La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream

This is a tinted moisturiser. It’s a very light shade. So it’s super brightening on me. But after application, my face appear to be quite dull. It’s almost grey. I like that the application is smooth though. It has a scent just like all the la prairie product. I think it’s their signature scent. I’m not a big fan of it. So it’s quite unpleasant I feel. But it’s a nice moisturiser cause it makes my face feel smooth.


Garnier Miracle Skin Cream


This is a white moisturiser that when you rub onto your skin will turn to a nude shade. It’s rather cool and unexpected. But I feel this kind of break me out. At least it feels that way. So this must the cause of my pimples. 

Anyway it’s not a thick cream. It easily blend. And even though it has colour, but it suits most skin type. The shade hardly can be seen on the face. Even though is for all skin type. I still think it’s best for normal to dry skin. It’s a bit heavy on oily skin. It will make your skin shiny quite fast. Not a big fan of this. 

LM Tinted Moisturiser

 Just had to try again. This time I got in shade nude. The swatch is alright but I feel it is still not the perfect shade. I think I should have choose Bisque or Sand. But according to the creme compact, Blush is a good match for me. I guess it really depend on the look after I blend it. 

Still the same. It doesn’t leave my skin matte so it’s better for colder months. But this spread so much easier than the last time I tried. I feel now I am so much choosier in term of finding something I like. I mean I like a lot of things. But I will be more incline to say no it’s ok but I don’t like it. Last time I ok, but I will try to make it work. Now, what doesn’t work, I try to give it away to people who like it better. 

So, this is still a so-so. Maybe when I finally find the best shade that fit and my skin is more stable, I will like this better. It’s still a great tinted moisturiser. I just feel for an oil free one, it’s not great.  

The Ginza Hybrid Day Protection

This is kind of a mixture of sunscreen and serum and foundation. I guess it’s more like a bb cream. I will put this under tinted moisturizer. But this is a really nifty product to own. It’s so easy to use. The color is kind of a shade light for me. But it does blend into the skin really well. It doesn’t look oily but it’s moisturing. It has a SPF of 30. It really is one of the best product I’ve used this year and that’s really something. 

The Ginza is under Shiseido. I am not sure if it is a sub brand or it is a collection. I’m really bad at researching. But 


LM Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact

With a nice SPF 20, it was the ideal product to travel with. It is not as messy as liquid foundation. The packaging is not the most sleek, but it is alright. It is not their usual dark purple case, but the color of its primers (tube) counterpart. There is a mirror and a separate department for storing the sponge. Application is with said sponge and so it is really easy. Tinted moisturizers are not full coverage, but this can be layered without looking cakey.
I got the shade Blush which is the perfect shade for me. When swatch, it looks lighter but blends it out and it matches my skin tone. So finally I got one that is a good match for me. I prefer this as compare to the liquid one. The application is better.
The con is that this is not meant for oily skin. So it is pretty pointless using this, after 2 hours my face will get really oily. Heck even after blotting, it gets oily after 5min. So that is really the only thing I don’t like about this.
I know I should get for oily skin, but usually most brands, their original is pretty much the same as the oily skin ones. At least the result they give me, so if I were to judge base on that assumption, I feel that LM is targeted more for dry to normal skin. Maybe one day I will try the oily skin version and compare. One day.

Chantecaille just skin

Chantecaille just skin anti-smog tinted moisturizer comes with SPF 15.
– nude
– easy to blend
– light to medium coverage
I have no idea why I put nude, but there it was. I guess the color is nude, like it matches my skin really well. I like the packaging as the tube has a good control of the amount to dispose of the cream. So you won’t be wasting product.
It is not watery, not thick also. It blends easily. It feels comfortable on the skin. It gives a dewy finish. Eventually I can see that my face appears oily. However I don’t feel it. It doesn’t break me out which is nice. As a tinted moisturizer, I sometimes feel lazy to moisturize before hand. So on those lazy days, this is perfect for me.

Laura mercier primer and tinted moisturiser

I had this for almost a year. I just did not want to use it for some reason. Thanks to the tinted moisturizer, I finally tore the foil cap and use it. I tried with the foundations I have at the moment. I tried it after moisturizer. I tried it on a clean face. The packaging said I can use either way. I like it as it is soft/watery feels like gel and just goes on easily. It is clear and gives an invisible layer to give your face a smooth canvas. It dry pretty alright, doesn’t break me out. Helps to prolong my foundation. Helps to smooth out foundations making them so much cleaner and nicer overall.

It is pricey, I wouldn’t buy it again as I like long lasting foundation in first place. So I find that this is a redundant step. I guess it is nice for an important day or night to use a primer. But for daily, not a big fan. Oh except to cover my pores. So wait, I guess it is quite an important step. But if you have really good foundation, then you wouldn’t need a primer right? But this doesn’t really hide my pores, so its not the primer of my choice.

Tinted moisturizer in porcelain which is the lightest shade. It’s just a tube shared between cousins, so each one of us get a bit of sample. It is an ok tinted moisturizer. It is not as moisturizing. As it is really hard to glide onto skin. It gives a sheer and smooth finish, once you managed to cover your whole face. The best way to apply is using your fingers. Using brush is just too jerky. From the picture, you will think its watery. It looks like it, but it is pretty thick. Strangely it becomes a light coverage.
Application with the face primer is much better. Any primer will do. It is still hard to apply, but blend a bit easier.
Anyway this is oil-free, one of the thing I like about. It doesn’t give a matte finish, but it isn’t oily. I still have to apply powder to set it, but the oil control is moderate. Pretty much last until I want to take them off. Porcelain is too light for me though. But yes, this is where the bronzer comes in.