Cover Fx Mattifying Primer

Bought this at $25 from Sephora. It’s just a travel size primer. I feel that this is good for a short day. It doesn’t last long, so for a short event, this will do pretty well. I got this for the anti acne treatment. I think it’s quite good for that. It’s like very soothing and does help with calming the skin. I don’t love it as a primer, but I wouldn’t mind having this when my skin is a bit crazy. I probably will later I though just to have a longer lasting primer. But $25 a bit steep for 15ml, so I wouldn’t repurchase this. 

Faceit Primer UV Veil

This is a slightly pink primer. But of course it blends in to clear. It’s quite moisturing which is nice. But it sort of make my makeup look heavy. And after about 3 hours my face especially around the nose area started to get oily. So this is better for anyone with dry skin. It’s nice though cause it has SPF. I just wouldn’t buy this. 

banila co. Prime Primer 

This is a super shiny primer. I never expect it to be so shimmery. It suppose to be blurring. Which if you put on, you will look like a disco ball, but I guess it will blur imprefection as it will be quite hard to focus if your face is that shiny. But anyway, after concealers and powders, etc, it’s not as bad. It won’t give you matte finish, but it still works ok. 

To me it doesn’t let me look extra oily. It’s just normal. It’s just the initial shock when it turn out shimmery when I push it out of the sachet.   I would never buy this in the first place. But oh well, at least I know now. 

Pacifica Jasmine Iris Oil Control Primer

This is a weird product. I get 3 different consistency from this. 

At first it’s a very oily primer. And I’m like are you sure this for oily skin? Then I think maybe it’s the oil for oily skin. So with oil, your skin will think that there is enough oil on the skin so it won’t produce more. But this just doesn’t last. In a few hours my fave turn really oily. And the oily reason in the first place it doesn’t look as oily is cause the rest of my fave product is very matte. So I’ve been putting this aside. 

This cost me about US$19, so it’s not exactly cheap. I just have to find a way to use this. So I google this. There really isn’t much review on this. But I managed to find that it’s quite a gel like consistency. But more reviews, I find that some actually think that this is watery which is like in turn very oily. Then there are reviews that say this gives a very flaky finish. 

So after reading them, I tried it again. It’s really watery and it’s just very oily. Which I don’t think is the right consistency. I started shaking the tube and true enough it’s just liquid. So I try shaking trying to see if it will blend in and after a while, there is no more liquid in the bottle. As in you can’t hear and feel the liquid in the bottle anymore. 

The consistency now is a mix of thick liquid and gel. But on the face, it turns quite silicon like but for some reason some time, it becomes very flaky. I guess it’s not flakes, but it just leaves behind this residue – like those peeling gel kind of residue. It’s not a pretty look. So I will just wipe it away with a towel. Just brush it aside. 

And behold one of the best oil control primer ever!
It’s really good. I can use this and for the whole day my face remains good. It won’t be matte but it’s not looking oily. As compare to all my other primer, with the rest constant, this primer is the best one. But it just takes extra effort to brush away the residue after applying it. And sometimes there is residue, sometime there isn’t. 

So this is a really weird product to me. I really wish that it has a better consistency. I really wish that this work better. It’s a great product but it’s too hassle to repurchase. So I will say don’t bother. 

Primed & Poreless

I just wanted a primer for me to bring for holiday. I was going to a wedding, so I wanted one that it is small enough to bring with me, but something that will last. I never expect much from this as I never try this. So I was pleasantly surprise to find this lasting very long on my face. My face doesn’t get oily. It is just a good primer. It’s smooth, and easily apply. A bit silicon feel, but I like that. It is a skintone shade, but it is clear on the face. 

I feel that this is very similar to the Porefressional. It doesn’t have any scent though. And Benefit can last longer on me. I used this in Sydney. The weather is hot but not humid. Unlike Singapore, where makeup tend to wear off. So, this is really good, but not as good at humid weather condition. 

Esprique Beautiful Stay Make Up Base

I always thought this was a sunscreen, as the highlight was the UV50. End up this is a make up base. Well, I guess I wasn’t reading it carefully. To cut a long story short, I love this. I mean I really love it. It’s a good primer that makes my face looks flawless. It just create this clean brightening canvas. It mattifies too without being dry. I just don’t get oily from it. When you shake the bottle, it will rattle, so it makes think to shake the bottle before use. It’s just fun hearing the sound.

It is a grayish green primer, exactly like the packaging. It’s a thin liquid consistency. Easy to blend and spread around. As I said, doesn’t get oily, so I wasn’t scared applying a little more than needed. Well, I don’t need a lot of begin with, a few drop is enough. With UV50, I feel that it added bonus protection for my face, so this is a product I will recommend it to anyone. Even those with dry skin.

Prime Time

I think this is just a travel size, but I’m not sure. I also forgot how I got this. Probably it’s passed on from my aunt. Anyway, it is a oily silicone texture kind of primer. It feels like a gel infuse with oil. It glides on the face really smooth but it sort of leave your fingers feeling oily. At least for awhile. So even the skin feels a bit oily for a few seconds. But ya I do like it.

Especially if you have dry skin, I think this will be good as it feels oily which like hydrate the skin. At least the feelings of such. It also creates a really clean smooth canvas for foundations. How long it last, it fairly did well. I can’t say for sure how long lasting as I only use this for night time. But yes it last. Maybe not for 8/10 hours, but it sure stands up on its own. I just don’t really in love with this as it is not a primer for oily skin peeps. Sure they say it combats excess oil, but it doesn’t leave the skin looking matte. So it will just makes skin appear dewy and healthy.

I am torn. But yes all in all, I like it. I will use it but I won’t say it’s a holy grail for me. I will still find a better primer I will like more. But this is not bad.

Cle de Peau base de tient (fraiche)

cdp fraiche

So I tried the CdP tendre version, and I did not like it. This is the fresh version, and it is alright, but I still don’t like it. I don’t generally like CdP products. I feel they are better catered to dry mature skin. I sure do like some of their products. But just at this moment, I wasn’t such a big fan. This one just makes my skin very white. Like has a little white cast, other than that it wasn’t as bad actually. But yes it will leave my skin oily after sometime. So yah. 

Origins UV face protector

It is so watery and easy to apply. It is dark and won’t really suit anyone who is fair. I mean the color is blended when you put on, but somehow it just makes your face appear darker. I guess it is good if you want to look tan. Anyway, I find that it is oily, so I don’t like it very much. But it has a SPF of 35, which is quite high. Oh it has a nice scent too. But that’s pretty much it.