For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defence Cream

This is a skincare item. I guess it call itself a dd cream. And the dd stands for daily defence. It’s a peach tone cream to target yellowish and uneven skin tone. You are suppose to apply it on to the skin before sunblock. Which is quite weird actually. Thankfully my sunscreen is now the mist, so that makes everything much more convinient. They say to use this together with powder for a natural glow. I mean I use powder to lock everything in and to have a matte face. So it doesn’t do well for me these instructions. 

The product itself is good. It suits my skin tone. But it will leave me oily after 5 hours of wear. So that’s the downside. But I don’t really mind this, cause it really bring out the best in my skin. It really even out my skin, and as a quite medium to full coverage, it really covers imperfections. Only the undereye need extra concealing. So I really do recommend this for those who have combi or normal skin and looking for a “tinted moisturiser” with SPF30.