Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder

Marilyn is such a pretty golden shade. It’s shimmery. It’s light. It’s very subtle. Very pretty on the cheeks. It will give a very nice sheen. It’s pigmented, soft but not crumbly.

It reminds me of Mary-Lou Manizer, but theBalm is so much more pigmented. Only when you sheer it out, then the shade is quite similar in the dark. But Marilyn is much more deeper gold. Mary-Lou is very smooth to the touch unlike this. So this is better for people who don’t really want so much highlight. 

The case is a mirror reflection golden plastic. Looks cool from afar but when you hold it, it’s actually quite sturdy. For a plastic, it’s not bad. I also like that it has a clear plastic cover that seperate the pigments from the mirror. The compact itself is a good size, so it’s good to use. 

Really nothing much to say. 

Laura Geller Baked Highlighter – French Vanilla

The other day, I was looking to apply highlighter with a fan brush when I realized I did not have a powder highlighter. I have a few of the bronzer highlight or the tiny theBalm highlighters. But no proper highlighter compact, none that appeal to me at least. So I got this cause Becca is slightly too expensive for me to play around. This is a small compact. Not sure if it’s the full size or what. 

The colour is gorgeous. It’s really a French vanilla kind of shade. It’s not overly glittery. It just gives the right sparkle. Especially with a fan brush, this gives a very subtle if not a hint of glow – just a tiny bit. I haven’t see how highlighters are an advantage to me. As in sure I have those samples or in palettes and they are pretty. They will gives such a nice glow to the cheeks but honestly I don’t see how it’s something I need. I’m glad I have this, and I’m sure you can see the sparkle. But it’s not something people will go and say wow. So yes, liked it but don’t really need need it. 

Benefit Tints and Beam

Love this trio. It is either $37 or $32 in Sephora. It comes with 3 tiny 4ml Benefit’s tint/beam. Albeit pricey, but it’s good to try these out. The packaging is so cute and it comes with a brush like nail polish. 

Poise Tint is a poppy pink tinted lip and cheek stain. It’s a good pink and will really stain the cheek. So the way to use this is to dap on one cheek and blend and do it on the other side. On the lips, I’m surprise the colour do transfer nicely. My bottom lip appear more bright cause it’s lighter naturally. But overall it’s not patchy.
Sun Beam is a golden bronze complexion highlighter. Really gorgeous on the cheek. I dot this on the cheek and sometimes use it on the brow bone. It’s a really beautiful highlighter.
Cha Cha Tint is a mango tinted lip and cheek stain. It’s just an orange shade tint. Surprisingly this looks good on me too. It appears more light red on my lips. Again for the cheeks, just brush it on and blend. This can appear quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. 

Overall, no regret getting these. I enjoy using them. They’re a good stain and cheek colours. Small packaging is also great cause it’s hard to use up a full size anyway. I really love minis. 

MAC DSquared Sculpt and Shape Powder


Totally forgot about this. Found this in one of my old luggage. This is in Accentuate Sculpt. It is one side a soft light pink shimmery highlight and another a medium matte brown. My aunt used this a lot until she sort of hit pan on the contour powder and pass it on to me. It was so long ago, maybe 5 years or so? 

The colours are alright, I mean I should throw this away. And see how much of the contour is used up. Actually not a lot. It just cracked and tossed aside. But the brown is really a nice tone for crease and light contouring. It’s great for beginners too. As it won’t emphasized the contoured. I guess cause if your skin is darker, it won’t really show. 

Oh well, but you see, I should really not buy anymore makeup. I just have too many and I can never finished them up. Except face powders, eventually I will hit pan. 

Topshop 5 Years Anniversary Makeup

So pretty with all the rose gold packaging. I never tried Topshop makeup cause it doesn’t look as appealing in Singapore as when you were in UK. Anyway, I just wanted this collection cause basically it’s Topshop best sellers products. And what better way to try them out then to just get the ones in the pretty packaging.

So I have 3 of the lipsticks, Innocent, Rio Rio, and Bequiled. Am missing Ohh La La, which is a coral pink and Nevada which is a nude. The nail polish I have 2, Boy Next Door and Parma Violet. Missing Heart of Gold, Adrenalin and Green Room. Then I have the rest of the anniversary collection.

So let start with the lipstick.

Innocent is a light pink. Surprisingly, I can wear this with no problem. The color does suit me just fine. It is yore pigmented but you can’t always rub your lips as the colors will not be even. So I have to be uite careful using this. But it’s a good lipstick. A comfortable pink. 
Rio Rio is an orange red. Well it is a warm red but I always see an orange undertone. And even on my lips it kind of appear more orange. Pigmented and not n easy lipstick to use. So a lipliner is recommended. This is suppose to be a matte lipstick. But it doesn’t appear to be so. When swatch, it is not shiny, but on the lips it is not matte. 
Bequiled is another matte lipstick. But as you can see it is not matte at all. It’s a beauty, but not an easy one. This is definately a good color to use for dinner, but I find that it doesn’t really appear even. It is quite hard to smooth it out. It won’t be as bad in person but  a close up picture, you can see that it is not as clean. A lip liner is a must. 
Glow in Polished is a beautiful highlighter. Not a fan of highlighters but I’m glad I got this. The color is just so pretty. A champagne pigmented cream that blends out to a glow sheerness. I thought it is a solid form in the pot. So I just dip my finger in. I end up making a dent cause the product is so soft. I thought it will be like a color tattoo, but no, this is soft and a little goes a long way. The picture doesn’t do justice on how pretty the color is. 
Cream blush in Head Over Heels is a beautiful coral pink blush. The perfect blush for the summer. The cream is a nice consistency. It will turn to powder once applied. It blends well and can be sheer out if you think that is too much. Love it.  Magic Liner in Engraved is a felt tip. It’s really dark and easy to apply. I have to barely touch my hand and the ink will flow. It takes about 5 seconds to set. If not it will still smudge. I haven’t really test how long this will last as I am not an eyeliner kind of person. 
The nail polishes are average, lovely colours but nothing special. Boy Next Door a pretty light greeny blue. Perfect for the beach to contrast the water. Parma Violet a pretty lilac color which I feel I have a lot of. I need to take 3 coats to get a full swatch in the nails. The brush is thin, but it is ok. They dry quite fast which is good and finished shiny without needing a topcoat. Overall not that bad. 

So yah, the collection is a pretty packaging and I just love them. The products I got are alright. The lipsticks I feel can be better, but the rest are good. I am not sure if Sg will have them, as I got mine from London. If buying in £ and living there, the price is good. But if I have to convert them to S$, I feel that they are quite ex. Anyway the shades are not limited edition so if there is something you want to try, you can always get the normal matte black and white packaging which is also quite pretty. 

YSL Touche Éclat

The magic of Radiant Touch is real. It truly is a product that gives a radiant finish to your face. It manages to reduce the appearance of black eyes. Easy to apply, easy to blend and doesn’t crease.
The packaging is beautiful but will leave lots of finger prints behind. And the bottom click where you have to push to get the product out; I’ve accidentally click that a few times. Messy but ain’t as bad as tube packaging.
I have shade no. 2 Luminous Ivory. It is too light for me. This is chosen cause my aunt bought this and it comes in a duo pack. So she gave me one. The SA match this shade perfectly for her, and she’s so much fairer than me. But it does works for me too. Shade 1 is a bit darker than 2, as 2 is made with a pinkier undertone I think that’s what the SA said, don’t quote me. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful under eye concealer / highlighter. I really love using this as I find my face visibly brighter and I don’t look so tired. I will be saving money to get one in my shade. Recommended.

Vivo Blush & Highlight

Do I need another blush? No!
But I’m just a shopaholic and I want to buy them all. The price is good and the colors good. There are just a time when you pink and you have to have pink everything, and there are times I have to have peach, and so I have this. It’s a good handy blush palette with a cream, powder blush and one shimmery highlighter which is better a blush as it is super pigmented.

I mostly use the centre powder blush, as that’s the prettiest among the 3. Well it is just lighter as compare to the cream blush. All 3 are pigmented so a light hand is required. But really for the price which is less than $10, it is a really good trio. I don’t really use the highlight but it looks nice as a blush. The instruction told you to use the cream blush, follow by the powder and dust the highlight, but it is already just on its on. Following the instruction just help to prolong the wear of it.

CDP Brilliant Enhancer

Another thing being into makeup will teach you the power of highlighting. As my skin is oily, I don’t really like to highlight. However sometimes it is just needed.

I have here is the Cle de Peau brilliant enhancer which is in a clicky pen form. The product will come out from the brush much like those Stila Glazes.
The highlighter is gorgeous. So sparkly, so shiny. A little goes a long way and as it’s in a pen form, it’s easy to apply. I don’t highlight the bridge of my nose, just the cheekbone. And it gives the most beautiful sparkle when it catches the light.

It can be quite an obvious highlighter but you can sheer it out and it becomes very subtle. it isn’t cheap just like every Cle de Peau product, but it’s justifiable.

Pixi Energy Blush

Got this beauty in no. 3 Naturally Sunny. I thought it will contain a bronzer and a blush. It looks very natural online. End up it was a blush and glow. More on the highlighter side. I don’t highlight my face, so I was not so happy at first. It contains Awakening blush & highlight duo + brush.
The packaging is cute. Kinda bulky, like foundation powders. But I do love the baby lime green color.

It states that these pick-me-up colours will transform you from tired to on-top in a swish. Nothing brightens and awakens the fact like a flattering blush and highlighter. Use highlighter on brow & cheekbones and blush on apples of the cheeks for maximum awakening effect. I guess that’s why the highlighter is more, cause you are suppose to use it on the brow too. That’s my logic.
The brush compartment is a pullout one. For some reason I find it really cute. Anyway, the brush is pretty dense. Not bad quality, but not the smoothest I own. For the product itself, the colors are actually pretty. It’s pigmented and last a long time. When swirl together, the color doesn’t really show. It’s above the two colors swatch. Nonetheless it’s a lovely combination.
I do not have a very long cheek jaw area. Sometime trying out contouring, I always feel that it’s so close to the jaw area. Same with blush. When I apply on the apples, it’s like no more space to highlight. But my face shape is oval.
So with this, it seems like highlighter, blush and bronzer are put on all at once. The awakening blush is actually a nice shade as a bronzer. I never thought I look awake using this, as I don’t see the highlighter on my cheek. I use it with a light hand, but it gives me a wonderful glow. It just freshen your face up. I love it. It really is an energy blush.

Bellabox September

When they tell us that we will be getting something pink, I was excited. I like all things pink. My box is pink, the card is pink, but other than that it wasn’t as pink as I would have hope.

First up, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. I was so delighted when I saw this in the box. Two months ago, I got the Hot Mama instead and was feeling quite disappointed. Cause I heard so much rave about this highlighter. True enough it so soft and pigmented. The powder is really smooth, another product I will love touching for sure. But its so small, I don’t want to hit pan on it. I like the sample size, its just cute and compact. Love the magnetic closure. Love it better than Hot Mama. Hot Mama is not as smooth to the touch. And look at the color, its gorgeous. One down side, I do not have pointy nose, so putting it down my nose, just make my pores seems so much more obvious.

Next, La Clinica Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion facial Exfoliating Scrub is a harsh scrub. The micro-demabrasion is so tiny and feels like soft sand. It really does feel refine, however when you wash your face, it is very harsh.

Indio Cosmeceutical Renew Cream is a night serum. It is said to be anti-aging cream designed to soften the face. At first when I put this on, there is a slight tingling. It said to be expected. So I wasn’t concern about it. It also said to use for a period of 6-8 weeks. So with this 10mL sample, I wonder how to achieve that promised skin. Besides, I really hate the scent. It’s like a sour smell that linger. I can’t sleep, and my hands smell as bad. From the tube it is just like any other face cream scent, but after awhile, the sour smell emerged. It’s oily on the face, but when I wake up, it seems that it has all been absorbed. So its quite nice. But the scent. Ugh!

Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 I had this sample before. So it was kind of disappointing getting this. Plus it doesn’t look it was the full 25mL. I already did a review of it here.

Sugar and Butter lip polish. It’s just nice as I finished my lip scrub. I got mine in Vanilla Latte. The scent is lovely, remind me of coffee bread with a hint of cinnamon. The scrub itself its gentle, so not really a big fan.

Wish Formula Jjoyy Bubble Peeling Pad is so fun to use. I really enjoy using it. Now I feel like getting a proper wash cloth. Its a powder puff but filled with soap. It cleanse the face really well. My foundation get removed so easily. They say you need to so call exfoliate your skin in a 28-days cycle. So I guess if using this once a month, it should be fine. Cause for $6.50 per pack, it can get pricey if you use it daily.

Dr Morita Eye Mask is like a normal mask. Instead for the whole face, its for the eyes. Maybe a bit of puffiness disappear, but I wasn’t so sure. It doesn’t feel any special.

Lastly, I got this Recoliv Beauty Collagen which is a unique blend of German collagen, French olive and red grape extract. It claimed to be pleasant in taste and conveniently packed. I can tell you I had a hard time tearing the packet open and it taste really bad. I don’t know, I just hate it.

So yah. That’s what I got in my September Bellabox and for the first time, I tried it all before the month end.