Dior Eyeshadow Palette – 508 Nude Pink Design

Dior so pretty, shadows so soft. But I just cant get it to stay on my lids. This palette has a liner (5), which is nice. It is a deep brown shade, but looks more light when drawn.

The base (1) is a soft pink. The colour (2) is a sparkly pink. The shadow (3) a nice warm taupe. The highlight (4) is a sparkly pink base. It just sparkle, but that is pretty much it.

The colours are soft and can be slowly build up. But the sparkle make it hard to have a proper eye look without going to blind anyone. I find that the colours do fade and all is left is the glitter. So this is not a palette for me. No matter how pretty.


Naked Flushed

Do people still use this palette? It’s a bronzer, highlighter and blush trio that is quite popular ages ago. It’s just nice to have a palette dedicated to the cheeks. It’s not exactly special, but it’s just convenient to have. 

I have mine in Naked. The bronzer is golden shimmery. Perfect for the extra sun kissed glow. The highlighter is on the pinkish side. The blush is a rather shimmery pink. All are pigmented but forgiving. So you can use any type brush and you won’t really go wrong applying these. It’s good for beginners and travellers who doesn’t want to bring a lot of products. 

So ya, I mean I prefer all things matte, but this is not bad to have around. 

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue – Light/Medium

Bought this cause I wanted Stila and I don’t want to buy their lipgloss. I decided to try this pallete which cost £23.33 after tax rebate. Was contemplating if I should get the fair/light or light/medium. I wanted light eyeshadows and a natural flushed cheeks kind of colour. In the end I bought the light/medium cause I think it’s better to play it safe. 

The shades are pretty similar but I think the lightest blush shade will be too light on me and the base colour the same. For this one, both the blushes are quite soft but it still swatches well. It’s not so pigmented when you pick it with brush. So it’s good for the subtlety that I wanted. The pink one charming is a matte blush, hardly show up on my cheeks though. So I have to use the right brush to pick this product up. But on certain lighting, you can see the colour on the cheeks. It’s just not obvious. The nuetral one is call angelic – a terracotta shade. 

The eyeshadows are also very light. This palette is good for everyday use. To use it for night time, you just have to layer them or use your fingers. You can use the shadows wet which will intensify the colours. Only the highlighter and the lid shadows have shimmer, the rest are matte. 
base – artistic
highlight – dazzling
crease – spontaneous
lid – ambitious
liner – mischievous

The shadows pigments have a lot of fallout. So it’s quite annoying to apply when you are in a hurry. A wet version should be better. But in the end as long as you pad the shadows in place, there should not be a problem. 

I would not purchase this if I had known. I don’t regret having it but there are better palletes out there. This is just compact and no hassle of brush, highlights and bronzer which I don’t really need in my palette. The gold packaging is nice, but I wish it doesn’t have the leopard print on it. Oh well, doesn’t matter. I will still bring this palette as an oversea-trip-all-in-one-makeup for daily use. I mean most of the time I don’t bother with makeup, but you never know when you need to dress up. So it’s just handy to have this. 

I Love My Shu Shu Palette

This is a 2015 limited edition palette from Shu Uemura. It cost Us$69, so it’s rather pricey. I was given this and kept this in the box until a month a guy. So I’ve been playing with it for awhile now and it’s not something I would use. It’s just too colourful for me. I like the pigments on the shadows, but the colour is just not me. It has 2 great purple shadows, and a gorgeous deep forest shade but I feel that you still need a nuetral palette to complete a look. And there’s a light pink highlight, which is darker on the pan. 

The blush is a nice pink. Very pigmented too. It’s wearable so that’s good. It’s a fun palette. Definitely good to bring out for summer fun. Plus they do last well on the face. But yah, it’s just not my cup of tea. 

28 Colour Eyeshadows

I bought this cause why not. It’s not too expensive. With coupons and stuff, this cost me about $10. I think so. There is no brand. It’s just a plain plastic packaging with 28 shades. It ranges from shimmer to matte. This is a waste of money. Some shades are better than others. Some pigmentation is a bit patchy. Some pigmentation is alright. Some is quite good. 

The first 3 rows are quite weak. Sure the colour get washed out by the camera, but it’s just so bleh. The shades all look similar. Sort of. The shadows themself are quite ok. It’s smooth to the touch, but it’s not fine. It doesn’t feel as nice. Row 1 shadow 4 is like very powdery. 

The middle rows, the 4th and 5th are better. The colours are quite good. I mean they’re nicer than the first 3 rows. And it is quite nice to have a purple I guess. Even though it looks much lighter in the pan. Row 4, the second colour is my skin tone shade. Beside it, is the same except it’s glittery. 

The last 2 rows are the most pigmented ones. I especially love the last row first shade. It’s a deep brown with a hint of purple. It actually look more purple here. But this one the pigmentation is superb. Below it, it’s also very pretty. I should depot all these shadows and choose the ones I like. 

I think now there are a whole better shadows out there. So this is not a good buy. There are a lot of these 28 shadows pan that are better in quality. Some are branded and some is just an OEM. I feel most of them come from the same factory anyway. But ya, it’s still fun to play with makeup. I just wish I have little kids to play with these shadows. Cause I think this will be a great palette for them to play. 

Bobbi Brown Scotch & Soda Palette

This is a pass on palette given by a makeup artist. I just had to take the opportunity to play with it. It’s a warm palette filled with a mixture of matte, shimmery and slightly frosty shades. They are all quite neutral with gorgeous highlight shades and a deep matte brown. I’m not a fan of black shadows, so dark brown is the perfect replacement shade for me. So this is an ideal eyeshadow palette for me. I love all the shades. I don’t like the packaging though. I’m not a big fan of crocodile skin pattern kind of things. But I guess that is what it gives character to this palette. The mirror is a good size mirror. This is a good traveling palette. 

Shadows are smooth, buttery. Easy to apply. Colours blend effortlessly. As always, end of day, the colours all seem to merge into one. Despite using primer, most of the time the shadows all look the same on my eyes. But if I just use a lid colour and a transition colour, it will not be so muted. So no complain. I think Bobbi Brown shadows are good for beginners and artists alike. 

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 3 Palette 

I got this ages ago. Basically to compare the difference between this and MUA palette. But this is the dupe for Naked 3. I don’t have Naked 3 so I can’t compare them. But I’m loving the shades enough as they are very rosey and golden. It’s a good combination of matte and shimmer shade. A good balance of warm and cool tone. The shadows are pigmented, and not much fallouts. 

Now I’m not a big fan of the layout of shadows. It’s long and narrow and I find that it’s so hard to use your finger to get the shadow. It’s hard to tell if the shadows are soft or smooth. But really for £4, I don’t have the right to complaint. 

So in term of the way the shadows are layout, I still prefer MUA. But I find that MUR are a bit more “clean”. Like after using, the shadows are all still in tact. Unlike MUA palette, where I found that the shadows after you use them, will not be as even on the pan. I don’t know how describe it, but MUR is slightly better. I wish I had a better comparison in term of the actual shades, but I rather not have so much of the same shades in my collection. 

But yea, if you are in the UK, should grab some of this. 

Instant Pretty Eye & Cheek Palette

I wanted to try Bobbi Brown and this is just the perfect palette to get. It’s perfect for traveling. I don’t know why I always say good for traveling, but I never bring any when I go oversea. This comes with a 4 eye shades and a pink blush. It’s compact and they even throw in a mini eye brush. Brush is soft and good enough for a base and crease. 

The shadows are not the best in pigmentation. It’s also not the softest. It’s alright I guess, but not my first choice if I were to choose all over again. The lightest shade is a creamy off white, almost beige. Doesn’t show on my kid, cause it’s just too light. There is a shiny pink shade. It’s a frost light pink. It’s good for inner corner or just to add a bit of shine on the lid. The taupe light brown shade is very light. It doesn’t swatch well. The dark brown is the only one that you can really see. This one is really good for shadow lining. Regardless, I still feel it’s something that I can use on a daily basis. Cause I don’t really put on shadows. So light non pigmented shadows like these are actually perfect. It’s light, but it’s not bad. There is not much fall out. So it’s really precise application. 

The blush is a very pretty matte pink. It can be layered creating a more pigmented colour. But basically it’s a really good everyday blush. It just flush your cheek so nicely. For a deeper look, apply more layers. 

So this is a really basic palette that is good for everyday when you go oversea and don’t want to use a lot of makeup. If there is a party, then this will not be enough. If I can go back in time, I will not buy this. But now I have it, I will still use it on those days I want no fuss. Just so I won’t regret this purchase. 

HD Brows Eyeshadow Palette

It’s a gift with purchase. It’s HD Brows, which sadly I never heard before. All I can think about is that it should be a good brow product kind of brand. So an eyeshadow palette is not so interesting to me. This is the shade 002 Foxy. It’s a very pretty neutral palette with 5 shadows and a dual ended brush. The brush is not bad. 

Bare – a base peachy white. Very smooth, a reflective colour. It’s a satin finish. 

Golden – a bronze gold. Glittery, pretty for all over lid. I like to use it on its own. 

Honey – a light ashy warm brown. A slight satin. 

Bronze – metallic glittery bronze. Real pretty. 

Truffle – deep glittery brown. Pretty for outer corner. Pretty for lid too. 

I do love the colours. They are all wearable. Doesn’t swatch as wow as others, it’s quite hard to get the colour capture right, but on the eyes is superb. It just blend well. The colour will show through. With primer, it will last. Can be use for day or night. It’s basically my kind of palette. 

Maybelline Eye Quad


It’s neutral. It’s a quad. Some people think that is underrated. But personally it’s just an average eyeshadow to me. It may seem like it swatch very well, but on the eyes is quite bla. The colours blended all together making it one shade. I don’t know, it just seems like a good quad for beginners but I don’t really see how it is work for the newbie. Even with eye primer, the colours still doesn’t show up on me.