendable. I say gel like cause it is just very smooth when you apply it on the skin. The wand also help in that as it is a flat tip, easily glide on to the skin. 

So it really is naked skin kind of feeling with this concealer. 

The only thing I don’t like is that this don’t last long. I will come home with really obvious dark circle. I am not sure at which point of time the concealer will fade away, but I’m thinking around the 5 hours mark. If you don’t mind touching up, this is good. 

MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

$56 concealer. I feel that it is getting more expensive to try out new products now. If I go for drugstore, it will be about $20s. Highend will be about $40s. So I guess it’s about there. I finally choose a shade that is similar to my skin tone. After having lighter concealers, it’s quite refreshing to have one that is close to my shade. 

I like the nozzle, making it easy and give out more or less the right amount I want.  

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte – Sand

Work work work work work..
Rihanna has been busy. I didn’t really get excited about this until I realised it’s a launched that’s happening worldwide. Usually a new brand from the West will not enter Singapore that soon. Anyway, I just decided to try their stick concealer. It is basically just a multipurpose stick. If you get a darker shade, it can be a contour, lighter, highlighter. I bought this online at Sephora sale. Original price is $37. I wanted to buy the trio stick but it was sold out. 

So I got the shade in Sand. Based on online swatches, the shade seems right. In person, it’s a bit darker. But when I went to Sephora to compare the other shades, a shade lighter is too light, and a shade darker is too dark. So Sand is the right shade for me. 

Do I like this? It’s quite easy to apply. It doesn’t crease. It’s quite a good coverage for such a thin consistency. I do have a problem with the staying power. It won’t last the whole day. After work, I will still have to touch up. It’s not that bad, but as this is thinner than most other concealer I have, the coverage thin out a whole lot faster. 

Lock-it Concealer

I got the colour medium warm which seems to be rather light on me. But for under the eyes, the shade is actually good. It’s slightly yellow, brightening, quite pigmented but not cakey. It’s a good colour. The wand is quite big, but it grab so little product. So it sort of force me to use little concealer. If I want a proper full face makeup, I will have to dip the wand again for the other side of my face. 

Most of the time, I only used whatever amount was on the wand. It’s such a full coverage that the little amount is enough. I don’t love it, but it’s good enough for me. 

For $40, I don’t think I will repurchase. 

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

First impression: this is so sticky, but I know it can’t be right cause it’s quite liquidy on top. The jar is so tiny, it’s uncomfortable to use your finger to pick up the product. Also, it’s very shimmery, and blends to dissappear into your skin. I really don’t see the point of this. 

I tried googling this and the review is quite good. So while at Sephora I tried swatching with the display sample. It’s actually very creamy and not sticky at all. It’s also not cakey, the shade quite light on the back of my hand. So it is to be brightening, if the sample I have at home is not melted. 

Second impression: still hard to apply under the eyes. It doesn’t goes on smooth. I tried again with a RT deluxe crease brush. It’s a good side for buffing concealer. Plus the bristles fit the jar, so it’s a win-win. But still it wasn’t good. 

Third impression: by now, the product is clear of any wetness. So it’s a solid cream product. I dip my brush in, applied and behold, my dark circles are gone. For some reason, it just covered the blackness way. So good. I don’t even need to layer on with concealer. It goes on smooth, it covers well, not cakey at all. There is no crease and it just brighten up my undereye. If I don’t set it, it will be left rather shiny. It just had a sheen, it’s the brightening effect. 

A small jar will probably last me a long time. I won’t need to buy the full size. By then, I probably found something new to use. So yes I like it a lot, but I probably won’t buy the full size. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer

This is suppose to conceal dark circles, imperfections and discolourations. It’s also suppose to last all day. Warm beige is a slight yellow tone concealer. It’s a shade that should be good for anyone with warmer skin tone. When swatched, the colour doesn’t seems to match me very well. But I can get it to blend into the skin. It’s rather thick and sticky. So that’s good for the long lasting claim. But I’m used to easy to blend concealer that this take some time to get used to. 

Maybe if I have the patience, then I can use this with ease. But for now it just annoy me. I also find that if I rub it in, then this will not cover very well. So I don’t really like this. 

Moonshot Dark Spot Concealer – 301

I wanted to try something else from Moonshot. Of course I have to get the concealer. I’m just obsessed with concealers and I’m trying them one brand at a time. I found that the shade 301 once blended in is the perfect shade for me. I want to say that it looked peachy, but it doesn’t really cover my black eyes. Cause when I try to use this under my eye, I still can see the shadow underneath. I still prefer CLIO Kill Cover. (I know I previously said that Clio is not as good for the whole face. But I was wrong. I just got lazy and used it for my whole face. It gave such a good coverage and it brightened up my face whenever I used it.)

This is supposed to be better for under eye concealing. I found that it does a better job covering my spots. I guess cause of the shade; it matched my skin better.

The packaging looks alright but when you hold it feels cheap. The wand feels cheap too as it’s just feel light on the hand. It did pick up the right amount of concealer though so that’s nice. The product consistency is quite thick. It is a medium full coverage. But still show thru for deep dark undereye. Other than that, it gives good coverage; and the best part it’s easy to blend. Surprisingly for a thicker concealer, this blend quite well. So that is what I like about this concealer.

Anyway this is $29 from Sephora. So the price’s alright. I feel the more you use it, the more you will like it.

VOV Cover Pencil 

I regret buying this. It’s a dual ended pencil concealer. But both side is the same. The shade is a bit too light for me. So as a pencil, it’s mostly for spots but the shade doesn’t suit me. This is shade 23, which is their darkest shade I think. Also it just takes forever to cover a spot. I think I just don’t like pencil concealer in general. I find them a little bit too small. So I don’t use this at all. It’s just rotting in my drawer. It isn’t exactly expensive. I think it cost me $6. It’s still a waste though. Oh well. 

CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Concealer

This is one of the most pigmented concealer I have. This is in the shade 4-BO which is still very light for me. It’s a good shade for highlighting. This concealer makes my face very flawless. I guess cause of the pigments and the fact that it’s a light shade. So it just make my face brighter. The best way to apply this is using your fingers. A beauty blender will only make it sheer out which defeat the purpose. 

The other thing I find that this is not a good undereye concealer as it kind of irritate it. So this is not a good all rounder concealer for me. I will still have to use another concealer for whole my face. But CLIO is a brand mostly for fair skin people. So they do not have darker concealer shades. Not sure if this is the darkest, but I see all mostly is this kind of shade. But yea, not bad.