Cailyn Illumineral Foundation Powder

This is a mineral powder that is quite shimmery in a good way. It just gives you a healthy glow to the skin. It’s the perfect powder for summer. Preferable for anyone with normal skin. My oily skin can get away with this for maybe about 4-5hours. I still like it cause the shade I have Natural Beige is quite a good colour on me. So it just gives me a very healthy glow. 

The attachment brush is alright. It’s short and quite puffy. It’s good for buffing around. It’s also nice for traveling, cause you don’t need to bring an extra brush. But this is not user friendly when you go out and use it in public toilet. Too messy and I prefer a clean counter area. 

I still prefer solid pressed powder as compare to loose powder, but I know loose is supposedly better. I just can’t find myself loving them as much. Oh well, maybe once I actually get a proper makeup table, then I will actually enjoy using loose powder. For now, this is only for when I look quite sick, and want to have some colour on my face. 

Bought at $37.70 on sale. 


neuve Oil Bolt Powder

This is TW160 and can be found pretty much everywhere. I got mine at Watsons. I just wanted to try it, since it just seems so popular. It’s a mini compact, rather quite. Anyway, it’s part of Shiseido group, so I’m like all onboard with this. It’s a nude shade compact powder. However when you swatch, it’s a whitish powder. It’s just a one shade kind of product for oil control. I used this for touch up which is what this is good for. I wouldn’t recommend this as a setting powder, cause it will just disappear. 

I think this is best for teenagers to bring to school and powder their face. It just so compact and comes with a puff which has a nice texture. I know a lot of people don’t use the puff on the powder compact. But I think it’s very convenient to have one. Especially for on the go. 

Too Cool For School Velvet Pore Pact

Trying to find something from Japan/Korea that is specially for oily skin is actually quite hard. A lot of their product is targeted for dewy healthy looking skin. I rather have a matte look with glossy lips. Even those that are targeted for oily skin usually don’t do so well. Anyway, I just tried this cause the words “pore pact” in it. I’m just assuming that it’s to reduce the look of pores which in turn reducing the look of oil. 

The powder is a white, green and pink pressed. But it’s just white when you swatched them. The only problem I have with this is that it’s not long lasting. So it’s ok for touch up. But I will still need to apply again after 3-4 hours. But it’s ok, cause it’s quite a thin compact. It’s just slightly on the pricier side in my opinion. About $20 something and I don’t think it deserves to be that much. But I’m just quite bias. So yah, will not buy this again. 

Manhattan Soft Compact Powder

This is in the shade 9 Chocolat which looks really natural on the pan, when swatched looks quite ashy, on my face though, it looks pretty dark. This is a shade that will be alright on me during summer. When I have a bit of a tan, this will be perfect. Even though it sort of match my skin tone, it just makes my face look darker. I guess it kind of oxidize on me. 

While the powder is a semi matte finish, it doesn’t last as long. But I mean it’s fine, you can always touch up. The packaging is bulky. There is a very thin sponge which you can use on the go. But it’s just thin and not a good quality one. I don’t like using it. Overall, I don’t like this. 

Astor Anti Shine Mattitude Powder

The packaging and feel of this powder remind me so much of the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder. I think it’s probably the same. I never think much of this as it’s just a setting powder for me. The packaging make it not feasible for me to bring it around. I got the shade 3 which is a perfect match for me. 

My face is not extremely oily these days. But I still need setting powder to keep in control. So this help. This can last me for like about 5-6 hours. It’s alright for work. The oily part of my face will on my forehead and around the nose. Other than that, my face is normally okay. So yea, this is alright. But the Rimmel one is more readily available while Astor can only be found in some part of Europe. 

TBS All-In-One Face Base

This is a powder foundation. The problem with this is that the colour is way too light for me. I can’t use the sponge provided as it will be too obvious on my skin. So the only way to use this is with a fluffy powder brush. It’s not exactly a powder for oily face. But after a few uses, it adjusted to my face. Or the other way round. I can use this to last for 8 hours. So I think it’s really not bad. But yah, I don’t use heavy moisturiser or serum so that could also help. 

It’s not exactly my first choice when it come to powder. But this is quite pigmented if use with the sponge. So not bad. Just wished that I got a darker shade. 

Agent Zero Shine

I have mix feelings about this. For the most part, I like it. Let’s talk about the packaging first. It is quite small and about 10cm long, so it’s quite handy and easy to toss into the bag. I like that the powder dispenser can be turned to close and open. The bottom can be unscrew and you will get a brush that can be slightly more fine. The brush has a side plastic thing that will have to be push down to let the bristle free. Then you will pull up to tuck the bristle in to secure the brush back to bottom of packaging. The thing is that plastic is quite short. So I still have a hard time screwing the brush back in.

The powder is a nude shade. A bit on the lighter shade. I guess it is suppose to be transparent anyway. But it is not bad. It is mattifying. But this is one powder that is good for touch up. It is not long lasting, so using this as a setting powder will not work as well. I usually use this when I come home from work and I will have to go out dinner. So I just pour a bit onto the cap and use the brush with a swirl to pick up all the pigment.
I can keep doing it for a few times to cover my face. So I feel a normal powder will do better. Or loose powder in bigger surface area to pick up the product.

So is this something you should try? I will say no. But if you get it for free or something, then I guess it is fine. And it is quite cute to take this out in front of everyone.

Sephora 8hr Mattifying Pressed Powder 

I never knew the compact foundation and compact powder could be so different. The foundation is much better. They both are in powder form, and like powders, are all on the sheer side. Granted foundation has a better coverage. They both are meant to be mattifying. But, the powder is really quite useless. I feel like it just coat my face for a couple hours then that’s it. 

The colour is also a bit different. The foundation is more yellow tone. I think the only nice thing about the powder is that it is much smaller. There is no sponge, no mirror. So basically you have to use your own brush or sponge to use. So it’s also not good to bring around. Ya, I wouldn’t recommend this. 

Mica Bella Starter Kit

I don’t really know why I got suckered into buying this. I don’t really care much about mineral makeup. I don’t really fancy loose powder products. But I just got suck into buying this. IMG_0791.JPG

So this come with 2 foundation shades, a blush, shimmer powder and 3 brushes. The swatches are as followed. Shimmer in 8 Tease, foundation shade in MF2 Sandstone, blush in MB5 Terra Cotta and foundation in MF5 Cappuccino. 

The shimmer is quite standard. A pretty shimmery golden neutral. Can be use on its own or as a top up. 

The blush is more of orangey shade. Looks good on a tan. It’s pigmented and not powdery. I kind of like it, but you have to be careful on the way you apply. A stippling blush will be good as you don’t pick up a lot pigment. 

The foundation shade, Sandstone is way too light. Cappuccino is way too dark. Even missing the shade, it’s still a bit too dark. I have to add a few more loose powder from different compact. Also the powders are not fully matte. But it does bring a nice full look to the face. 

The brushes are small, good to toast into the bag. Not exactly the best, but it’s ok. 

Wouldn’t exactly buy this again. But oh well. 

Cover Fx Pressed Mineral Foundation 

I wanted to own one Cover Fx thing. And I end up choosing this cause I am not really a big fan of liquid foundation. I bought this on sale for $52.80. I tried searching for the shade that will match MAC nc30/35 and Internet says that N35 is the right shade. But when I open this, my, the colour is quite dark. But when swatched, it actually blend into my skin really well. It’s my exact colour. I’m like so wow by this. 

I usually use the sponge provided to apply this. It’s quite convenient as its just under the powder. So bringing this compact around is possible as the sponge is in it. The sponge is also quite dense and springy kind. 

The powder has a light medium coverage. It blends easy but I just think that the claim of for oily skin is not enforced enough. It doesn’t last long. I will have slight oily face especially around the nose by mid day. So I will not recommend this for super oily skin. 

The compact is also made of plastic and the first time I take it out of the box, I feel that the compact is very cheap. It just gives that plastic light feel. So I wasn’t very impress with this.