caolion Pore Sebum Control Moisture Stick

I am just a sucker for this kind of product. I always seem to buy them but I never really did like any. I like them enough but they’re just redundant. This moisture stick is tiny and cute. It’s suppose to act as a primer to control oil and cover pores. But it can be used before or after makeup. I mean it’s really a moisture stick. They said if your face gets oily, maybe you just lack moisture. Anyway, when my face especially around my nose gets oily, this does work at removing the oil. The sides of my face looks rather dry; this will comes to the rescue. It’s multipurpose. 

I like that it’s cooling upon application. I like that it’s a stick form that’s quite small. Application on the go is possible. I bought it at Sephora for $16. But I wouldn’t repurchase this. 


License To Blot

I just wanted to try this. I can’t remember who said that this was the best invention ever. So ya I just had to try it. It’s a blotting stick. A triangle 4.3g worth of product. It has a rotating knob at the bottom. It is small enough for the purse but I don’t know. I just don’t really love it. I still think a powder or blotting paper still works better. 

Oh but one thing this works if you do not want to look very matte. This just gives off that fresh look. Like you won’t look oily anymore but also not matte. So it’s not so fake. If you prefer a dewy finish at least. 

I won’t say it last for 6 hours, but maybe 3? So for the $39 price tag, this is not worth it in my opinion. 

Cle de Peau Translucent Corrector for Pores

Even though this is a pore smoother, I use it as a primer.

Super smooth to apply.
Silky, love touching my face after.
Not very good, leaves my skin oily.
Not efficient, it’s not obvious whether the foundation stay longer or not. But I decided after using a few times, it makes the foundation last longer.
Makes skin very smooth, makes application of foundation easier.
Makes pore more obvious, which is the only downside. But again if I use a better moisturizer it wasn’t obvious.

Anna sui pore treatment gel

At first I have no idea what this do. Until I research it and it turn out to be a pore smoother. I thought it was a scrub or something. It would have been much more useful. Anyway, it basically is the same as the ZA pore smoother.

ZA pore smoother

20121011-232553.jpgSo this is something I thought will make my pores look smaller. I guess in a way, it just wishful thinking. In the end, it just smoothen out the pores, like covering it. Making it look smooth from afar. If you zoom in, it is still there visible. So it wasn’t something I used very often, unless I really have super visible pores I forget to take care of the night before.